January 31st, 2006


OK, so we're just going to take your money, all right?

Oh. my. god. I can't believe what crap this is. This is an e-mail I recently wrote to the customer serivce deptartment of Rodale, a compnay that used to publish Organic Style magazine:

Dear Rodale Customer Service,

Last year I purchased a 2 year subscription to Organic Style magazine. I loved the publication, and never had any problems with it. By November, I had only received a few issues when they simply stopped coming. I had to find out that Organic Style had stopped publication by going to the website, which gave me no helpful information regarding what to do about the 19 issues I had paid for, and will never receive.

I tried calling the customer support line, and was told that I would soon be receiving a letter in the mail giving me the option of either switching to a different Rodale publication, or requesting a refund. I thought this was fine, so I decided to wait for the letter. Well, I waited for 3 months, and there is still no sign of any letter.

I tried unsuccessfully to get through to the customer service line again, and have sent numerous unanswered e-mails to the address listed on the now defunct Organic Style website. At first, I was willing to try a different Rodale magazine, because I really did enjoy Organic Style. However, now I just want a refund. It's obvious that Rodale doesn't care about stealing money from its former customers, so this is my last request. I will be filing a report with the BBB if my complaint is not address in a timely manner.

Thank you,

(I mentioned the BBB because I noticed that all the complaints about them on the BBB website had been resolved) This was the response I received:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for contacting magazine customer service. As you know, Organic Style has suspended publication with the October 2005 issue. As a valued customer, the remaining portion of your Organic Style magazine has been transferred to Body and Soul magazine, which we hope you will enjoy. You should receive your first issue shortly. If you are unhappy with Body and Soul for any reason, you may contact them at 1-800-755-1178.

Thank you for your loyal support of Organic Style, for your understanding, and patience in this matter. If there is anything else we can do for you, please contact us. We strive to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Live Your Whole Life

Magazine Customer Service
Rodale, Inc.

Um, what the hell? Not only are we not giving you a refund, we are going to send you some other random magazine, that WE CHOSE. Bitches.

I wrote them again and basically said, if I receive a different magazine from you, I will be returning it as unwanted mail. Give. me. my. money. back.
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Big O Tires

I am so frustrated right now. At the end of 2003, I had my 1991 Acura Integra repaired at a local Big O Tire. The replaced the power steering pump and the rack & pinion steering. After that, my power steering never seemed to work right, but when I asked them to look at it, they blew me off and I didn't really have the money to take it anywhere at the time. (The Acura was a "gift" from a friend- he sold it to me for a few bucks).
Flash forward to now. I went to get in the car and drive to lunch (a week ago Monday) and the steering wheel turns, but the tires don't. I have it towed to my father's mechanic. He fixes it and when I went to pick it up he asks me where I had the rack & pinion steering replaced at. I told him and asked why. He told me that he felt the reason the coupler/steering knuckle needed replaced was because the rack & pinion steering was installed improperly and caused the threads to wear and break. He also told me that it had been a hazard for me to have driven the car around and I was lucky this broke while parked, not while driving somewhere.
I have tried calling Big O Tires (local) and they have a too bad so sad attitude. The warrenty is long gone, but how was I to know that it was done wrong in the first place? I've been driving around with my son and his friends in that car! The corporate headquarters said "Sorry, but since each is a franchise there is not much we can do other than tell you to take it up with that particular store." I'm frustrated and scared because of their bad service I am out a couple of hundred dollars in new repairs and was driving in an unsafe car!
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And it goes on and on...

OK, so to recap see these earlier entries:

We have waited patiently for over a month to receive the remainder of the money owed to us. We have received nothing from Amacon Property Management. AT ALL.

I called their offices today. The receptionist answered the phone with "Yeah, hello". I asked if this was Amacon Property Management and she said yes (why she didn't answer the phone properly, I have no idea). I asked to speak with someone who would know about the monetary order and she put me through to someone. Of course I got their voice mail. I left a message stating that they had been served with the order to pay over a month ago and that I did not want to have to go to Small Claims Court but I would if we didn't receive our money (in BC the only way to enforce a ruling by the Residential Tenancy Office is through Small Claims Court). I left her my number and asked her to call me back so we could resolve this matter.

I think that 30+ days is a completely reasonable amount of time for this company to comply with the monetary order - it IS legally binding after all. Although they have not shown a willingness to comply reasonably with us at all; so I don't know why I am still suprised at their arrogance.
Now I have to contact the tenancy office again to find out if Amacon Property Management has applied for a review of the case. If they haven't then I have to file a claim in Provincial Court to get our money.
If this is going to court I am SO charging them interest, lost wages, filing fees, and anything else I can possibly think of. I am NOT a happy camper.

Again - DO NOT rent from this company!!!!!
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plumbing woes

i don't very often post here just because i don't get this kind of stuff done every week but i feel the need to vent and ask advice.

my parents own the property i live on--a double wide trailer on its own lot (yard etc). i believe it is abt 15-20 years old but all in all, great condition. the tub in the master bathroom cracked abt a month ago or so so the parents paid for the local plumbing service (i'll call them Red C Co.) to install a new tub--to the tune of $1300.

the first time was an all dayer. i paid bills, went to a baby shower for a coworker's daughter, visited a friend. i get home--and it was only half done. the TUB was in but they hadn't finished with the walling pieces (the frame i guess you could call it). they hadn't had a miter saw. so they did that the next day. my dad (who came and stayed cuz i had to work) left me a note saying "do not use for 24 hours--let caulk dry". okay no brainer. i actually waited 36. day one went by--used the other tub. day two--i took a shower the second morning after before work. worked great. went to work. came home. wanted to soak in new tub. had a nice soak. i get out--and see some water on the floor. i knew i hadn't splashed it (i'm not my three old nephew after all!) so that gave me cause to worry. i looked at the wall near the edge of the tub (by the faucet) and saw that the "wallpaper" looked grayish. X.x

open the cabinet/pantry (place for towels, sheets, extra bathroom stuff) and there was a PUDDLE in there!

the parents are furious. i'm furious. Red C Co. is here now trying to figure out what went wrong--obviously a leaking pipe :growl:

there is the rant--this is my question. when i first saw this i was concerned for my water bill. my mother is the one who brought up the possibility of mold due to the fact that the walls in there (and the other bathroom--it leaked through that connecting wall!) are really just glorified pasteboard. no insurance company in our area will offer mold insurance so that is not on our coverage. if this causes mold, is there some way Red C Co. can be held responsible for damages due to the fact that THEIR half-assed workmanship has soaked the insides of my walls?
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Need help

i'm yet another person with a bad_service experience, however, as the story is long, and the letter i've written even longer (if you really want to read the whole fiasco, it's in letter form Collapse )

my question is this, as i myself cannot seem to locate an address to mail this letter to Royal Carribbean (though i'm good with emailing it as well as sending a hard copy to them), i figured i'd turn to the brilliant folks here on bad_service who almost always seem to be able to locate mailing addresses (you people amaze me)

i'd appreciate it...if not...well..there you have it..a really crappy 1 year 'anniversary' trip for me and my boyfriend..

yeah, i know, i know...the worst day on vacation is better than the best day at work..but still...while we didn't book high end cabins, we did pay for this trip, and, while i'm alot more tolerant of SOME things, i just found the whole overall experience really pretty crappy...and i want to let them know it...

thanks :)
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