January 9th, 2006

Bad Service at Ross.

So I went to the Ross by my house this weekend to return a shirt I'd bought. I had some time to kill so I decided to look for jeans. I quickly found two pair that fit perfect and weren't too bad on the pocketbook so I decided to exchange and pay the difference. The first part of bad service was the line. Now this Ross has about 5 or 6 registers. One of which is for returns/exchanges and purchases and the rest are for purchases only. Out of those 5 or 6 registers, only 2 were manned. I have to say in the whole store there was probably about 4 or 5 people total. One on fitting room and 2 on the registers plus the manager. Two people on registers, on a Saturday. Now I wouldn't be posting this if this was a one time thing but this seems to be the case everytime I go into that god forsaken store. As a result there were about 15-20 people in each line. The line was barely moving, each person the cashier rung up there seemed to be a problem. Either with the computer or her needing some kind of management approval. Finally when I started getting towards the front of the line (about a half an hour later) the manager got on one of the registers and began ringing people up.

One old woman even tried complaining to the manager but the manager seemed pretty unconcerned, not that I can really blame her since the staffing is probably out of her control, but the way she dealt with the complaint just kind of sets the attitude for the whole store: no one really cares.

I finally get to the cashier and give her the shirt to return, everything goes somewhat smoothly and then I try to use my card. I was using a debit card and had checked my balance in line just to be sure I wasn't going over and I had more than enough to cover the purchase. I noticed the screen of the debit machine had lines going through it but I didn't think anything of it. Well, my card got declined twice, instead of holding up the line longer I asked that they hold the merchandise and I went to call my bank. My bank confirmed that there was no reason for my card to be declined and that it must've been a problem with the machine. When I went back to get the pants the next day, they'd been put away. Now, most places will hold your merchandise for 24 hours. I went as soon as they opened the next day nad they were already gone, I don't know what the protocol is for Ross though but it was just the icing on the cake to an already bad experience.

I sent a letter to the website because I think they should know what a shithole that store is. Not only is it dirty and disgusting but the lines are always long and everything about it (save for the actual stuff they carry) pretty much sucks.
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Express Mail (USPS)

I was having some issues with my cell phone not working (display not showing up at all) and after a lot of talking with Cingular, it turned out I had just dropped out of warranty last month. (am a bit irked to know if I'd been a bit less honest they wouldn't have been able to tell and I probably could've gotten them to send me a new phone, but that's a whole 'nother story) So anyway, I am not in a position to pay for a brand new phone at this time and that was what it looked like I might have to do.

Enter my mother, who had an extra Cingular phone that'd never been used. So she mails it to me. Now, she sends it Express so that it can get here the next day (I'm in Maryland, she's in Mississippi). I don't know why she sent it Express cause, honestly? It wasn't that dire, but eh, it's my mom.

So she tells me, "It's supposed to be there tomorrow by 10 am." And I'm like "Okay" and I make sure someone will be there to receive it since I was going to be at work.

Get home? No package, didn't even come with the regularly scheduled mail that afternoon.

The next day it did show up, however I was about to really start in on a rant because when I checked the mail, there was a slip in the box saying I'd have to go pick up my package from the post office. Yet, when I came inside, there was the box my mom had mailed me. Not sure how that happened, but it did seem a little annoying.

So the whole point is that it came a day later than it was supposed to and yes, this isn't the worst service and yes it wasn't dire but?

My mom spent $20 on shipping the darn thing when she probably could've just spent $3.85 for priority and it would have gotten here almost as fast.

I think I'm mostly annoyed on her behalf.
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Final Sprint Update with Good News

First of all I want to thank everyone for their replies to my post. I have been very, very ill for the past 4 days and so I wasn't able to reply to most all of your replies. I do want you to know that I just spent the last 15 minutes reading every single one. So truly, thank you all so much.

Now, on to the good news. As you may recall, Sprint was rather high-handed when last I spoke to them. I got a phone call from Ms. Weaver saying that, indeed, the CEO did take the time to read my letter and has waived all charges. She assured me that she'll send a letter from the CEO by the end of the week to confirm everything is settled and reverse all the damage done to my credit at the various agencies.

There was a lot of sucking up involved and this is the one that gets me the most:

''Dr. xxxxx, I do hope this resolves the matter and Mr. Forsee sends his personal apologies. He appreciates the work you do and hopes there's no need to contact the Attorney General or the media.''

I nearly snorted in laughter while the lady was on the phone. It's regrettable that one must resort to threats of legal action or public humiliation to get a company to listen. I also made a point not to say I wouldn't be reporting them to the FCC and Attorney General. Sprint has the absolute lowest rating for customer service of any mobile phone company operating in the US. Pathetic. I've already filed the FCC complaint and my friend is drafting a letter to the AG for me. I won't be sending that one until I have the letter from Sprint in my hand apologising and stating the account is clear. I want to include that as proof.*

She also promised that she'd already researched every person that had accessed my account with whom I'd spoken on that day from hell and would be contacting their managers personally. I suppose that having the executive assistant to the CEO contact your manager about your rude behaviour just might make one pay a bit more attention to the customers (or former customers) with whom you're speaking. I hope.

