January 7th, 2006

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First time poster here. I am a very calm person i feel, i dont really get angry or anything but this guy got me so freakin mad i had steam coming out of my ears. Okay its around 6 oclock i just got out of work and wanted to pick up a pack of cigarettes. Here in NJ, cigarettes are quite expensive totaling around 6 dollars. I go to the local Shell and park my car. There was no store in it so i went up to the gas station guy and asked him for a pack of cigarettes which they did indeed sell.

He asks for my ID which I gladly give him because i do know that i look younger than my 21 years. Since i was coming from work, i didnt really have a lot of money on me. Just a five dollar bill and some change, so thats what i handed over to him. (Approx. 9 dimes and ten pennies) According to this man, Shell does not take change and i should go in my car and go away. He repeatedly said go away that they dont want my business because i have change. I asked for his name, he wouldnt give it to me. I asked if he owned the store, he wouldnt tell me. He just completely ignored me and slammed the door in my face from his little cubicle where the register is at a gas station.

I couldnt believe it, I mean i understand he had to pump gas as well but all he had to say was can you give me a second miss? Im a little busy. I wouldve been like SURE! take your time. im not in a rush. but nooooooo. This man thinks hes dealing with a little girl that doesnt matter. Since i couldnt complain to his boss i simply just called up shell and complained. When you call up corporate, does that really matter? i mean will they do anything about it?

Im just so pissed off ive never been treated this way in my life. I had american currency, it was a dollar in change, i agree, i have worked in retail... change sucks ass. But i wasnt emptying my wallet on him that was literally all i had. Unless he wanted to take credit card of course but i imagine that wouldve wasted his time even more considering he wouldve had to wait for it to go through. He just got me so pissed off. He even told me to go away and call the authorities if i wanted just to get off "his gas station" which i doubt was his anyways.
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I have so had it with this damn place. I have seen (and have done so myself) people wait in a line 20-30 minutes, only to be told their prescription isn't ready. Yesterday, its a good damn thing I had my cell phone with me (oft forgotten!) because I called ahead....a prescription that was to be ready at 4 wasn't, I was told 6. At 6, I was told 8. Finally by 8:30 it was ready. Oh, I called THAT time to make sure and was put on hold and never picked up :( How do you change pharmacies. There's a Rite Aid RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from this place. I guess I just take them my health insurance info with my next script? I don't know but I'm going to find out.
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Not terrible service, but annoying nonetheless

This post prompted me to write about my own grocery tale.

There is a Kroger by our house, and my husband and I go there a few times a week. Usually, we use the UScan option, but this time, we had to go through a line. When we rolled up there with our cart, there were three employees having a conversation (no big deal, it was slow). The cashier kept yelling at her friends and never asked for the Kroger Plus Card (again, not a huge deal) but threw our groceries on the counter after scanning them. Bread? Scan, chunk. Milk? Scan, chunk. Foil-covered yogurts that burst open easily? Scan, chunk. The ENTIRE TIME, none of the employees spoke to us. She just looked at me when she'd finished and kinda pointed to the credit card scanner.

Add that to the fact that this Kroger has stopped carrying most of our favorite products, and I think we're going back to the one three miles away. I realize this isn't going to make or break Kroger, but that store has gone downhill since the "new" manager took over.
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A recent post about Kroger prompts me to recount my experience with one of their stores yesterday:

To begin, I don't usually shop at Kroger because I've had a few not so pleasant experiences. In fact, I only go if there is absolutely no other choice...such as lunchtime yesterday. I needed to pick up some Glucerna products and fix something from the salad bar. All's well at first - I can't find the Glucerna, but a very nice young stocker actually walked me over to the display because it was in an area I just didn't see (even though it's near produce where the salad bar is - doh me)

I go up to the cashier and am asked if I have a Kroger card. I say no and that I don't shop here often enough to need one. Collapse )
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Annoying service is paying extra for 2 day shipping on something that amazon.com/toysrus.com says is available, and having them send you an e-mail the day it is supposed to arrive stating that they have having shipping problems and it will be close to another week before it shows up.

Yeah, mistakes happen, but I think their website should not still say "ships within 24 hours" on the product. That is the bad part. I am going to request that they pay back the difference between 2 day shipping and standard, being that obviously they are unable to uphold their part of it.

