January 18th, 2006

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9:20pm: My friend and I meet up at a restaurant for a late dinner after work.

9:25: The waitress finally seats us by throwing menus on a table and walking away. We look around, the majority of the dining room is pitch-black and empty. We start to wonder if maybe they're closing early, and, both being servers ourselves, decide that before we order anything, we'll just check what time they close.

9:35: Server returns to our table. We both order coffee, I ask her if they close at 10 or 11. She says "No, we don't close until eleven, but then THEY came in (gestures toward the only other party in the smoking section) and JINXED me, and then you guys came in." We can't tell if she's serious or joking, so we kind of laugh a little and glance at each other. She adds in, "Well, I HAD everything done..."

9:45: She's back with coffee. I order some food, my friend isn't hungry but I tell her she can pick at my plate, as I'm not totally hungry, either.

10:00: She's back with my food. We both need a coffee refil, but she's gone before we can even ask. A friend of ours calls that I haven't seen since high school, and excitedly we ask if he wants to meet us for coffee, which he says he will and is on his way. We tell him they close soon, he knows that. We're just kinda muching away and chatting.

10:15: The waitress comes over quickly. I perk up to ask her for a coffee refil when she grabs the plate from between us (we're still eating), drops the check on the table, and pretty much RUNS. I check my watch, like, WTF? Is it midnight already?

10:20: Our friend shows up and somehow gets a coffee from her. She refills our coffees while we basically ignore her because we don't care enough to give a shit at the time, we don't touch the check, just all drink our coffee and catch up. When I drink coffee, I fidget a lot; bite my nails, play with things, etc., so I was subconsciously stacking up the unopened creamers in front of me, one on top of the other. Suddenly the server comes out of nowhere and grabs them from infront of me and reprimands us, "Don't DO THAT! You guys are MAKING A MESS!!!" And again, she runs away.

10:40: She's back at our table, grabs our untouched check off of it, and looks at me. "I need you to pay your tab." I glance at her lo-o-o-o-o-ong and hard, grab my purse while staring at her, and say, "O-kayyy." We slap a few bills on the table and decide to get out of there.

10:45: We're standing in the lobby, just out of the restrooms, bundling up our coats (we live in NH, come on!) and my friend's making a quick call to see if we all want to still hang out. Our waitress comes out from the booth she was sitting at in the non-smoking section, stands about 10 feet from us in the lobby, and STARES US DOWN. Like, just literally stands there and stares at us until we walk out the door.

What. The...
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Hooray for USPS... not

I so rarely get to post here, and when I do, it's a story that probably hasn't been posted before because everyone's feeling it, and it's not particularly funny. *sigh*

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I wonder... has USPS set up a hotline for valuable missing items yet? With all the theft going on, and (hopefully) a drive to clean up the organization, I think they might benefit from collecting the precise data from the missing packages and figuring out which distribution centers are losing them so they can root out the traitors to our country. (Federal employees abusing their power to betray the trust of the American people... you bet I've got a problem with that!) Or, if it really is just a screw-up and the package is sitting somewhere, lost in the shuffle on its way back, they could find it and get it moving again. Their reputation sure doesn't need to be any worse. By the time the increased rates are factored in, the problems with finding 2 cent stamps lately, and the extra premium service purchases needed to keep them honest, it's just about as cheap to go with UPS, FedEx, DHL, or any of the other services so often complained about here. USPS used to be the most reliable... what happened?
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Bad wing night

Went to wild wings. I get that all wing places have different bash night rules, but normally they tell you up front. It was buy one get one on all the wings. No biggie. We get there, took forever to be seated, but it finally happened. Get our drink orders placed, we know that we have at least one more person coming but the waitress kept asking if we were ready, so we went ahead and ordered. Bought someone a drink, and go, btw, this should go on my tab. She says, oh we don't seperate checks on Tuesdays. So we share this info with the group, no biggie, one of the guys says we can just pay him and he'll take care of it on his card.

the friend that was lagging behind got there and went to order, and the girl says, oh, we are only allowed to place one order per table on Tuesdays. We ask what if someone who was there to begin with wanted more than they ordered? She says it's not allowed because it would hold the table longer. WTF? And so they'd rather turn the table to another group, (even though our group is one that would keep ordering food and drinks for as long as we were there, making sure to turn a big profit for the time we're at the table) than to sell more food to people that are already there, and currently had a $200 bill. I left before the others but it turns out since we had more people coming they end up leaving and spending another hundred or so at sidelines.

Wouldn't have minded the rules if we'd known up front.
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This happened a very long time ago, but this was the letter I sent into McDonalds:

[Just as a note, they closed at 11:00pm, and I pulled up at 10:45 along with three other cars. I was the middle car.]

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Dear Disgruntled Taco Bell Employee,
I am a VERY nice customer. I say "Thank You" when you tell me to drive up, and when you give me my change. I say "Yes Please" and "No Thank You". I ALWAYS have a smile on my face, even if I'm having the worlds worst day sporting a migraine headache.

I did NOT appreciate you being short with me, having a smirk on your face, overall being rude, and then slamming the drive-thru window in my face. You may have been having a bad day, trust me, I've had them too, but do NOT treat one of your nicer customers you're going to have all night like that.

