January 6th, 2006


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This is definitely more of a WTF? than bad service, but it definitely made me laugh. I'm a season ticket holder for the Florida Panthers hockey team. I'm used to having my purse checked every game, so I'm ready for it. I have it open and my wallet out so they can see inside. The other night we were going through the line, get up to the front, guy checks my purse, then says, "Oh wait, can you lift your hat up so I can see under it?". Okay, first of all, both my husband and I had on baggy shorts with huge pockets and hockey jerseys that you could probably hide 50 lbs of explosives under. No frisking or pocket checking, but you want to look under my hat? I might even still have been able to understand it, but I was wearing a fucking visor! I was so confused at first. I look at him, I lift the hat up, then put it back down and kind of pat my hair...very bizarre.

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Remember my previous post about Whataburger? They did it again. I went there this morning to get some breakfast taquitos, fries and drinks for my fiance and myself. Our order was pretty simple; four taquitos with bacon and cheese (and eggs of course), two LARGE orders of fries, two large Dr. Peppers. The guy repeated it back to me correctly and gave the total. I paid him at the first window and picked up my order at the the second.

They remembered my drinks this time and I had hoped they remembered everything else. I pulled away from the window and checked my order. Sure enough, one order of fries was missing. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but we're lucky we can get any kind of take out at all with our budget (so this is a treat for us) and besides, I'm not just ordering for me so they are screwing over more than one person when they do this.

I decided to just go inside. I got in line and waited like everyone else (I work in a coffee shop that has a DT, <2 guesses which one!> so I don't like when people indoors skip ahead of the line to ask questions). A lady who wasn't helping the line asked me what was wrong, I politely told her that I paid for two orders of fries but only got one. She brought me back a SMALL order. She didn't look at my ticket, which I had in plain view and ready to show as proof or ask which size I needed. I didn't bother going back again. Seriously, I was sick of dealing with them and was afraid if I went back again, they would fuck with my food.

I know it can get hectic, believe me, I work in a similar environment but with people who *have to* have their caffeine fix and need it yesterday. That's no excuse for not ensuring accuracy of an order. Next time I'm just going inside. Also, I still have the phone number, though I don't even think it's worth the trouble to call them. Again, not the worst that has ever happened to me, but still very annoying. I've never had a problem with this place until recently.
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There is a Starbucks about 2-3 blocks away from my work place. Extremely convenient for me since I am the coffee fiend. I'm a regular there but you can never give me the same drink twice in a row because I like to try everything under the sun (irrelevant to the story but whatever).

Anyway, about a few days ago I go to to get a regular coffee. Usually you would have to wait at the end of the counter to pick up your drink but since it's just a plain coffee you can pick it up while you're at the register.

The girl gives me the total, I give her my card, she turns around to get the drink. At the same time she's getting the drink she's chatting non-stop to her co-worker about how she got a minor burn on her leg the other night because another co-worker spilled some coffee on the floor and it splashed on her leg.

It takes all but one minute to get a regular coffee. This act took her about 5 minutes. Once she was done, she turned around (still chatting to her co-worker) and hands me the drink. When I go to grab it from her also, the lid falls off and splashes half the cup of coffee all over my hand and arm.

What does she do?

Looks at me in a panic, looks at her co-worker and runs to the back of their working area where all the cups, etc. are kept.

No, "sorry". No, "are you okay?". No, "let me get some towels for you".

She was EXTREMELY lucky that I have little feeling towards any hot items when I come in contact with them due to me working with my mom in a kitchen practically all my life and dealing with oil splashes and handling hot pans, etc.

The co-worker instead takes over and says, "Oh my God - I'm real sorry for that." He then goes to grab me one of the clean towels and hands it to me.

I just tell him all is fine. I just don't appreciate the guilty party leaving when a customer is obviously upset.

What does he say then?

"I hope you don't sue us for this because you're totally like fine and everything."

That pissed me off. I understand that would be in the mind of any person who does something wrong to a customer but you don't say it out loud! I wasn't planning on suing in the first place.

So to scare the hell out of him I just say, "Who said I was fine? She spilled coffee on me. HOT coffee. I'm talking normally but that doesn't mean I'm fine. Who knows, my hands and arms may come out scarred tomorrow."

Him: Er. Oh. Uhm, I'm sorry. The coffee is on us and please take this gift card for your suffering.

Whatever. I accept it. I move on. I go back to work and rinse off my hand and arm with cold water and relieve it with some ice. I'm fine. I have no scarring or anything. I just wish they didn't act like idiots.


