January 8th, 2006


So my monitor died on Thursday December 29 and I need a new one. (Temporarily I'm using a tiny 15-inch monitor rescued from the back room). I think to myself, I'm going to be using this thing for several hours each day; I should splurge, get the biggest and best I can afford. After reading reviews I decided on the Viewsonic VP231WB. Used Froogle to find the lowest price and TVsDepot had it.

I placed my order early on December 31, expecting it would ship on Tuesday or Wednesday. Every day I check the website and it still says just "Order Received." The product listing has no indication as to whether they actually have any in stock or not. So by Friday morning I start getting a little impatient and I send this email to their customer service address:

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I thought that was nice and polite, right? So Friday afternoon I get home and find an email from TVsDepot. I think, wow, I've galvanized them into action! Yay me! So I open it and find

Dear Neidhart,
Your order (xxxxxx) has been Cancelled.
Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

WTF??!? Not a word of explanation? I'm not allowed to even ask a fucking question? If it's out of stock just say so! You made me waste a week waiting on a goddamn chimera!

snowy., Moi

Lurker finally bitches.

It's only crappy service 'cause I was having a major Green Goddess dressing withdrawal and it was my favorite salad place...

What's the point in being open until 8:30 if no one can purchase any food after 8 p.m.?

They usually close down the hot pasta after a certain hour, and I don't have a real problem with people closing down the less-popular items after a certain hour, but they had NOTHING at 8:15. No salads. In a salad place. at 8:15. The salad case was empty, which means they started clearing before I got there. I got served upstairs 5 minutes to closing at the coffeehouse (and the girl even said we could hang out in front of the fire a bit while they cleaned the equipment, since we didn't know they closed at 9 during off-semester).


Wish I had a dramatic story to share, this is just a pet peeve.

Annoying grocery store service

For god knows how many weeks in a row (I've lived here since July), my local Stop & Shop has completely run out of regular, white store brand bread. They had a couple loaves of the wheat this week (which was on sale) but none of my happy bleached goodness. Last week I resorted to buying Wonderbread and I will not be buying that nasty stuff again- apologies to people who enjoy eating it.

I'm thinking of writing a letter to the GM of the store because this is a weekly recurring problem. I can't do my grocery shopping at other times during the week, and the store is packed on Sunday so it's not like there aren't people to buy the bread. Why is it so hard to order extra if you're going to continually sell out? My S&S at home is rather busy and has never had this problem. I tried asking the rare floor/stockroom employee I could find but their English tends to be limited and their response is "No bread." The customer service desk girl doesn't give a flip.

Anyone who works/ed in a grocery store have an idea why this happens or any suggestions? I'm going to sit down right now and draft a letter. I'm also getting rather sick of the surly deli employees but that's a whole other rant for another day and letter.
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More fun with FedEx

I suppose I should share this here; it's short, sweet, and another FedEx-related mini-rant. And it's not even really a case of bad service that affected me personally, but it did affect someone else...

Anyway, I just moved back to my apartment at the University of Georgia. When I got to my room, I noticed that a FedEx package from JCPenney had been left by my door.

"Muhhh?", I said to myself, as I didn't remember ordering anything from JCPenney, and had no idea why anyone would have sent me a holiday gift here rather than back at my parents' house to which I had gone for the holidays. So I looked closer at the label, and noticed that it was addressed to the occupant of apartment E-209.

Problem is, I'm in the corresponding room in building F.

Granted, the 'F' on my apartment's door (as well as the larger one on my apartment building) could look sort of like an E, if you turn your head the right way, and I guess it's partly my fault for not being there to correct them— but still, you'd think FedEx would've double-checked to make absolutely, positively sure that letter on the door was an 'E', wouldn't you?

I hope the resident of E-209 doesn't mind having had to wait a week and a half for whatever she ordered... the shipping date was after Christmas, so I doubt it was a gift she'd intended to send out, at least!

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This is more amusing than anything, but still not what I want to hear when buying cigarettes. I went to a gas station on my lunch break at work and walked into the store. The lady behind the counter greeted me and then asked, 'What do you need?' I replied with a box of Camel Lights.

She goes, "OH! Well, then 'WHAT YOU WANT?!'" (yes, just like that) And then informed me that cigs are a WANT not a NEED. Duh. Like I never knew they were bad for me. Then she kept on about it. About how they are a 'want'. After she gets them down for me, and puts them on the counter and begins ringing me up she THEN decides to see my ID (why didn't she card me in the first place?)

I jokingly thanked her for asking then she looked at me like I was crazy. I explained that because I'm 25 and I'm still getting carded. She goes, "Oh you don't think I still get carded?! I GET CARDED!' Whatever lady, I didn't ask for a non-smoking lecture or guilt trip. You don't look like my mama.

Not to mention that my statement didn't mean a personal attack on your age. If she can't handle people having a smoking habit, she shouldn't work in a freaking gas station!
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Burger King and I guess Walmart?

I went through the Burger King drive-thru this morning a little after 10am. I came straight home. The food was o.k. for the most part, they had asked me to pull ahead (with no car behind me) because a guy was pressure washing the cement by the DT. I figured the food would be super hot, but it wasn't.

The bad service (which admitedly was partially my fault) was not giving me back my debit card. And then somehow letting someone else get ahold of it.

I went to walmart later and was at the checkout when I couldn't find my card. I figured it fell out my purse at home and used a different form of payment (which was complicated-bah). When I got home I looked around a few minutes, checked my account (looked fine), called Burger King (they said they did not have it).

Wells Fargo (good service - WOW) called a few minutes later. Someone - in thre different transactions - charged almost $300 to the account. This is a headache and a half. My account is now negative, and I am suposed to register for school tommorow.

