February 3rd, 2006

The email I just sent to Edmonton City Transit

I turned customers_suck on this man, but he obviously deserved it, and maybe also to get run over by a plane.

To Whom it May Concern:

I was treated extremely rudely by one of your bus drivers today. The route was the number 7 to So-and-So(northbound), but the stop I was waiting at was at 123rd st and 12th Avenue which had the buslink
number 1234. This occurred no more than a few minutes later than 5:30 p.m.

I should mention at this point that my friend had gone into a shop directly behind the bus stop, and I was to yell for him when the bus came. When the 7 arrived, I spoke with the driver. The exchange went something like this:

"Can you wait here for just a second?"
"NO!" he snapped at me.
"Oh I just have..." While I was starting to explain that I needed to take three steps back and yell "Bus is here!" the driver closed the door in my face. Then he drove off...fifteen whole feet to a red light.

So I was late for work because your bus driver was too damn busy going absolutely nowhere to hold up for one moment so I could grab my friend from the shop that was a great big three feet behind me. He couldn't even be bothered to say something like "No, sorry, I'm behind and I have to go." Instead he chose to SLAM THE DOOR IN MY FACE, because apparently I am just not good enough to spare three seconds for.

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Feeling Serious

Poor Planning

I'm not sure if this is poor service, but it is certainly an example of a poor system.

My friends and I were supposed to attend a free preview of a movie this evening, at a major theater in Boston. My buddy, A, had received an e-invitation to attend, and had RSVP'd to reserve four seats. The passes that were e-mailed to her said she had a confirmed reservation for four, and noted the film would begin at 7pm. When A arrived at the theater with our passes at 6:40, they refused to seat us. Come to find out, besides the "confirmed reservation" passes (which featured our names), the film promoters had also distributed free tickets on the street. Also, it was possible to come to the theater and "purchase" free tickets to the showing. As result, the theater was already full.

Perhaps if we lived in New York or Los Angeles, we would have known this is how the film world works. Yet we are but naive New Englanders. Others were obviously confused as well, since by 6:50 the lobby was full of disappointed people clutching confirmation e-mails. To us, a "confirmed reservation" implies confirmation from the powers that be that seats have been reserved for us. It strikes me that if they were going to use a "confirmed reservation" e-system, they should have kept enough seats for the reservations open until a few minutes before the film began, then opened it up to people with free tickets from the street.

The only other free preview we had ever attended was very well organized, where everyone had to commit to attending the performance before being physically granted a ticket. I have heard of other free screenings that were entirely populated by people who had been handed free tickets on the street. Combining the two systems seems like a recipe for disaster.

This experience really irritated me. We had all gone out of our way to attend this showing. Two of us schlepped in from the suburbs, and one of us neglected some important homework in favor of the showing. The fourth member of our party is confined to a wheelchair, and had to hire a driver to get there. At the end of the day, it's not the worst thing in the world, but still very annoying.
Gromit on the roof

Update on Brewers Fayre

Back story here

Had a letter through from their head office this morning saying (roughly) that what I had was a standard serving, that they're sorry I didn't enjoy my experience there, and would a £5 voucher convince me to carry on spending my money with them?


I still think they serve stingy portions, and I wouldn't order that dish again, but I am impressed by their swift reply, and by the fact that they immediately offered recompense. The restaurant concerned is so local that it would be a shame to cross it off the list completely, so I'm pleased with the way things turned out.
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Gold's Gym, yousuck

Gold's Gym, like every other gym in exsistance makes you give them your information so they can draft your fee out of your account every month.

I understand the theory as to why they do this. Most of the people that sign up for their service never actually use it. So they still make money. I think it's kind of a crooked practice, but for all intents and purposes, it's legal.

So, we have a membership to Gold's Gym. They draft the monthly fees out of our account every month. No biggie, World of Warcraft does it too.

Well, a month after we got the membership, the double drew out our fees. And while to some that's only an extra $70 out of our account, at this particular moment in time we are living paycheck to paycheck. It's not a good time to suddenly be out $70.