(edit): I will be bringing this to the attention of their manager. I also have a witness to support me. I just haven't been able to deal with the situation yet. I've also written a formal complaint so we'll see what happens.
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Northwest Airlines/Detroit Airport baaaaaaaaaaaad service.

On 1/3 I got dropped off at the Manchester, NH airport at 5 am (On 3.5 hours of sleep, mind you), expecting to get to South Carolina by 11:30 am to visit my Mom and Stepdad. I arrived at my Mom's house at 11 pm.

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Edited to add that nobody could tell me where my checked bag was the entire time I was in Detroit, but luckily someone knew what they were doing, and I found my bag waiting for me in Myrtle Beach after asking around.
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Not again!

We have a problem with the mail on my street. We've seen the mail person start delivering at 7pm and had mix ups of all kinds.

This mail carrier of ours has been here since at least August. She hates driving packages to our door even though our house is not a haul up a driveway. We've talked to her about this as we run a business from the home and can't risk mail falling out of the mailbox. We called the USPS and they claim it will be fixed but it never is.

Recently, I placed an order for 16 paperback books on e-Bay. At the same time, my brother and I are having schoolbooks mailed to us and our normal stack of bills from 2 businesses and the household dealings for 4 adults are being sent.

It just so happens today all my books arrive and 5 schoolbooks do too. What does the mail person do? Stuff as many as she can in our mailbox. She uses rubberbands to attach them to the side and bottom. I scream and turn around to the house to grab my camera to document it. As I do, I see a USPS crate on my neighbor's front porch. I go over there and chat with my neighbor, out taking down Christmas decorations. How many pieces of mail are in her basket? 6 papers and 1 small package. I went back out and took pictures of my mailbox and then unwrapped my books. One of my schoolbooks has damage and for a $127 book, I can't have that kind of damage and expect to sell it back. All the photos of my book conditions have been taken and I plan on developing them ASAP and having a chat with my mail carrier's supervisors.
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I guess I can't swear in these posts...?

I am Canadian and have Rogers wireless cell phone service.

I call Rogers up tonight after receiving an "anniversary" bonus letter at the end of last year that entitles me to one free month of local calling if I call them to accept it. This is also known as an "anniversary gift". Keep in mind that I have had a cell phone longer than any of my friends or family. I have had the same # since 1997.

In October I called them to change some options on my PLAN. NO new phone, no cancelling or interrupting service, nothing. They told me they had to change my account and give me a new account #. At first I didn't know what this would entail, but I realized the ramifications of it soon after. In fact, I think I complained that night about this because I could forsee potential problems...

Anyways I call them up tonight, they accuse me of having my new account and now I am not eligible for this offer...blah blah, and then I have to go into a big song and dance once again to tell them that it was THEM that had to change the account to a brand ******* new one so that I could get these new deals.
Basically, they sold me out. *******. Since I was still pissed and Jimbob (who the f knows his real name) could not help me, (he told me to dial *611 to speak to someone who could) I called CS who let me rant the light fantastic with my story about how they are screwing me over just in order to change a plan for me. WHY should I have to get a new account #? I have had many changes (plans more than once and new phone more than once) and it's never changed before, and now I am potentially missing out on deals like this anniversary one since it only automatically sends out these deals to qualifying people as I have been told in the past.

The ironic thing too is that I was standing in once place talking to this dude and had finished the rant and he was starting to talk (also going into the defensive) when the cell service cut out! How nice.

I am starting to think I want to change phone providers....nobody could be worse than this??? If they lose me, they are losing a very loyal customer, and they can then cry (like I was practically doing on the phone I was so upset) while I pay my $45/mo to someone else.

I feel like their service has gone downhill and the CSR's always seem to be on the defensive...I wonder why! LMAO

DirecTV's broken website

Some programming genius broke the DirecTV website a few months ago. After 12 noon you can no longer pick the current day as an option for ordering pay-per-view movies.

Instead of fixing they have at least been comping the phone ordering "service" fee (which is an astounding five dollars).

Tonight they refused to even do that. Plus I got a sucky service center worker who must have been watching TV or listening to an iPod instead of what I was saying. I had to repeat myself constantly and when I asked her to repeat "didyouwanttopaythefivedollarservicefeetoday?" to make sure she was really saying it cost five dollars for her to press a button there was dead air for a while then "sir? did you hear what I said?".


No, I do not want to pay an extra $5 to order a $4 pay-per-view movie that I should be able to order for free from your website.

No, putting me into the automated phone system where the charge is "only" $1.50 is not a viable alternative.

No, when I say "I will not order the movie if you will not waive the service fee" is not me authorizing you to charge me the service fee! wtf?! Don't even try "whisper" mode on me, either. When you whisper it is clear you are trying to get me to agree to service fees. The answer is not just "no", but "hell, no".

