February 4th, 2006

Cheeky Monkey

Not dramatically terrible service, but still very irritating.

I went into a local gas station two nights ago to get a drink. I go into this place all the time. The clerks there are usually pretty...ur...taciturn...but it doesn't bother me. It takes all kinds to make a world, and they do what they're supposed to do.

On this night, I walked in, grabbed my soda, and put it down on the counter to wait to get checked out.

To my left was one of the usual clerks, putting something on a rack. To my rack was another usual clerk, putting something on a rack. Both clerks made eye contact with me, and both clerks just went on to doing what they were doing...

I waited about thirty seconds, which is actually quite a long long to be standing at a counter in silence with two people beside you.

I didn't say anything, because we all knew I was there, and I figured 'Hell. Maybe what they're doing is a matter of life or death...' (Right? Right.) Plus, a part of me believed they'd stand up soon.

I jingled my keys a bit...

Finally, a clerk from the back room comes out, looks at me, looks at his two other coworkers, and asks,

"Has anyone helped you yet?" You could tell he was a little annoyed at them. Poor guy. I'd hate working with people like that. Oh, wait! I do work with people like that.

In retrospect, I wish I would have said, 'Oh, is this counter open?' to the two to my side, or something like that, even though there's only one counter--just to show that I'm there and I'm standing there, and...I'm here! Heh.

But I was in a slightly shitty mood and didn't feel like being the one to get things rolling when it was their job to do it. I take the blame for not speaking up. However, at that point, it was already ridiculous. There should have been no need to speak up when they'd both made eye contact with me. But I tell you what: I'd be curious to know how long I would have stood there while these two jokers on the floor waited to see if the other would get up first. A minute? A minute and a half?

Oh, and another glorious detail: The guy on the left is usually pretty cranky, and he sometimes is a little slower because he has a bad right hand--it's limp and he can't do anything with it. But he's not usually one to ignore a customer. Lady on the right, though, is slower than Christmas at any given time of the day. If she sees you standing at the counter, she'll usually saunter over to it as slowly as she possibly can. You can tell it's quite an effort for her to walk that slow, as it'd be for anyone.

Usually I'm so sweet and understanding, but I'm in a pretty craptastic mood today. This feels like therapy!

Bad Amazon Marketplace Seller, Good Amazon.com Rep

This is one of those "worst nightmare" scenarios when dealing with online independent seller marketplaces. I ordered the Oxford Book of Christmas Stories on a whim a few weeks ago. I chose a seller based on the right price and a 99% approval rating, but on the lower end of actual sales (around 200). He didn't send one of those "just mailed" emails I love to get from sellers, but it isn't required or expected. A few weeks go by, and it got close to the end of the expected arrival date. Typically, my orders get here around the first day of the expected arrival date, but maybe the mail is being screwy or something. I emailed the seller 5 days before the end of arrival date, just to see if everything is going ok. I got no answer. I emailed 2 days before the end of arrival date, with another inquiry if the package was lost in the mail, or mailed to another address, or something. No answer.
Here I am today, at the end of the arrival period. I used Amazon's wonderful new phone service (enter your phone number and someone will call you back immediately) to ensure that I was using the proper documenting procedures, and the rep was very friendly and helpful. She said to email him again today, and then file a report 3 days later to get my money back, noting how many times I had attempted to contact him and the lack of response (I'm not holding my breath). Thank heavens Amazon has the money back return policy, even if there is a 5-time limit. This type of scenario is the reason I don't buy books from Ebay.
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I crochet. I found an add for a free sample magazine about crocheting. They didn't ask for my credit card number, so I decided to sign up.

Never got that sample magazine. What I did get was a stream of bills for $21 for my subscription renewal. I went online to cancle my subscription, and they said I didn't have one. I keep getting the bills. I know they can't charge me, but they keep trying to get a subscription renewal when I never even got the sample magazine. I don't really trust a magazine that can't even manage to send out a sample.

I just want the bills to stop.

edit: Just wondering, if they don't have any sort of credit card number, bank account number, or ssn number, they're nothing serious they can do, right?