Kindly F-Off.

No Love,
Pissed Off Customer.
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No, you can't take more than I owe you at the moment

I need to lose weight! I mean, seriously. So, I joined Bally's. The first month, I paid and I had exact change. I also paid for my gym partner and they said they didn't have change so the $5 extra was credited to his account. Strange, but ok. Today, I went to pay again. Apparently, they don't give change at all. The person behind the counter had an attitude first of all. She was apparently pissy because people were upset that the pool was closed. Fine, people are assholes, but don't take it out on me. Second, she got annoyed that I wouldn't overpay for my membership so that they could credit the account to next month's bill. Sorry, but I need the extra $15! What kind of business deals in money transactions, but doesn't have change on hand? Also, if other people pay with cash and do pay their exact amount, wouldn't there then be change?

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I recently went to my wachovia to sign up for a savings account, I already had a checking account but I wanted to make sure I wouldn't get overdraft charges so I tucked $100 away where I wouldn't touch it. I also got my online account reset because it refused to let me sign in online and I like checking my account at least weekly. The lady there didn't know how to reset my account on the wachovia.com website, so she called tech support and they helped her. No bad service there, it just took a few minutes more and I understand someone not understanding something that they probably have to rarely do. In the process, my PIN was also reset, which I'm absolutely neutral towards.

The problem came a couple days later at Ihop when my card was declined. Apparently this ihop declines cards alot, so I thought nothing of it. Then it got declined again when I was having a fancy meal at red lobster. I carry three cards on me at all times, my debit card which I always use, a credit card in my name but under my fathers account that I pay him for, (we thought it would help my credit but that turned out not to be true, so I consider it useless except when I think my account is really low or I for some reason left my debit card at home) and the third card is for medical bills and groceries, things he'll pay for.

I checked my account at wachovia, I have a couple hundred in checking and a hundred still in savings and no mention of my card being suspended. I figured it didn't matter much since I have other non-cash ways of paying and no ill-side effects from this.

Until I got an email from amazon.com. The textbook I ordered a week ago was cancled and not shipped because my card was declined. I need that textbook by tomorrow very badly. At the bookstore, it would have cost $150 which I really wanted to avoid paying, and I found it online and new for exactly half that, plus shipping. Now I find out that because my card was mysteriously cancled, I don't have a biology book. I need that biology book, it's the only book I really do need for this semester and passing classes is near and dear to my heart. As it is, I ended up paying $5 more for a different copy of the new textbook on amazon and paid with a different card, and got expidated shipping for it, I just hope being bookless for a week doesn't screw me over too badly.

I'm currently on the wachovia website and searching for some place that can tell me about my card information. I checked the alerts section and all it did was confirm my email address. I have never been emailed an alert from them, even when my account went into the red a while back. Wouldn't you think that would be a good thing to be alerted about? If they bother having an alert section, they should definately use it to alert you of things like that. Still, I can't find anything that tells me about my card being on hold. I tried it at a wachovia atm too, I put in my card and entered my new pin and it spit it back out again saying it's invalid.

Personally, I see that as terrible service. If I only carried one card, which as far as wachovia knows, I do, then I would have been screwed at the resteraunts for not having any way to pay, because while I do have more than enough money to pay for an omlette, I don't tend to carry it with me. They also failed to mention something might happen with my card when getting my account setup, reset, and pin changed if that was the reason, and haven't sent me any letters or emails that mentioned the reason my card died.
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World Financial Network sucks!

I've been getting calls for the past 3 weeks or so for an "Alice Jackson". There is no such person at my address or phone number. There never has been--I'm the first person to live in my house and the first one to get that phone number. (Wheeeeeee--nice being one of the first customers of a new phone company!) I politely explained this error to the first several people who called, and finally started saying "No such person here" and hanging up.

Early last week I found out Lane Bryant's billing company (WFN) is looking for Ms. Jackson to get her to pay her overdue bill. I called the 800 number they left on my machine and explained the situation to them, and asked them to stop calling. They agreed. Or so I thought.

Last Friday they called again. I called back and repeated my explanation and TOLD them to quit calling me. I said I didn't like being harassed to pay a bill for someone I didn't know, and to leave me alone. They apologized and said they wouldn't call again. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

This morning they called again. I lost it and told them there was no Alice Jackson at my number, never would be, and then shouted into the phone "SO STOP FREAKIN' CALLING ME!" and hung up. I know there is a place to report this harassment, but can't remember where it is. Can any of you help me? Obviously being polite got me nowhere and now I need assistance from some agency that can make them back off.

Thanks for any and all advice you can give me!
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certainly not good service.

So... I just bought a car. And needed insurance. My parents have used one company of agents for all their insurance needs for years, so I figured I'd try them. Next time i'll think twice.

The first time I called, the lady I asked for was at lunch, and no one else could be found. I understand that she was at lunch, but where was everyone else!? So I call back, and she starts to run the quote, and asks me to call back in 20 minutes. I had just started my job, so I was trying not to be on the phone all day... but I called her. I waited on hold for a while, and then some other lady picked up, and said she would help me.

She had the strangest definition of help.

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and I consider that bad service.