January 12th, 2006

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goddamn it, Lip Service!

Okay. Last January, I bought a top from Lip Service that frayed apart the first time I wore it, so I returned it as a defective item. No harm, no foul; since I was worried about the same thing happening to a replacement, I got an e-mail assuring me that I could put the money toward another Lip Service purchase. The item was returned in March after a series of slow back-and-forth e-mails -- I don't entirely trust their web form.

Fast forward to mid-November -- I'm trying to get sizes from the reps so that I can buy some of the winter line, and double-check to make sure they still have my $40-odd in credit. They do. Excellent. I send in a request for the measurements of a few specific styles. I wait two weeks. I re-send a request through the web form including the styles and sizes I wanted. I get a reply a week later asking me what styles I wanted the sizes for. I reply with the same information I sent last time. And that was the last of the communication from the company.

Since then, I've tried e-mailing the reps directly using the reply addresses in their e-mails -- erratic at best, sometimes I would get bounce notifications -- and using the web forms (no replies) and even using the toll-free in the U.S. and Canada number (not available in my area, which is incidentally the third-largest city in Canada) -- they do have a number for international calls, which I haven't tried yet.

What the hell do I do now? I just want to use my credit and not ever have to deal with them again.
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This isn't terrible service so much as it's frustrating service. This is because I'm irritated by the cycle that customer service tends to create and continue.

Our cell plan is with Cingular. We've been with them for almost 4 years and our contract is up for renewal in April. Cingular has always been good to us. They've worked with us on every possible occasion and have always given us excellent service. That's not an issue.

The problem came about when I asked for my brother (who just moved in with us) to be added to our cell plan via the whole $9.99 deal they have going. He already has a phone, so we just needed him added. They told us that they would have to check with the credit department due to the fact that they had canceled our account for non payment less than a month ago. I understood this.

The reason for the disconnect was because we went over on our minutes because of alot of family emergencies which put us on the phones constantly. I went in and paid the bill in person and paid what we usually owe. The person behind the counter didn't say anything one way or the other and didn't mention that we owed another $150 on top of it. I didn't find out we went over and owed more until the phones were disconnected. I wasn't upset or bothered. I went in the day they were disconnected and paid the bill in full to have them reconnected.

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