January 21st, 2006


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Craziest thing.

I was grocery shopping yesterday with my 3 kids and my 14 year old sister. She was pushing two of them in the stroller when one of them lost her shoe. (New shoes. Don't stay on quite as well as they should.) She went back an aisle to get it, when my eldest (almost 8) points at the shoe in the middle of the aisle and says "There is is!".

The humourous part was where everyone in the aisle turned around and stared at it like it were a bomb or something. In unison, no less. (Couldn't have done it better if it'd been staged. *grin*)

My sister goes to get the shoe and put it back on the two year old, giving her a little speech about keeping ahold of her shoes. On her way back to the pushing end of the stroller, one of the employees happens to walk by her. He looks at her and says, "Retard" before going merrily on his way.

It mean, it's not god awful service. But dude, calling customers names isn't one of the finer points of service last time I checked. Husband was only mad because he can't call HIS customers names even if there is no one above him to fire him.

Frustrating point was then I had to explain to the 8 year old what retard meant. Swear words, sexual related things and stuff like that I don't mind really explaining. But I'd like to keep her a bit ignorant of derogatory insults involving a group of people for a little bit longer.