January 11th, 2006

I hate you cingular

This is an older gripe but one I hadn't been able to vent about until I found this community.
I had at&t for about 2 years and never had a problem with them. I loved them. Then the big merge with cingular was supposed to make everything so much better but actually turned to crap.
I called 611 to make sure that nothing about my contract would change and that I would be receiving the same number of minutes per month for the same amount of money they assured me nothing would change and I would still receive the same service I had been getting. Satisfied with this I hung up and waited for my bill to make sure which would arrive in about a week. When my bill arrived I found that I did in fact still have the same amount of minutes for the same cost but there was a new addition to my bill. There was now and "other" category that had a $30 charge. Not understanding what this was for I called 611 again to ask why. The woman who I talked to asked if I had sent any text messages or downloaded anything or used the internet ot IM service. I told her that I had sent 1 text and had gotten 3 but that should only account for 40cents not $30 at this point I could tell she was becoming frustrated because she started telling me that I must have done something to account for the charge and that they don't just make things up. I realized I wasn't going to get anywhere with her so I said thanks and hung up. I called back the next day and tried to have the same conversation with someone else and they were even worse about it. At this point I knew I wasn't going to get anywhere on the phone so I went to my cingular store. I was first assisted by a girl who looked and acted like she was still in high school and didn't know anything so she kept running back and forth between me and the back room. She finally told me that the charges were firm and that nothing could be done about it. Admitting defeat I paid my $70 bill and waited for the next bill. The next 3 were the same way and I talked to everyone until I was blue in the face trying to understand why. Finally I decided that I would just cancel my service. I went back down to my cingular store and told them that I wanted to cancel my service and they informed me I would have to pay a $150 early cancellation fee.I told them I didn't give a crap because if I kept paying the extra 30 a month for something no one could explain to me I would be paying an extra $720 over the next 2 years anyway. So she sent me to talk to the manager who pretty much called me a liar and talked to me like I was 3 until I just walked away. I took my number to t-mobile and haven't had any problems at all.

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First post! I actually had no idea this community even existed until someone in another community told me about it.

I stopped at the grocery store (it's called Marsh--you've probably never heard of it if you're not from Indiana, USA or a surrounding state) on my way home from work to pick up a few things. I found a relatively short line and put my things on the conveyor belt. I only had 3-5 items and I placed them a good distance away from the order in front of mine so I didn't use a divider. I was tired from work and not really paying much attention when the cashier began scanning my items. I saw her grab my Dr. Pepper and scan it and then the man in front of me snapped at her.

"No! That's not mine! I'm ONLY getting two bags of ice!"

It was pretty rude and I could tell that it pissed her off so I apologized to her for not using a divider. She just GLARED at me.

When it was my turn I smiled at her and said hello and she glared at me nastily again. When she handed me my receipt I said "thank you" to her and she looked the other way and said nothing. I stood there for a moment waiting for her to look at me and it never happened. I turned and said thank you to the bagger. The bagger, whom the cashier was carrying on a conversation with the whole time I was standing there, told me to have a good day.

So was I at fault here? I realize that I messed up but I did apologize. I used to work for this grocery store back in my high school days and I know that the way she treated me is not acceptable to the company. I was pretty mad about the way the cashier treated me but I just let it go. Everyone has a bad day and I didn't figure getting a manager involved would make things any better. I certainly wouldn't appreciate it if someone did that to me where I work.
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Harli flirt by Rose Quoll

hi im new here.

so you need a new cell phone? considering Sprint? FORGET IT!

i signed a 2 year contract with Sprint and while their coverage/service is okay/questionable, their "customer service" is SHIT.

the issue started 7 or 8 months ago. glue had started to leak into the area between the screen on my phone and the glass or plastic that covers it. the glue nearly obscures half of my screen, an OBVIOUS manufacturers defect.

so i have been to my local Sprint store several times trying to get this fixed. i have seen 7 DIFFERENT people about this issue and some tell me that its a manufacturers defect and they they will fix it free of charge when the repair guy is in (apparently he works odd hours on odd days) while still others tell me that it should be covered by my insurance (yes i am paying 3 dollars a month insurance on this piece of crap). what pisses me off is that the 'insurance' doesnt mean my phone gets fixed, it simply means that i have to pay out of pocket to BUY a NEW PHONE. yeah i need to pay a 50 dollar deductible! when i bought my phone i got it on sale for 30 dollars (originally 250) so my insurance means that i can buy the same model of phone for 50 dollars instead of 250...but the REAL LAUGH is that the phone is no longer 250 dollars....its not even 30 dollars anymore! it is now priced at 9.99 and i have to pay a 50 dollar deductable??! its a manufacturers defect and they refuse to fix it!! and the technician that they keep telling me to come see at certain times....well that asshole is NEVER THERE! im starting to think he just doesnt exist! ive been in to see him about a DOZEN TIMES!! never there.

their service has gone to shit recently and im fed up with constantly having issues that will NOT be resolved. i went to the store again the other day and demanded they cancel my contract for FREE (no i refuse to shell out 150 to cancel it), fix my phone for FREE, or upgrade me to a new phone for FREE something better than the current piece of shit i have now. i have thrown the phone against the wall more times than i can count, just out of sheer frustration. turns out they wanted to upgrade my phone for free but i need to change my phone number oh, and i need to sign up for ANOTHER 2 YEARS of shite 'service'. no f'in thanks. youre not doing ME any favours!
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Can he do that?