We call, we complain and they refund it no questions asked. They tell us that sometimes it does that and was just a mistake.

Two months later the same bloody thing happens again. We call, we complain and once again told it's just a random mistake.

Two weeks ago, they did it AGAIN! We've only had the membership for less then a year. This is the third time. On top of that, they pulled out their random "gym maintenance fee". But they charged us more than they were supposed to.

We call and yell at them. We finally get a return call from the manager who half-heartedly apologizes and says that they just accidently pulled out December's payment twice and the numbers got punched in wrong for the maintenance fee. And if we would just check our balance we would see that it had been refunded long before. (No you ass, it was refunded the day you called.)

We've talked to other people from the gym and the same thing has happened to them. Is it just me or does this sound incredibly fishy. I'm starting to believe that this is a habit of theirs. That they do this counting on the fact that most of the ridiculously rich people around here will never notice. I'm worried they're going to stick us in the negative at some point. I don't want to have to argue with them to get compensation for that as well.

We've signed a two year contract as that is what's necessary to have a gym membership around here. You think there is any way we could get out of this with as little pain as possible? Frankly, I just don't trust these people anymore.
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Crappy grocery store

If all the other stores in town weren’t so far away, I would Never shop at the nearby corner grocery store just a mile away from my house. Everyone there is so rude and it’s a block away from a homeless shelter so I can probably understand why they’re so mean, having to deal with plenty of thieves and drunks. But really there is no excuse.

One frigid ol’ biddy who has been there for ages, acts like you’re inconveniencing her by needing to check out. She’ll see you standing at the counter but she’ll take her time stocking the vegetables, even when you tell her you need to check out now.

She rings up stuff at the wrong price, and when you inform her that it’s on sale, she sighs and rolls her eyes and even once told me, “You need to tell us when something is on sale.” Uh…isn’t it your job to know these things?

The meat department is never staffed. You ring the bell and no one comes. You wait and wait. The only thing keeping you waiting is their very low prices on quality meat. When the meat guy comes, he’s usually rude.

But today. Today, oh ho ho! Today was the icing on the cake. My dad went in to buy some things and some Cheetos for me, and while waiting in the car I saw an ad on the store window for very cheap beef roast. I went in to buy some. I saw my dad in line, and he had the wrong kind of Cheetos. So I take it from him and go to return it to its proper space while I go get the right Cheetos, and I turn around into the aisle, and the meat guy is in some kind of freakin’ hurry to somewhere. I say “Oh, excuse me,” and the insolent little bastard pushes me out of the way!!!

I nearly fell over and was so shocked and angered. I tossed the damn Cheetos on the floor and left without buying any beef.

I do not want some grubby meat-monger’s paws on my coat, especially that bloody little pipsqueak.

My dad suggested complaining to the manager but I know that won’t do any good because he’s the same as the rest of his employees.

Tomorrow I’m gonna drive the extra three miles to another store and buy expensive beef to make my chipotle lime roast because at least over there, there’s less of a chance I’ll be man-handled for merely existing in the building.
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Future Shop - land of the useless, apparently.

Oh, Future Shop. How I have loathed thee for years, and yet you were pretty well the only place in town to get low prices on those electronics and other media goodies that make my toes curl and cause me to giggle in girlish delight. I have done my best to ignore the ear-piercing dual-attack of the volume levels of not only your overhead music, but also the display models in your TV and DVD section. And sometimes the home audio.

I have strived, valiantly, to contain my sighs and eyerolling when you have a lineup of five people and only one cashier running, while someone in customer service was scratching his/her butt.

I have managed, barely, to avoid grinding my teeth and pulling my hair out when I have had to stand at the customer service desk, where two questionably brave souls have done their best to handle a throng of annoyed consumers, while someone standing behind the cash was just twiddling his/her thumbs out of boredom.

