January 22nd, 2006

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Funny thing with banks huh? The bad service that's been going around.

Anyway, I'm changing banks due to constant rudeness I recieve from the bank tellers everytime I go in. As of now, I bank with Bank of Montrel. This passed Thrusday, I went in with two cheques and about.. 600 dollars in rolled coins. I work at Tim Hortons and thats about a month of tips I recieved. I understand I must be a pain in the ass customer to serve, with the rolled coins and cheques to deposited. Last time I went there, the usually friendly bank teller got very snappy with me about my coin rollers not being bundled into groups of ten. She told me next time I have to have it bundled and have a rubber band wrapped around it. Like 10 dime rollers being bundled together by a elastic band. So this time mine were all bundled into 10, like I was told to do.
 Thursday I must say was the final straw, everytime I've went in to get my banking done, I just reasoned that I am a pain in the ass customer, because it's usually coinage and cheques. I am very polite, and I say please and thank you. I do very appericate getting my rolled money changed into bills.

So here goes, I went into with my bundled coins and 2 cheques. My mom helped me carried the money in, because the bags were very heavy. It's a Thursday at about 4pm, and there's only one teller on. I find that unusual, because it was a payday and Thursday was the only day its hours are extended to 8:00p.m. So I waited for 5 minutes, and I don't see that as the bad service part. I understand that many other things go on in a bank. The teller I dealt with went to one of the booths and said she'd helped me.

I smiled and walked over and asked how she was. All she did was ask what she could do for me. I told her I wanted to despoit my cheques and coin. I passed her the cheques and started to unload the bundles. The teller than asked me what account this was to go in, and I replied " My Personal ". I have an account so that I couldn't touch it with a debit card, which meant easier not to spend it.
The bank teller snapped.

" What good does that do to me, do you want it in the savings or credit!??""

I turned very red, I was embrassed and than she slide my bank card through her machine and said in this very fake laugh type voice.

" Oh you have an account named personal"

I was so embrassed, and looked to my mom. I'd also like to mention, I don't have a credit account. My only two accounts are Savings and Personal, but that doesn't matter.My mom didn't look very pleased but didn't say anything. I didn't either, looking back I wish I did. The teller throughout the whole transcation was very rude and snappy after that.

Now I want to switch banks, but I am also going to write a letter to the Presisdent of Bank of Montrel, and to the Branch Manager.

Now how would I write the letter? I've never had to, and I'm clueless as to what I should do.

Should I see the Branch Manager in person?

Thanks for the patience.
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more like paranoid service

Yesterday, me, my boyfriend, and his mother went to McDonald's. We ordered three value meals. The meals were assembled on our trays: three burgers, three things of fries, and two cups. The employee pushes the tray towards us and my boyfriends says, "Oh, and we just need another cup then." The employee looks at him, then she picks up the receipt and looks at it, carefully. She huffs and sighs, and then gives us another cup.

So, what, did she think we were lying? There was three of everything else, including us. No big scam, sorry.
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Be Nice!

Yesterday my housemates, two spare people and myself went out on a day trip. We made it to a pretty down north of us, wandered around their castle, met their peacock and walked through their gardens.

And then we went to dinner in a local pub/restaurant.

My housemate is Greek. She's fluent in English, but has a strong accent. We ordered and ate without mishap, but despite our asking for separate bills (checks) when we ordered, our waitress brought us one and refused to split it there, instead sending us to the bar to deal with it. When we got there our pet Greek attempted to tell the barman that she wanted to pay for the "pub club sandwich". This is the only sandwich on the bill, and indeed on the menu. So not something that can be easily confused for, oh, mozzarella sticks or a bacon cheeseburger.

The barman snapped, WHAT? WHAT?? at her and made her repeat her request three times, and then audibly huffed, rolled his eyes and asked the man beside her (an obvious stranger to her), What's she saying? I can't understand her. He continued to talk about her crap English as he took the remaining payments.

He then took my 8 euro food bill, and my e20 note, and asked me if I wanted change. Um, yes. I'm not tipping your rude ass 150%.