Now, while their regular CS people were beyond rude and ineffective, I must say that there were a few that deserved the praise that I gave. There were two in particular that stood out in my mind and she did say that the CEO knew their names and would be sending them an e-mail. That pleases me. I'm glad to know that out of this whole thing some good did come.

I hope that everyone having troubles with Sprint gets them resolved. Just remember, you've got to be persistant with these people. They never seem to listen on your first try, so keep trying.

Okey then my friends, it's back to work for me. Good luck to you all. I hope I can only read now and never have to post here again. ;-)
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toxic hell

Okay, it takes ALOT to piss me off and get me riled at bad service. So this is my first post here.

So I stop at Toxic Hell today 'cause I want a Mexican Pizza thingy. Bad thing to crave. Anyways they put those lil green onions on em. And DAMNIT I'm very BADLY allergic to them. So I go into the dining room area as opposed to the ever so slow drive thru. I order my food and very PLAINLY say "NO GREEN ONIONS AS I'M ALLERGIC TO THEM."

I get my food. Apparently when you say no onions that means EXTRA onions. I look at my reciept it says something to the effect of no onions. I calmly go up to the cashier show them my reciept and the pizza thing, and say I ordered it without onions as I'm ALLERGIC to them. They say they're sorry yadda yadda, offer to remake it. They do.

I get it back... WITH ONIONS!!! Albeit FEWER onions, but damnit they're still there. So I go back up and say that it has onions again, and I ask to speak to the manager. I get the manager and explain that I ordered it WITHOUT THOSE GREEN ONIONS AS I'M ALERGIC TO THEM!!!!!!ELEVENTYONE!!!!!!!!

Then they yet again remake it. With onions.

I get my money back then leave.

*rips out hair*
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Thanks a lot, Round Table

The only pizza I can stomach these days is the thin crust cheese or pepperoni from Round Table Pizza. I love the stuff, and it's a treat to have it. But their service STINKS.

They're horrible with their wait times. I've never been given my pizza anywhere close to the time I was told it'd be ready. Twenty minutes late is the soonest I've ever gotten it, but I love Round Table so much I'm usually willing to deal.

Tonight my father was coming home from work late, so he agreed to stop there and pick the order up. He called on his way there and was told it'd be ready in twenty minutes, thirty minutes tops. He arrived fifteen minutes later. And waited. And waited. Ten minutes after the thirty minute mark he'd been quoted, he ordered a drink and asked how it was doing. Not done yet, he was told, so he sat back down.

Another twenty minutes went by (now half an hour late) and he again asked for the pizza. The girl at the register seemed shocked it wasn't up yet, so she turned to another worker and gestured at my dad's ticket. The guy stared at it several seconds before looking half-heartedly around his area. "Oh," he mumbled, and pulled our two pizzas off a shelf down below. "They were down here." The girl asked why tey hadn't been brought out to my dad, and the guy just shrugged. He gave my dad the pizzas and turned away. The girl turned away. Neither of them so much as said sorry.

My dad is pissed. When he got home, he immediately called the manager to let him know what crappy customer service he got. The guy didn't seem all that interested, offering lame "Ohhh, I can't believe that, wow I'm sorry" excuses. My dad informed him that apologies were sort of pointless after the fact. The guy hemed and hawed and didn't say anything, so my dad told him he's not looking to get anything, especially when no one had the courtesy to offer anything (they didn't even comp his drink from when he was waiting). He just wanted to let the manager know so it could be taken care of, and to let him know hell would freeze over before he dealt with their BS again.

>_< No more Round Table for us.
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typical mcdonald's crap

Last Thursday I wanted the 2 cheeseburger meal, since my diet start date was coming up, it was like a last splurge.

I went through the drive through, odered my meal with extra pickles on both burgers, coke to drink, and some ketchup in the bag.

Once I pulled up to the second window after paying, I was handed my coke, and I asked the girl "and don't forget the ketchup please", I like my ketchup.

I get handed the bag and pull away.

I shit you not, there were 23 packets of ketchup in the bag.

Ok, so that's annoying, but I pulled out and left anyways. Whatever, it's wasteful but who cares.

THEN THERE ARE NO EFFING PICKLES ON MY CHEESEBURGERS. They're stickered that they have extra pickles.

U-Turn, and I go back. The drive-thru girl sees me coming and takes off, so I call a manager over. She was LIVID. I just said I'd like my cheeseburgers made properly, and hot fries, and 3 packets of ketchup. She actually gave me coupons for 2 free meals, she couldn't believe it.

If I had more time to spare I would have waited for drive-thru girl to make her appearance again, but I had to go. While 23 packets of ketchup isn't bad service, the wrong cheeseburgers and the fact that I had to turn around and go back was.