January 10th, 2006


I started using an old laptop today and lo and behold, I forgot the administrator password. Since it's windows 2000, I'm SOL. I called a computer place nearby and asked if anything could be done. The guy said he'd have to reinstall windows for $65. I asked if he had windows 2000 and he said yes. I then asked how long it would take and he said no more than an hour. I got there and he tried to convince me to install windows xp; I told him no-- it's not my laptop and my boyfriend wanted windows 2000. Ok, he said that was fine and to pick it up in one hour.

Well, it's been over an hour now so I just called to see if he was done. He said he wasn't and I asked how much longer. He said "one to two hours, atleast". Ok, why tell me "one hour" when it is now going to take 2-3 hours. I needed it quickly. If I knew it was going to take 3 hours, I would've paid someone(less) to reinstall it, but it would've taken the same time frame.

Fried Chicken place update

A few days ago I posted a message about my trip to a certain state-named fried chicken place during their regular posted business hours. I was advised by almost everyone who responded that I should call the corporate office.

Well, I only had to go so far as calling the district manager. He was very upset over the whole incident and kept apologizing to me (over and over and over).

The outcome of all this is that I'll be eating fried chicken for free for quite some time (I didn't ask for that, but he insisted). The other part of the outcome is that the manager who was on duty at the time is going to be fired. No, that was not exactly because of me. It seems that there have been far too many complaints about things that happen during her shift (and apparently a lot of them have come from employees), although mine was the only time she threatened to call the police because a customer was in the store buying food during regular business hours. It would seem that the district manager had just had one complaint too many about her and wasn't planning to put up with it anymore.

So ends the saga of the fried chicken place that closed an hour early.
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Bad service is not putting lids on tightly so that (even though I carefully handled my bag of food) queso is over everything, extremely stale chips, and a bean burrito that's only tortilla for the top half (and not enough beans in it at all to squeeze them up to the top). I think the Bueno I drove through tonight was more concerned with making food super fast (though it's not during their busy times and the drive through wasn't full) than it is with making quality food. :(

Oh, I was happily munching away at my stale chips when I found out that underneath a few large chips there's just a full bag of tiny chip pieces, like the kind of pieces you find at the bottom of a bag. I can't each nachos with chips the size of dimes and nickels. *cries*

clueless cashier

This happened a few years ago.

When I go grocery shopping, I often take with me canvas and tote bags for my groceries. These are usually conference freebies and marked with all sorts of vendor names, etc. I place them on the belt before my groceries. Pretty clear, right?

One day I was shopping at a Price Chopper supermarket. I placed the bags on the belt, and when the cashier asked if I wanted paper or plastic, I just answered plastic, assuming that she was asking what I wanted after my bags were filled.

When I turned back around, I realized that she had neatly folded all my bags, placed them in a plastic bag, and then proceeded to pack the rest of my groceries in plastic bags.

And she was just so NICE, but she was so clueless when I tried to explain to her what they were used for. I found out she was a new cashier, but you know, its not that hard of a concept.