February 5th, 2006

  • moogal

A pizza hut, a pizza hut...

Me and some friends were going for a night out last night, and decided that on the way we'd stop off for a bite to eat, so we went to Pizza Hut. They were obviously a little bit short-staffed as there were a fair few tables that needed clearing and it took a few minutes for somebody to seat us, but then they were very prompt at taking our order and getting our drinks. So far so good. The waitress told us that our pizzas would be out in "17-20 minutes" (her exact words).

We waited patiently for about 45 minutes, watching the place empty out as people finished and the staff standing around looking bored and flirting with some other customers, but strangely our initial waitress seemed to have vanished. Nobody else came to check that we were OK. Eventually, one of the staff called (from the other end of the place) "Are you lot alright up there?" to which we replied "Not really, no." They came up and we explained that we'd ordered ages ago and still hadn't had any food. We were very patient and not at all aggressive with this, as it wasn't his fault personally. He checked on the system and found our order, then went out to the kitchen.

Five minutes later, another waitress came up to say that they'd found our pizzas sitting in the kitchen, stone cold. Why nobody had noticed this, I have no idea. She asked if we wanted some new ones making. We were hungry (and by this time most places were closing) so we agreed. She told us 8 minutes for the new ones.

Twenty-five minutes later, we finally got our pizzas.

Something tells me that next time we want a pizza we'll not be going to that particular place.
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Another gym gripe...

After reading a previous entry on 'gold's gym' I've decided to tell this story and then ask for some advice.

hokay, so about 8 months ago I joined a gym (Omni 41 here in NW Indiana, I don't know if they have them anywhere else). I joined for one year, at $55 a year (this place is HUGE and open 24 hours, I figure I'd use it a lot since I live close to it as well). I also paid for a personal trainer to meet with once week for an hour each time. It's $50 an hour, so it's essentially $200 for the trainer a month. I signed this thing saying it would be for three months.

The trainer I ended up getting pissed me off so much. I met up with her for two months - eight times. 5 out of the 8 times she forgot and we had to re-schedual, and my plans would be messed up slightly for my layover from work (i work six days on the train, get six days off). It's not as if we met up a lot! Since I work onboard a train and it came to summer, I just sort of stopped going and refused to pick up the phone when she called. She did call a few times to say she was sorry after the last time she forgot, but still! I have issues, and didn't want to work out alone (there are pervy guys who stare at women working out there; at least with someone else the I wouldn't have been so self-conscious! plus you know how women are; they think they're fat when they really aren't ;) haha...).

So...it's been a few months now and I haven't even gone to the gym. Of course I thought they had been drafting the money out of my account, since I updated my credit card with them.

I started getting letters saying I owe over $250 because they HAVEN'T BEEN TAKING THE MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT. They never updated my account with my new ATM debit card. Fucking A!

I live paycheck to paycheck so this sucks. So I decided to call the guy who manages the personal trainers, to see if I could get my last month's money back from the trainer I never got to train with (4 times equals $200) and then I'd figure I'd use that to pay the stupid bill. I got a voicemail from him a few days ago saying that the trainer reported meeting with me all 12 times. OH I AM MAD. She lied!

I have yet to call him back, but I am so mad. I'm not usually one to complain, but that just pisses me off that the trainer not only forgot about me so many times, but when I stopped going she LIED about meeting me all the times we were supposed to meet. I feel bad getting her in trouble but I think I should get my money back from that last month since I didn't meet with her for it. At least if I got that money back I could just use it to pay the stupid bill because they fucked up on taking the money out of my account.

So what do you think I should do?


Tonight my mom and I went out to our favorite Italian resturant for some good food. We were the only ones eatting dinner tonight, so we went about 4:15pmish and it's very slow. We were seated very quickly, and we had absolutely no wait for drinks and food. My only tiny complain was it took a long time to get our bill because our server was flirting with one of his co-workers infront of us. I watched him for a good 10 minutes flirting with his co-worker. I was a little unimpressed with it. Usually when my mom and I go to this resturant, we have a favorite waitress who is usually working everytime we go. 'Course I could have been impatient because I was so fulled, I just wanted to go. I still tipped 20 % because it is a resturant I go to alot.

Now, for witnessed bad service.

One of the older servers came out and went to the table next to us. She proceeded to ask this man, who was relatively older if he was her daughter's math teacher. THAN she started to grill him about her daughter's mark and why was she doing so poorly. The best part was, the man looked at her and said" I'm sorry but I believe that student is in the other math class" How awful! The server still didn't let up, she went on and on about her daughter's problem in math and how bad the school's math program is. Himself and the other people he was with we're getting annoyed..

I felt really bad for him, the server was rather loud so My mom and I could hear every word.

P.S I don't feel like I got really horrible service, I was just miffed by the 15 minute wait for the check. I am a patient person, I really am.


So, we all have a taste for pizza. Unfortunately, where I live, Pizza Hut is the only pallatable pizza of choice...and we've been ordering for over a year from the same PH joint.

Today, we find out, you can NO LONGER contact the stores directly, but are dumped into a "call center" where they make the decision for you on which store you can order from. No longer are you allowed to call the store directly and talk to your normal person who you have been ordering from for months. Nope.

Not only did I spend 5 mintues in a loop hold, but I had to sit through a moron who couldn't figure out where I lived, where the closest store was and where to put my order.

Finally, after another 8 minutes of him bumbling around, complaining that the system was slow, arguing with me about where to place the order, I told him to forget the whole thing and hung up.

What kind of system is THAT????