I love Amazon.com and up until a week ago have shared nothing but perfect website/shopper bliss. Enter jack ass. I ordered a dvd that was lister as "new" and "unopened" I was trilled to discover such a find and paid for the dvd and selected priority shipping. I waited the week it was estimated to take and nothing. Almost a week later it arrived. I opened it up to see that there were no security stickers on it and that it was unwrapped so much for the "unopened" claim. I wasn't too upset about that as long as the dvd was new. When I opened the case the dvd didn't look right (I had rented this movie several times before deciding to just buy it) it didn't match the ones that I have rented before. Upon closer inspection it was a burned dvd. The cover art could be pealed off. The cover was printed from a printer and you could see where the guy screwed up cutting it. The dvd skipped in places and the special features don't work at all. I left negative feed back on his seller information so others would be informed about what happened. I also made an attempt to contact the seller to see if we could work something out. He never got back to me and posted under my response that he had to harass me for payment and was trying to mail him back a burned dvd so I could keep the original. I tried to get a hold of someone at Amazon but they said that all I could do was file a complaint. Is there anything else I can do?

truck buying horror story

we are two chicks who purchased a truck from texan auto in the middle of last year. some names changed to protect the innocent. below is my report to the texas attorney general's office. i still have no clue where mah truck is, and i have no vehicle to go down there to find out. :(

horror story behind cut:

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I went to Subway down the street from my work for lunch today. This particular Subway is inside of a Shell Gas Station, while standing in a 4 person line (of all white people with a white sandwhich artist) a black man came in (late 40's, dressed nicely, which doesn't even matter, the point is no matter what his race is/was he was incredibly nonthreatening looking.) and stood at the Shell counter for a good 2 minutes, he turned around to the woman making our sandwhiches and asked "Hey, is someone working the gas station counter?". The sandwhich artist immediately snapped at him "He'll be out in just a second, be patient and wait your turn".. He wasn't trying to cut in our line, he was very polite in asking. The sandwhich artist didn't even say this nicely she just SNAPPED, I wouldn't even talk to a dog like that. She then turned to everyone in line and proceeded to go off about how "those types of people are so rude". The black man stood there for another couple of minutes then turned to her and asked "I'm kind of in a hurry, can you get him for me?". The sandwhich artist started SCREAMING at him about how rude and wait your turn and just the must ridiculous stuff you can believe.

Finally, the guy who runs the gas station counter comes out from the back when he hears the commotion to figure out what happened (he had been on the phone with a supplier who was lost). At this point the black man was screaming at the woman (rightfully so) and the gas station guy tries to calm both of them down but the sandwhich artist will NOT lay off. The black guy storms out declaring he would never buy anything from a place that employees people like her. He leaves and the sandwhich artist continues to talk shit about him to the 4 of us "whities" standing in line like we are all in a regional KKK meeting. When she finally spouted off with "I'm just sick of waiting around for ni***** to rob this place!!!" I f-ing lost it. I started screaming about what a racist cunt she was and how I agree with this guy, I don't want to buy anything at a store that employees people like her either. I declare I'm going to Togo's (which I hate) up the street and storm out.

At Togo's I got a black sandwhich artist in which I got a bigger sandwhich than planned and tipped her to try to help balance out the universe.

I love Subway but I will never go there again unless that lady is fired.
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I wrote back on December 19th that my hard drive died and wanted tips for how not to get screwed over by best buy's service plan. Turns out that ain't the kind of thing one can avoid.

I went in the next day and told them the problem, they ran some sort of system analysis to see what was wrong, said parts of the hard drive were corrupted and that they'd send out my computer to get a new hard drive and try to save all the data that was left on it. Said to check back in 3-7 days.

On the 8th day I went in to ask where my computer was, they said they didn't tell me 3-7 days, they told me 3-7 weeks. I misheard, understandable. At this time, they showed me on a screen where it said it was in california and it was due back on the 31st.

On the 6th, I went back and they told me that it hadn't arrived, but they'd leave a message for the manager to call me in the morning to tell me what was up.

On the 10th I went back there since the manager never called, and I don't trust help over phones because callers tend to get second rate service between customers in the stor. I talked to a different guy on geek squad since up to now every time we went in it was the same employee. This guy looks up my account, says that it wasn't properly diagnosed, there was a large chance it was a software and not a hard drive failure and it's quite possible that the place in california will send it right back to me unfixed and that they'd end up fixing it in the store. Also said that the california place has absolutely horrible estimation dates on when things get back so I now have no idea when I'll be seeing my computer again.