January 20th, 2006

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Coming to you from the Macados in Boone, NC.

During the day, you wait in this restaurant at the door to be seated.  This usually happens quite promptly.  At night, however, I suspect that there are no managers on duty, so the service is awful.

We wait at the door.  No signs telling us to seat ourselves, and as a server I know it can be annoying when people seat themselves, so we wait some more.  Ten minutes later, we finally grab some menus and seat ourselves.

Five minutes go by, and the servers ignore us.  Finally, a server comes up to us and asks us to move to another section.  This restaurant keeps NO condiments on the table so it's not like they would have to volume the table again.  This was the closest section to the front of the house, not somewhere way in the back.  They were not busy.  As a server, I find that incredibly rude.  We haven't been waited on at all and you come over just to tell us to get up and move to another section so the server (if we ever get one) doesn't have to walk an extra ten feet?  I work in a restaurant, bub, and that's just lazy.

To top it off, he says, "You'll service will be better over there, I promise!"  Uhh, we haven't actually been able to procure service yet, so technically, he was bound to be right, but only barely.

Seated next to some loud frat boys, we try to talk shout to one another for a few minutes more until our server comes to greet us.  We order drinks and when she returns, my boyfriend orders a strawberry ice cream cone and I order a cinnamin roll.

When she comes back out with the food, she briskly says, "We're out of cones, so they put your strawberry ice cream in a cup for you.  Here ya go."  She walked off too quickly for us to say anything...and sure, we can understand them not having ice cream cones, but the problem was, his "strawberry ice cream" as she called it, was white.  Upon taste testing, it was cookie dough ice cream that somehow had strawberry flavoring.  Ew.  We waited for her to come back, but we never saw her after that until we had long finished the cinnamon roll.

"All right guys, here ya go!  You can leave it on the table."  She dropped off the check and ran off again.  I called after her but she kept walking.  I left her 0.40 cents as a tip, and only that because the bill came to $6.60 and I had no idea when she would grace us with her prescence again to get change.

On my way out, I saw three servers sitting in an empty booth smoking.  One of them was ours.  So that's where she'd run off to, to chit-chat with her co-workers.  Classy.  I'm going back tomorrow to complain to the manager.

Mmmmm bacon

So every once in a while I gorge on some junk food and yesterday afternoon I had a craving for a western bacon cheeseburger and some fries from Carl's jr. So when I got off work I hopped in my car and drove over to the drive thru. There was no one in front of me so I pulled right up to the drive thru to order and waited for a little over two minutes for someone to take my order at that time I thought maybe the speaker wasn't working so I drove up to the window and still nothing. So I drove around and parked and went it. After I had ordered and was paying I was kinda joking with the guy and asked if no one was working drive thru and he said oh people are really dumb today and we just didn't feel like dealing with it. I was shocked.

You're trying to sell cars, right?

I'm looking around for a Cabrio now and there are several sites that don't list prices. Apparently even reputable dealerships are leaving them blank. They are leaving an option though consisting of 3 things: "For a quote/more information *insert first name* *insert last name* *insert email address*

My only phone here is cellular and the service for this side of Anaheim is extremely sketchy, not to mention that my LG 6100's power management leaves me several days a month with a dead phone. If alternative communication is there, I will take it.

There is a huge difference in the price range of this vehicle, and to me a potential $3000 is alot of money.

This is the reply I had this morning:
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My response:
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There is no way that I would give someone like that a commission that my business would bring. I utilized a simple tool for an asking price on their website and I get attitude? If he had the time to send a standard form, wouldn't it have taken so much less of his time to give me 5 digits than to write all that fluff?

The price btw is listed today on the site, and it is $3000 more than I'd like to spend.
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update - HR suckage

This is an update to this story.

In the end, I'm going to get paid for my maternity leave.  It was an honest mistake - I finally found out that my HR rep called our corporate office to find out if I'd be covered under the new insurance company, and her contact there made a mistake and said I would be covered.  I had to do some prodding to get them to fix it, but I'm finally getting paid next week.  Seven weeks' pay in one check, woot!

Sai: Tee hee!

Stop lying to me about where you live, dammit!

Every Friday night, my roommate and I order pizza and watch a movie together, and tonight was no exception. I called the pizza place, made my order, and told the guy where we live. Simple, right?


Me = Well, me
ID = Idiot deliveryman

ID: Hi, this is B----'s Pizza, can I take your order?
Me: Hi, I'd like to order a large cheese pizza to be delivered to [my address].
ID: What's your apartment number?
Me: It's the rear apartment.
ID: Yeah, but what's the apartment number?
Me: It doesn't have a number. There are only two apartments in the building, and mine is the rear apartment.
ID: But what number is it?
Me: There. Isn't. One. It's just the rear apartment, because there's only one other apartment in the building.
ID: Lady, I can't deliver your pizza if you won't tell me the number of the apartment.
Me: *sigh*

Finally, I just gave him my phone number so that he could call me when the pizza came. But seriously, WTF? Why the hell would I lie about not having an apartment number?
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