January 17th, 2006

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It's some kind of science, anyway...

One of the bus routes that goes near my apartment has two different versions of its schedule that have been printed, and I've seen both versions being given out on the bus itself as well as in locations on campus where one can pick up bus maps. Either version of the schedule shows two buses running the route, but the times vary; one of the buses' times differed by one minute, while the other's differed by four minutes. That can be quite critical in planning when to leave for an appointment. Not to mention the whole issue of following the later schedule when the bus is running on the earlier one...

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Sunday night I went to the late showing of Wolf Creek. I got out of the theater around midnight and the drive thru for the A&W on the other side of the parking lot was open. I had some coupons for burgers so I stopped to order some with fries & gravy. I pulled up to the speaker and waited......lalalalala nothing. A few more cars pulled up behind me so I started speaking into the speaker "hello......hello"? Nothing.

The car behind me got annoyed and honked. I poked my head out the window and the asshole flipped me the bird! WTF?! I hollered "No one is taking orders!" Looking thru the restaurant window I saw the employee run for the microphone. He must of been in the washroom. Anyway he took my order and when I got home the gravy was not in the bag and the receipt showed I was charged for it. :(

I was too tired to bother going back. The next day I went to the same theater to see a matinee of North Country. After the show I stopped at the same A&W. I mentioned to the clerk that I was there the night before and went home without the gravy. She gave me a free pop. :)

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I'm at my wits end. I mean that this really really sucks.

I had an experience back in September with my TMJ. I went to this one dentist office that told me that I needed a NightGuard. I've heard this at least 3 times since I had my car accident in 2002 when it all started.

NightGuards are used to treat night-grinding. There are several cases of people suffering TMJ from grinding their teeth at night.
Lets get past the fact that this thing is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR ME, but it was $410 dollars and made my top front two teeth extremely sensitive and sore. This was meant to be worn overnight, every night and yet it would wake me up in my sleep and my front teeth would hurt all day the next day or two. If I work it for an hour, I'd feel it for 6 hours... and if I even made it overnight I would hurt for three days.

After trying this the first night, I left messages to have my call returned. No one ever called back. After less than a month I decided to return the device.
The woman became rather defensive stating that I wasn't able to get an exam because my jaw was locked (which is an outright lie since I came back after my jaw was unlocked and the dentist said we should get it done) and that I knew there was a chance it wouldn't work.

IT wasn't about it not working, it was about the pain! I wasn't going to try to go through an adjustment on this and try it all over again when it turns out that yes true, it's probably not going to work in the long run.

Point blank: It was defective and it freaking hurt like hell and I wanted some of my money back.

She took it from me after calling the head office and told me that I would receive an unspecified credit to one of my credit cards within 2-3 weeks. She just took it from me and walked away. I asked the desk if I needed any paper for the visit and was told no I was free to go.

The date was 10.12.05
Mid November I opened up a dispute with my credit card company for $210- the amount charged to that card as final payment when this hellish device was delivered. I believe that half is fair for a custom device that brought on suffering.

It's now mid January, two months after opening the dispute and I finally have it rejected because, "Unfortunately, we did not receive proof that the merchant was to issue credit to this account, such as a credit or refund slip. A valid credit slip would include the dollar amount and your account number, and show the merchant's intent to issue credit. We need this information to support our inquiry".

I never received that. I even when back to that office to request receipt, saying it was for taxes coming up because the same woman was at the desk that berated me last time- this time she didn't even know it was me when I presented the line of bullshit upon request. All I was given was a patient log printout for procedures and methods of payment.
There is an Office Visit-OBSERVE listed for 10.12.05 but nothing noted about what happened.

I've now left the parent company my own voicemail in the meantime about a total of $410 with nothing to show and I'm calling them again tomorrow.
Tonight I've submitted a complaint to the BBB in my area. This is so frustrating. It's been going on with them since September and I'm not made of money at all. They've been shoddy on their part and suddenly it's all my fault. I should have demanded a receipt instead of letting that bitch snake me out of one.
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Sorry if this doesn't really belong here, but I wanted to know if there are any other customers of Transport for London who are getting as poor a service as I.

I'm sure there are a few other people on here who use TfL and have become increasingly dissatisfied with the service:fare ratio over the past few weeks.

Me, I've just payed about £27 in order to get an Oyster bus pass for two weeks. I take two journeys a day; one there, and one back. One bus. One simple day? Sadly not.
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Wired.com news email delivery.

For the second time, the Lycos Network's service of delivering the front page of Wired.com to my Gmail account has failed me.

This is what has happened both times: I will get normal newsletters for about a month or so, and then suddenly I will get the same email for five days straight. Then, nothing. Very mysterious.

Now, I know this might sound like a really petty complaint (well, it probably is), considering that Wired.com is in my bookmarks. Still, I like having the front page sent to me just because I don't always remember to check.

Does anyone know what the problem could be? In the meantime, I'll gonna go look for some kind of way to contact the Lycos tech support...