February 2nd, 2006


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On sunday, I wanted to call in. I know nobody would be able to cover me if I called in sick, and I knew I would feel better in a few hours, so I just wanted to call in and say I'd be 1-2 hours late, which I thought would be acceptable since our midshift would leave 3 hours after I got there.

I called and let the phone ring until I got the message saying that the phone number cannot be reached, which takes at least a minute. I did that about 5 times with several minutes in between. Finally I gave up and 40 minutes after I was supposed to be there, the shift who I'd be closing with called asking where I was and I explained the situation. She said that the phones hadn't been working, they could make calls, but they weren't able to recieve any.

Yesterday, I stopped by work and talked to my store manager explaining the situation about how the phones were broken, and she said it was a common problem. She also explained that the problem origionated from the fact that the opening shift that day tends to turn off the ringer on the phones. WTF? Apparently it's too annoying to help customers, so she turns off the phones? Never mind that it's part of her job...
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Couple's Basement Is Flooded With Oil


Didn't a relative of these people post about this a while back?

BETHPAGE, N.Y. - Oil's not well at the Tesoriero home. A driver for a Long Island company mistakenly pumped at least 50 gallons of heating oil into the family's Bethpage home through a long-idle filler pipe after misreading the address on a bill, said Juliann and Edward Tesoriero, who were forced from their home by the error.

The oil flooded their basement and rendered the house uninhabitable for at least a month due to the fumes, the couple said. Everything in the basement _ including carpeting, furniture and pictures _ was ruined.

The couple was out running errands on Tuesday morning. They returned home to find the unwanted delivery.

"When we came home, we smelled it," said Juliann Tesoriero. "There was liquid on the floor of the basement and we said, 'Oh my God, it's oil.'"

Neighbors confirmed their assessment, telling the Tesorieros that a truck from the Benit Fuel Oil company of Smithtown had just made the delivery. The oil was intended for another house on their suburban Long Island street.

Benit General Manager Dennis Barlow said the driver pumped 50 gallons of oil through the pipe before realizing the mistake less than a minute into the delivery. The Tesorieros estimated it was 150 gallons.

"We are doing everything we can for the people," Barlow said. "We hired a company to restore the house."

The homeowners said they had switched from oil to natural gas about 35 years ago, although the pipe on their property remained intact.

"You can't even breathe in there," said Edward Tesoriero, adding that they would be staying at a hotel until they could return home.

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Haven't had any bad_service for awhile, but the other night I did and finally got some balls about me afterwards. I went to the mall on a mission to get this hoodie I had my eye on in Old Navy but alas, it was gone so I decided to look around the mall. I ended up in the juniors dept. in Hechts and saw that they were having bigggggg sales on tshirts. I decided to take a look, making sure to watch how much everything was since I was only trying to spend no more than $25 and found two tees I really wanted to get. One of them I remember was on a $9.99 rack along with about 12 others all the same shirt, and the other one I could have sworn was on a $9.99 rack as well but I wasn't completly sure. Anyway I went up to the cashier, who just sort of glared and me didn't even say hello and sat my shirts down on the counter. She pointed to the credit card machine where I could watch the prices and they both rang up $16.99, so I asked if those were the correct prices. She said yes and I told her I got them off of a $9.99 rack and pointed to the one that had several others with it. She huffed and walked over to the rack came back and said "no they are 16, you can have them for 14 but I ain't giving them to you for 9." I didn't know what to do at the moment, so I told her I was only going to get one shirt and asked if she could put the other one back. She rang me up and when I got the reciept it said $16.99. I asked her quietly if she was going to let me have it for 14 or if I couldn't after all. She rolled her eyes and huffed again and refuned me the difference. Now when she gave me the cash back though, instead of placing it in my hand that I had out for her, she tossed it at me! the dollar bills went flying to different sides of the counter and the couple coins went everywhere and I didn't even get an apology! So I walked away and decided I had had it that time. I went to the lingerie department and asked for a manager. The woman was very sweet and called the manager over right away and I explained to him the whole situation. I really only complained about the one shirt because if the one that I wasn't sure about really wasn't on a $9.99 rack then I would have felt bad but I did mention that I thought it was but I wasn't completly sure. At first he tried to say that if one shirt gets misplaced on a rack they won't honor that price (first store I've ever seen not honor a price) but when I told him there were several he offered to take me back and let me have it for $9.99. Now I realize I should have just gone back and gotten the shirt right in front of her but at the moment I just didn't feel it was worth it anymore so I politely declined and said thank you for his time and left. I was very happy with myself though, normally I'm the shy soft spoken 18yr old girl who has gotten bad service before and just took it. But this time I decided not too and I feel good about it :)