January 29th, 2006

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Fine, this isn't really bad service, just a Huh? moment.

I ordered a camera case from amazon.com. It is a rather small case. Well, after a week and a half of wondering just where it went, I trekked over to my school's mail room and asked. It took a it of searching, but it was finally found. Sitting on the shelf with the rest of the large packages.

Yes, whoever had packed my small camera case had put it in a box that was 2'x1'x1'. A VERY big box. I opened it up in front of the mail guy, since he can take the boxes and recycle/reuse them, and we both looked at each other when i reached in and pulled out my camera case, with the same exact thoughts of "what...the...heck."

But, I mean, jeez. Why waste all that packaging...at least they don't use styrofoam peanuts.

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I had a REALLY bad food service experience today. Since I used to work in retail, food service and am now in the final phases of hair school (2 more months!), I like to think I know a thing or two about how tips work.

We got there and it had a really nice quiet, atmosphere, very cozy and very comfy chairs. We were greeted by a really nice, friendly outgoing host who seated us and brought us our water. Then I got to experience this lovely piece of work. First off, we tell her we've never been there. She gives me, my boyfriend, and my best friend a totally "ha, yes, you probably can't afford this" look. Now I don't like those looks. Just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm poor, and even if I am I should still get good service. She starts giving us some schpiel about the specials or whatever, THEN she interrupts it to say hi to a friend! She continues with the specials, rushes through them. Doesn't ask us if we would like drinks or anything, and then asks for our order. We hadn't even looked at the menu so I asked if she could come back. 1 minute later. "Have you decided yet?" "no still looking". then we put our menus down. And wait. and wait. and wait. She's at the bar talking to her friend. We flag her over. and we wait. and we wait. and we wait. She finally comes over, we put our order in. All is fine and dandy. When she finally comes with our food (it was verrry tasty but it doesn't excuse the wait!) She just sort of plops it down, spilling soup all over my napkin and partially onto my shirt, no apologies, just walks away.. So we're all eating and my friend is like I'm going to be sick. So we try and flag the waitress down, and she sits at the bar talking, and talking and talking with her friends. so after 15 minutes my friend katie decides to try and find the restroom, finds it finally, but still no word from the waitress. Now we're all finished with our food. She had not come by once to check on us, it took her about 10 minutes of coaxing to give us the bill. We get the bill pay, and my boyfriend and friend don't want to leave a tip, but I always leave a tip. so we tip her 10%, and get ready to leave, as we were leaving one of the people at the bar said "you know I don't think they were very happy with their service, they look kind of pissed" and just as I'm turning the corner to walk out the door, I hear the bitch say "yeah, but look at them, I knew they probably couldn't afford to tip anyways".

WTF? I usually tip MORE than twice the tax (which is 8.75% here!) and she just goes ahead and assumes because I don't feel the need to dress like a total label/entitlement whore that I can't afford to tip?? If I can't afford to tip, I get food to go.
Moral of the Story: No matter how good their food was, their waitress was enough to make me never want to risk that kind of service again.

Also. What's up with Barristas (read: coffee slaves), putting up tip jars? They're paid to make us coffee, then want us to tip them also??
I can understand if they get tipped because they make a specialty drink...but all they do is pour coffee into a cup for me! they don't even put in my cream and sugar...Tipping is getting out of hand now a days.
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Complaint withdrawn

Hi everyone,

I suck. Remember yesterday, when I bitched to Turbotax for waiting until the very end of the tax return process to tell me, "BTW, you have to pay to e-file?"

Well, on the page you go to to start the process, under Turbotax, clear as mud are the requirements for e-filing. I didn't read them carefully enough, and therefore didn't note that I'd have to pay. Next time, I'll check things out more carefully before griping.

In any event, I used a different service, and my taxes were filed last night at 8:00. (Because my wife was at work, and I had nothing better to do than taxes on a Saturday night.)

Thanks for all your suggestions, and sorry for the false gripiness.
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Some college bad_service woes I'm having, here.

There are different meal plans on campus, that'll let you eat at different places and giving you Dining Dollars, or cash you can spend in the school store, at food places, etc. The plans are A, B, C, D, and E. C is my personal choice, it'll let you eat anywhere on campus and gives you lots of Dining money. You don't get a lot of meals, but it's okay because at school I don't eat a lot of meals anyway.

So that's the back story. When I sent my application in, I marked that I'd like C plan. I was accidentally put in A. No big deal, I called the office and asked them to switch me. They did.

For a day. Then I was mysteriously switched back to A. The A plan is very inexpensive, is accepted only in one place on campus and has very few Dining Dollars - the place on campus where it's accepted is nowhere near my dorm or any of my classes. If I'm on A plan, I can honestly say I'll never eat.

I called again. I explained what'd happened and the woman rushed me off the phone, saying "You're all set." and hanging up before I could confirm it. Lo and behold, I (yet again) don't have the right meal plan. Still.

For god's sake, college. It's not that difficult, and I would like to eat.
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Taxi service times - bad service or not?

This is more a question that a rant - I want to know if people agree with me here. I don't drive, and the bus service where I live is shaky, so I catch cabs fairly frequently. One thing I've noticed recently is that when they tell me an estimated time of arrival for the cab, it's usually there a lot sooner. For example this morning I called for a cab and was told it would be 10 to 15 minutes, so I ducked into a nearby store to buy a bottle of water, because I knew that wouldn't take anywhere near 10 minutes. While I was making my purchase the cab showed up - I left the store just in time to see the driver leaving because he hadn't seen a passenger waiting. I realise that they probably tell you a longer wait time so that they don't go over the estimate, but if the drivers are only going to wait for a minute before leaving shouldn't they try to be accurate in case you decide to use the bathroom or something before the cab shows up?