I guess I should say that I am 95% sure that BK didn't give me my card back. It could have technically fallen out of my purse in the Walmart parking lot - it is suspicious that the card was used at a walmart (not the one I was at - they also used it for a walmart gas station). I don't know.

If this is partially the fault of BK - what should I do? I do not know what Wells Fargo will do. IE - having BK look at cameras to see if they gave my card back or not?
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I've been reading this community for a long time...never really experienced service bad enough to write here, but within the last three days I've experienced enough bad service to actually keep me angry for more than a few hours (I usually shrug it off).

Where to begin...?

Okay, my first tale of woe involves bad service on the part of the high school I recently graduated from...I realize a public school isn't necessarily a service institution, but this was something they were supposed to do for me, and then completely dropped the ball, thus royally upsetting the scheduled plans for my first semester of college. Cut for moderate length...

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Well, now that I'm through with that...bad service from a car dealership....

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And now a bit of a shorter story...my dear friend Josh and I went out to dinner tonight, to Olive Garden. Usually we get good service there...not outstanding, but not bad. Tonight, however, we finished our food fairly quickly. We then waited for the check...for about twenty minutes.

We waited so long because I don't want to risk being an annoying customer, and (mostly) because we were waiting for our original waitress to walk by so we could catch her attention. In the twenty minutes we waited, we never saw her once. Not only did we not see her in our area, we didn't see her near the kitchen or, well, anywhere. So I finally told another server that we were sorry, we had forgotten our server's name, but could she please bring our check out? The young lady we spoke to said, sure. Within a few minutes a different server brought out our check, and a few short minutes later, another completely different server picked it up and brought back our change. I can only assume that our original waitress had gone home.

Eh...not too sucky, but then again...the party seated next to us, about six or seven people, had a major complaint. I'm not sure what it was, but they had the manager come out and speak to them. The manager then proceeded to make little comments on their food..."I bet I know what you like about [that dish]." This struck me as a little unnecessary...they're trying to enjoy their meal, I don't think they need a manager's opinion on their personal tastes.

But that's just me.

Okay, done. Had a nice rant.
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Bad service or have I just been really unlucky?

In February 2003 I decided that I wanted a new car, or at least a new-ish car. My dad had always maintained the old bangers that I drove as a teenager, but he had died a month earlier and as I knew very little about cars, I didn’t want a car that might break down on me, or need lots of maintenance. So I figured a relatively new car was the way to go.

Boy was I wrong.

I went to a legit dealership and spent £8500 on a car first registered in March 2002. I was told that it had been a show car for trade fairs and the like, and it had just 6,700 miles on the clock. On paper it was a great car.

In reality I got a car that has been a bit of a nightmare.

June 03 – Car springs a leak in the rear driver-side footwell. It turns out to be a bad door seal.

October 03 – Car has a wet patch on front passenger footwell, closer inspection reveals water running through the glove-compartment ruining all the stuff I had in there. It turns out that a valve on my Air con wasn’t connected properly. They promise to fix it within four hours and that they will call me when they are done. I figure I will shop for a bit, as they haven't offered me a hire car for the day. Seven hours pass and they never call. So I go back to the garage, and find the car is sitting ready on the fore-court - they just didn't call me.

June 04 – Air con breaks and floods again.

September 04 – Engine randomly begins stalling for no apparent reason. They tell me nothing is wrong.

January 05 – Air con goes wrong yet again.

February 05 – Car stalls suddenly while I am driving it and refuses to start again. They replace a fuse and tell me it is fine. But the steering is a bit weird and the car judders slightly whenever I lose speed.

March 05 - After a few days the car engine cuts out whenever I slow down below 20mph and of course the power steering ceases to exist at the same time. Not good. I contact the garage and they tell me to bring the car to them. I tell them that I don’t think the car is safe to drive – especially not to them as it is not a short drive and it has lots of stops, turns, roundabouts and a stretch of motorway to negotiate. They tell me that I have no choice, I should get as far as I can, and I always call the break-down services if need be! Great, so I should try to get as far as I can in a car I think is unsafe?

June 05 – Car refuses to start one morning. Electrics again. The battery is also drained. Due to this so I have to have a new one. More expense. The kicker is that they tell me they can't work on the car for two weeks. Two weeks? I need that car! I get my godfather to call them - he manages to get my car in just three days later. (Is it because I'm a girl?)

August 05 – De-mister for the front windscreen breaks. They fix it and it breaks again by November. I tell them this and they tell me that I can bring the car in again to have it fixed – but it will cost me. I can’t afford it so I don’t bother.

January 06 – The exhaust has blown. (I haven’t actually contacted them yet.)

Throughout all of this hassle the garage staff have been totally un-helpful, and one was downright rude. I could understand their attitude if I was just a nasty nit-picking customer, but I have genuine faults with my damn car, and I haven’t been rude to any of them.

(I only kept going to the same garage because it was the dealership that sold me the car and covered some of the stuff under the warranty. Also, the car is too hi-tech for a mechanic friend of mine to deal with - it has to be given to the professionals, no matter how un-professional they can be.)

I can’t help but wonder if they knowingly sold me a dud.

I wonder if I can somehow get them to fix up the latest fault free or at a reduced rate, because I think you have a reasonable expectation of getting what you pay for, and with this car I have in no way received that. I spent all my savings on buying this car, the repairs have cost me a lot more than I can afford on my salary, and I was looking for a car that wouldn’t cause me any hassle or extra expense.


And surely an exhaust shouldn’t just blow with a mileage of 20,800? Are there any car experts with any ideas about that sort of thing?
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