(edit: first part is more annoying rather then bad)
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Again with the basic, bare bones service....and the lack of it.

Today, at Bruchi's (a sandwich shop), the frickin' chick there was SO RUDE. I don't ask for a lot with customer service, but I EXPECT the bare minimum. Bare minimum, for me, is a greeting, an asking of "how can I help you" and a "thanks" at the end of it. Not a single one came from this chicks mouth...she had the grimmest expression EVER, and looked like she was ready to take out someones eye. I am not demanding or rude to customer service people EVER (I AM one, and I know how it goes), but WTF gives with the surly attitude? Yes, yes, maybe her gram/dog/twin just died, maybe she just declared bankruptcy, maybe maybe maybe etc....but you know....there's bereavment if someone died, and there's putting on a show for the rest of the stuff.

I've smiled at/thanked people and done general customer service with a severe headache, with toothaches, with nausea brought on by vertigo, and when I've had to clench my jaw to keep from crying on the sales floor. BASIC CUSTOMER SERVICE, and I don't understand why the bare bones stuff is SO hard for people.
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This happened about a week before Christmas, on a Sunday afternoon. I'd gone straight from work to the local Dick Smith Powerhouse to pick up a few games for me and my boy, and there was understandably a bit of a line, but I was happy to wait. It looked as if all the cashiers on were new or something, as most had a second person explaining/bagging, which I don't see in Australia. But that wasn't what miffed me.

When I got to being served, I greeted the cashier with a "Hi, how are you?" being that I had just come from work and was in that gear.

... silence.

Ookay, I thought, and continued on. He scanned my two items. I handed over my credit card, and had to prompt him that it was to go through on credit, because he didn't ask.

It was just really bizzare. During the entire two-minute transation, he didn't look at me, and he said nothing other than "want a bag" right before I left. I mean, I can understand that dealing with holiday customers isn't fun; I'd just working a 7-hr shift right before then, and I still managed to be pleasant to him.

Not terrible service or anything; it just totally threw me for a loop. I kept expecting him to be someone I knew from high school who was embarrassed to see me!

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At 10:15 this evening I needed something to eat (yeah, odd time for dinner, I know, but it had been a less-than-regularly-scheduled evening). I went to the local "fast food lane" and drove from parking lot to parking lot until I saw one that was opened. At last I found one. A certain fast food place which bears the name of one of the American states and serves chicken. Their sign clearly stated that they were opened until 11:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

I parked the car and walked up to the door. It was locked.

I knocked to get the attention of the guy sweeping the floor.

He came over and opened the door. "We're closed," he said, very abruptly.

"Really? The sign says you close at eleven."

"No, it doesn't. We close at ten."

I pointed to the sign which -- again, clearly! -- stated that they closed at eleven. He looked at it and said, "Wait a minute."

The manager came to the door and told me that they had closed at ten o'clock. I pointed out to her the time on the sign. Her response? "It says we close at ten."

"It says you close at ten Sunday through Thursday. Today is Saturday and your sign says you're open until eleven."

She responded with "No, it doesn't."

After seeing my glare, she stepped outside and looked at the sign. Her face went completely blank and then got vivid red with either embarrassment of anger. Turned out it was anger.

"We close at ten!" she said. "But I'll call the general manager and see if we can serve you." She went back in and closed the door. A few minutes later she came back outside holding a cordless phone into which she was speaking. "Yes, sir. The sign says we're open 'til eleven. We've always closed at ten every night I've been here."

Without saying another word she opened the door wide and motioned for me to come in.

I went in and walked up to the counter where I saw that there was absolutely no food of any sort available. The manager said something to the teenage girl who came up to the counter and then walked off. The girl told me that I could order anything that they had but back in the storage bin, but she couldn't tell me what that was. After I tried ordering three different things and learning that none of them were available I asked for the manager again.

When the manager came to the counter she slammed a bag of food down on the counter and told me the food was free and I was to get out of her store or she would call the police. I responded that I would be glad to call her corporate office and let them know that she was threatening people for daring to come to her restaurant during its posted business hours.

So...does anyone think I should actually call the corporate office?