February 1st, 2006

oh the mall

So I was at the mall a few days ago getting a top for a show I'm going to later this week when I passed the lotion/nail buffing kiosk. If your mall is lucky enough not to have one of these basically what it is is a small stand where people grab you to come over file the top of your nails down with a smooth surface smother your hand in lotion then ask you to pay $20-35 for the kit. I already have one because one of my friends used to work at said stand not too long ago. As I was attempting to walk past and not look at the guy standing there because I didn't have time to get sucked in he pulled my arm. When I turned around I said ow because he pulled a little too hard. He said oh that didn't hurt and he grabbed my hand and shoved my sleeve up my arm and started poring lotion all over my arm and blabbing about this fabulous new product and how I must have one.
When did it become acceptable for people who want you to buy their product to grab people?

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Over the weekend I had to fly to Vancouver for a night on business. Our rather large company had about 10 people booked at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Georgia.

All in all, it was a pretty nice hotel, good food, nice rooms.

However, the front desk clerk, wasn't all that great.

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Gromit on the roof

More bad Food Service

Dear Brewers Fayre

When I order scampi and chips (fries for any Americans out there) at a cost of £4.75, I expect a reasonable, nay, filling experience for my money. Five tiny, overcooked scraps of scampi cowering among the peas does not constitute a reasonable portion in any country not currently suffering a seafood famine.

I fully appreciate that you serve a 'larger portion' on the main menu (I ordered from the lunch menu). However by rights this should indicate that your 'larger portion' should be big, and your 'lunchtime favourite' should be regular/medium/adequate/not hiding behind the chips. This is particularly applicable when my lunch partner is tucking into another 'lunchtime favourite' for the same price, ansd the ham on his plate is overhanging all the way round.

Furthermore 'That's how we always serve it' is not a suitable response to me poking the chips in hope they will suddenly sprout fins and breadcrumbs. If you regularly charge that much for something the size of an anorexic fishfinger, then I'm surprised you're still in business.

No love

Drach- currently eyeing up the calorie content of her keyboard

FYI I forgot to get the server's name (though he was a manager), but I came straight home and made a complaint on Brewers Fayre's website (although not quite in the same words as here!). Apparently they will be in contact within 28 days. I await their reply with much interest
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