January 28th, 2006


cox communications... so frustrating!

This community is so interesting. This seems like the perfect place to vent my frustrations from today.

I have Cox Communications, which I've heard from some people has given them grief, but I've had pretty good service. Overall.

I use their High Speed Internet Service, but because I'm an LSU student, there's supposedly what they call the Geaux Box. This is basically just their High Speed Internet at half the price. Well, of course I want that. When I signed up for Cox, they were running a special, so the High Speed Internet was actually the same price as the Geaux Box for the first three months of my service. After those 3 months were up, I tried to sign up for the Geaux Box. I signed up and received an email saying I had successfully signed up. (Unfortunately I cannot find that email now.) My next bill came, and I was still being charged the full price on my internet connection. So I called. They told me to sign up again because it didn't take or something. So I tried to sign up online again. This time I received an email saying I had already signed up. Well. I called them back (some time had passed at this point), and they said, "Oh sure. I see you've signed up here, that should show up on your next bill." Of course it never did. I sort of forgot about it for a while, and with Christmas and things and other crap going on, I pushed it aside. I got my new bill today, though, so I called again. This time the person I talked to said that no, he didn't see the Geaux Box on my account, so he transferred me to the billing department. This woman told me that LSU had to release my information saying that I'm a student before they can give me the discount. Which... why was I never told this before? If I signed up for this originally back in October or November... just... why wasn't this part of the sign up process?

Anyway, so this woman gave me the number to LSU's Tech Support. I've had to deal with these people before and they're morons, so I wasn't looking forward to it. I called anyway, waited on hold about 10 minutes, and then talked to a support person. He had absolutely no idea what I was talking about and said he's never had to "release" anyone's info as a student before. He kept putting me on hold and finally told me he'd created a work order so one of his superiors should be getting back to me by Monday. I'm not overly hopeful about this, but I guess I'll try back on Monday if I haven't heard anything. I don't think there's anything I can do, I just wanted to vent.

Oh, and I graduate in May, so I think the chances of getting this straightened out by then are slim to none. Argh.

My hair is on fire!

Just plain insulting.

Worst service since... a while.

This didn't happen to me but I was in the store when it did happen. My friend and I were walking up to the corner plaza to get a chocolate bar. We went in, looked around, and headed to the chocolate bar section underneath the front cash. She said, "Do you have any Peanut Butter Oh Henry's? I really like them but I can't find them anywhere!"

The guy behind the counter says, "No... no more just White Chocolate. No more..." He continues to repeat himself for a while as my friend talks about how it's her favourite.

I poke her and point to the box near the floor. "Hey, there's some here," I say. She's like, "Oh awesome!" Then I look at him, kinda curious why he said he didn't have any, and he goes on saying "It's the last box, they're not making them any more... "

So, my friend spots a Maple Oh Henry (seems to be the latest fad here... Maple Chocolate Bars.. Maple Caramilk... it's just disgusting, IMO), and she remarks about how gross it is. I agree. She continues to look at different chocolate bars and picks up a Mr. Too Big, or something to that effect. She remarks about it's size, about it being really too big, and that's when the guy chimes in with:

"Yeah! Just like you! Just like you! Hahahaha. Too Big Just like you!"

I stop short in my chortle about the Too Big being Too Big, and give him the Evil Eye®. Did he just call one of my best friends too big? Now, my friend isn't anorexic, but she's not 500lbs either. She's pleasantly plump as some might put it, but even if she was 500lbs that's totally inappropriate to make remarks like that, especially in a place of business. After some silence on our parts (and my Evil Eye®) he apologizes, still laughing.

My friend says, "It's alright, I usually get that." (I've never heard her "get that" before, so I can only think she just wanted to leave ASAP). She turns to me and asks if I'm going to get something. I look at him and pointedly say, "No thanks." I believe I mumbled something about not giving someone my business who insults my friends, but I can't be sure.

We leave with the Peanut Butter Oh Henry (although if it was me, I would have slammed it down and walked out of the store at his comment), and make jokes about what we should have said as a come back.

"Oh, what's this? Jaw breakers? Oh they're so shiny... just like your bald head! Hahahahaa.. Just like your shiny bald head! hahhaah Just like a jaw breaker, hahaha!"

My friend came up with: "What's this? Licorice? It's so limp! Just like you! Hahhahaha. Licorice limp like you! Hahaha" then joked about how he'd probably come back with "Who are you? Why have you been talking to my wife?"

I don't think there's anything that can be done as it was an independantly owned Dairy Mart (and I'm sure he's the owner). We never shop there (it was a fluke) even since it changed from a Hasty Market, but he guaranteed we won't be returning - ever - until the place is under new management, or becomes another convenience type store.
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Dear Turbotax:

It would have been helpful to know, IN THE BEGINNING, that e-filing my return would cost money because I make more than $x amount. Especially since "How much was your gross income?" is the very first question asked; it would be very easy to simply say "BTW, before you spend 45 minutes doing this, we'll charge you $24.95 to file your return" rather than making me go through the whole process, THEN announcing it.

Luckily, I was able to back out before getting charged. I'll just go to the IRS site and print out the form myself like I have in past years.

However, in the future, please put the "You make too much to file for free" notice WAY earlier in the process. Thanks.
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