It was like talking to the cable company.

This is the second time in one week I've had sucky customer service from DirecTV. This is a complete turn-around from the previous five years of excellent service.
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(trying to) stick it to the man.--$1049 water bill...yes...again...

ok well...it's now been how long? (three months +) since we've been fighting with EPCOR about this bogus water bill and since involving the MLA (member of parliment) we've pretty much just been given the run around some more. (not by the MLA, by EPCOR). here are the last emails between the MLA and us. doesn't look good. i'm running out of ideas here. any suggestions other than going up the chain of command at EPCOR or contacting our member of parliment...we've already tried those. if the electrical ombudsman and MLA didn't have success...do you think the media would?

letters from the MLA

Hi Dawn,


I am still trying different avenues to see if there are loop holes anywhere.  I meant to call last week just to let you know that I was still working on it, sorry, it’s been crazy.

I will let you know as soon as I get a call back.



Hi Dawn I am looking into the electrical ombudsmen. Hopefully this will give us something more to play with.



Happy New Year Dawn!


I have been in contact with the Utilities Ombudsman, and he is now looking into the matter as well.  I am still waiting to hear from 1 other authority, by the end of this week.  Either way I will let you know what the findings are on that day. 

Talk to you soon.



Hi, I have just heard back from Escalations, and they have gone to EPCOR and requested a summary of account.  I spoke with a woman by the name of Tracy, and she has advised me that because the Utility is unregulated that the charges are accurate. The only other option that is available at the moment is to have the meter physically read.  I am sorry it’s not the news that we were hoping for.  Please contact me if you have any questions about the conversation.  I will still try to find a loop hole somewhere, but I was advised, to advise you, to contact EPCOR to make some sort of Payment arrangements.


Once again Sorry.



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I need to get this out.

We've lived here since March. We've only been on the directory for the front gate just once, over the summer and for a few weeks. It hasn't been back up with our name on it in over six months.

We have an apartment manager who is supposed to be here every day until 5 but she leaves several times a week well before 3:30pm. I have found the business hours for this place clearly posted on the internet web page.

I waited here all day for a package from Fed Ex.

Jan 6, 2006 3:58 PM

Delivery exception


Customer not available or business closed

How am I supposed to get the package if I don't know that someone is here, they have no way to contact me, and that the manager is always gone whenever the hell she pleases?
I have a whole list of things this place has or hasn't done, but I'm saving them up for my community.

So over Applebee's

We have been to Applebee's a couple of times in the past month and while I've left generally irritated each time, no one encounter has been "bad service" My parents have started weight watchers and asked if we would like to go there with them because of the "point" meals. Easy dining out for them and mom was picking up the tab so who was I to argue. We had a fairly large group (my parents, my husband and I and our 2 kids and my brother) so I expected a wait at 6:30 on a Friday night. I was pretty suprised when we walked in and were seated right away. That was were everything started sucking. We requested non-smoking and she leads us down the ramp, into the bar, where someone was smoking. I said "we asked for non-smoking" and she responded with "oh this is non-smoking, the bar is the only place where smoking is allowed" I looked at her and then at our booth (which there was no way that all of us were fitting in) and said "we are in the bar". Apparently not. We were close enough to talk comfortably without yelling to the people sitting at the bar, but that is good enough for non-smoking. The rest of the group didn't want to wait so I agreed to go ahead and sit there, against my better judgement. I scoot in to the booth, only to find that the tabletop came to around my armpits (now I know what my 4 year old feels like without a booster seat)and I was sitting all the way back against the back of the seat and the table was still pressing on my chest. It occurred to me that since I was there last time, they had replaced the tables that were there with booths and went from 3 tables to 4. They all were completely squished and I don't know how they expect people to sit comfortably at them.

The food was fine and came out faster than I expected. The waiter was a little distracted but he was trying to train a new guy (who I heard say to the table next to us "I just had a total brainfart and can't remember what ordered" LOL) so forgiven. My major complaint was just total lack of space. The last time we were there, my dh and I couldn't sit across from each other and both put our feet flat on the floor without kicking each other. It was just a good thing that we weren't eating with more adults because with the kids we were able to stagger ourselves and it was ok. I know they don't people to camp out and they want to maximize space, but it is just getting stupid. We raced through our food and declined all extra offers because we didn't want to spend anymore time than we had to squished like that. BTW, we all couldn't fit. Dh and my brother ended up sitting at the bar, while my parents and kids and I sat in the booth.

So nothing terrible just me being nitpicky and a bit grouchy. However, as long as they continue to cut personal space, I doubt I'll be going back anytime soon.