January 25th, 2006

Cillian Murphy

Bad Service at K-Mart

Thought I'd share this old gem I just remembered. I still hate this woman.

A bit of needed background: I'm disabled, not physically but mentally. So you wouldn't just KNOW I'm disabled, I understand this. I walk, talk, function like everyone else. I just don't function 'normally' enough to hold a job. It's as if there's a switch not flicked in my brain is the best to explain it.

Anyway, that said, onto Collapse )
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End Of My Eckerd Era...

I hate using the "I'm taking my business elsewhere" routine, but sometimes there's no other choice.  Below is the message I've sent to Eckerd's corporate site about their store, complete with the store number and address.

Does this get the message across, do you think?

I regret having to report extremely unprofessional behavior by the pharmacy staff in this store which has resulted in my taking my service to another pharmacy.  The staff here has been repeatedly slow--even when the pharmacy is not busy--and outright rude.  They behave as if I am imposing on them when I drop off a prescription or come to pick one up. They have spoken in very rude tones to me, ambled their way over to the counter as if they cannot believe I am wasting their time, and been dismissive when problems come up. 

While on vacation, I had to refill at a pharmacy in another town, and the pharmacist was kept on hold for over an hour by the Eckerd staff and told me that he was reated very rudely.  They make no effort to be helpful with issues that have been solved in less than twenty minutes by other pharmacies I have visited, some of which are much busier than this one.  I understand their job is stressful and make every effort to be polite and understanding, but the behavior of this staff is inexcusable.  Please discipline them accordingly and do whatever is necessary to correct the problem.  I have previously had nothing but good luck with Eckerd pharmacies, but the steady decline in customer service at this store has become unacceptable, and I will no longer be filling my prescriptions here.

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N New China

We're thinking the N is for North?

Anyway, They suck. Big time. Here's the deal. This Chinese food place is across the street. No really, it's in a stripmall across the fucking street from our apartment complex. So why did it take 45 minutes to bring us cold food? Ew.

The food was disgusting. The potstickers were burnt, the orange chicken had mushrooms in it (Which I am allergic to) and my sesame chicken was so chewy and gross, I had to stop eating it despite being so hungry. The fried rice was dry, cold and chewy and gross. And it had stuff in it I don't recognize.

The driver brought the reciept for me to sign, and asked me for a pen. Which of course led to the 20 minute search for a pen. WTF dude, if you know I need to sign a receipt, bring a pen. Mine are in my bag downstairs, and the whole reason I ordered food was so I could stay inside in my pjs and not be sick. So fuck your pen. It took you 45 minutes to bring food across the street, and it was shit.