I never, once, slapped someone, nor drop-kicked them, nor attempted to throttle them, when I've been seeking help in locating a DVD that is apparently in inventory, yet not where it is supposed to be -- and, upon not being able to find it for me, said person has decided to go about their business and not return to customer service to let me know they weren't able to find it, either, sorry.

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Locke Plot.

Dell is, indeed, evil.

My mother calls Dell sometime in November to order a $50 gift certificate for my friend for her birthday on the 19th of December. The gift card is to be put in my friend Kristen's name so that she can use it on online purchases. Dell charges the $50 to her credit card on November 28th and says the card will be there in 6-10 days.

The card arrives on time, but it is in my mother's name. Kristen cannot use a card that is not in her name to purchase something from Dell, so my mother calls Dell up asking what to do. Dell says it's no problem and that they'll reissue a new card with Kristen's name on it immediately and it should be there, again, a few days before Kristen's birthday. My mother asks what she should do with the wrongly named card and they tell her to just keep it as proof until the new one arrives, and then to cut it up. My mother says fine, she will do this.

The Monday before Kristen's birthday is the last day the card has to arrive. It does not arrive. Nor does it arrive Tuesday, Wednesday, or in fact any day after that, or even on her birthday. My mother tells Kristen about this, she says it's fine as she's not buying the computer immediately anyway.

My mother calls Dell again and asks them about it, they apologize and say they will resend out the card. Since it is right before Christmas I tell my mom to be patient as mail takes awhile longer and can get lost sometimes, and that maybe it was just bad luck. My mother, being a very strongheaded and impatient woman who knows exactly what she wants and she wants it rightnoworelse, says that she doesn't care if it's the holidays, but I manage to calm her down.

So, we give it until New Year's to arrive. Still, no card. My mother calls back AGAIN, and the once again apologize and say that they will send out the card. It is now February 3rd and we still have not recieved the card in the mail. Nor has any of our neighbors who may have mistakenly gotten our mail.

I think that it's time to stop dealing with CSR (even if it's not really their fault, you think they could red-flag the account and after the third complaint at least TRY to get something done) and write a letter to corporate. I'd appreciate any information as to what important people we could write to complain. I already know to make sure to ask for a refund of her money, and talk about going to the BBB or the FTC or the local Attourney General or whatever it is that you do just to light a fire to get them moving, I just need addresses.

Thanks for your time. :)
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Commerce Bank; wtf mate?

What in the gorram hell is the problem with banks?

I'm a college student, so I depend heavily on my ATM card. It just isn't safe to keep cash around (lots of on campus theft) and I don't want to have a credit card to mess up with. So, I stick with my ATM card.

My parents switched from Wachovia to Commerce after Wachovia informed them that their social security numbers had been "possibly stolen" along with a TRUCKLOAD of documents and bank statements off the back of a UPS truck. Idiots.

Commerce has not proven to be any better.

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Three hours after ordering, we're finally sitting down to dinner. Mm, pizza.

I understand waiting for long delivery times on friday nights. I really do. It's a busy time of the week and your drivers can't be everywhere. I don't mind waiting the hour you quoted me on the phone.

However, I do take exception at having the driver turn up an hour and forty minutes later with the wrong pizza and neither of the sides. I also object to being treated like a moron when I ring up after the driver has gone to let them know they either had the wrong address or the wrong order. Yes, I do know my own address and yes, it's the same order we've made at least monthly over the last 12+ months without any problems. Telling me that your new driver (who, I must add, was very friendly and pleasant - in direct contrast to your own attitude) is a dumbass didn't win you any brownie points, either.
Okay, sure, I can wait another 30 minutes while you remake the pizza and send it out again.
After watching another 70 minutes tick by, your driver finally shows up with, yes! The right pizza! Yes, the garlic bread! And yes!-- wait, no. The wrong drink.

I give up. Take the money. My stomach is making threatening noises and I'm not in the mood to wait another hour.

I'd say I'm taking my business elsewhere, but it's the first time something like this has happened and they really are the best pizzas in the area. Fingers crossed that it was a one off.
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