January 5th, 2006

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Sprint PCS, I've never hated you so much.

Here's an update to this post and a later update post that I can't seem to find.

If you'll recall, I was unable to get any help whatsoever in trying to resolve $600 in illegal fees charged by Sprint PCS for breaking a non-existent ''verbal contract.'' I put that in quotes for the following reasons.

By the time I got to a person that could help me, it was the executive assistant to Bob Forsee, the CEO. After agreeing with me that I'd signed no contract, she actually had the temerity/balls/gall to tell me that I'd agreed to a verbal contract with their sales representative. I've never had a discussion about a contract except for the very first 1-year contract when I opened it four years prior to cancellation.

When I asked her how I was to be informed of the new contract and why the sales representative did not explain that I would be entering into a verbal contract, she said, ''We don't have to explain or tell you about a verbal contract. Can you imagine how busy our sales people would be if they had to actually explain what the contract would say? I would take an hour for each customer.''

What? How on Earth can you have a verbal contract when no one actually tells anyone about the contract? That, by definition, is NOT a verbal contract. It's so insane that I asked her to repeat herself.
(Have you ever had the feeling that you should really start looking for hidden cameras to just make sure you're not on PUNK'D? Yeah, I had that feeling with this woman.)

She then proceeded to tell me that no matter what I say, I actually agreed to a ''non-verbal verbal contract.'' The mind reels.

Oh yes, she also told me that she refused to give me Mr. Forsee's office's address and that if I ''managed to find it [she] will keep it and not forward it to him.'' Again ... What? I manage to keep up with nearly 1000 patients in over 7 countries and he can't read a letter?

So, I found his email address. And that of the CFO. And that of the Chairman of the Board. And the Public Relations Manager of the Southeast.
For anyone to tell a customer that they ''refuse'' to give your superior information on what will soon become a legal matter is, quite frankly, bullshit on a stick.

At any rate, I ended up writing an email to him. It ended up being far, far longer than I'd ever expected it to be. That's what happens when you get people angry, I suppose.

I've written similar, though far shorter, letters to the collection agency and to Sprint Customer Relation's. I honestly cannot believe that I can be in a verbal contract when no one opened their mouth to mention it. And they ADMIT it! Here's the letter, and, of course, it has to be cut for length. I don't really expect anyone to read all of it, but since I already sent it to these individuals, I may as well show you guys and you can give me after-the-fact suggestions. I probably should have asked for those first, but I hate being screwed over like this. Shit, I've been shot at in Kosovo and I never felt this angry.

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There's a lot of formatting that was lost when I realised that pasting in this much HTML code would kill my post. I wonder what the chances are that anyone will actually read this e-mail? I'm going to attempt to write a hard-copy of the letter but I suppose that Ms. Weaver will just throw it in the rubbish bin where she left her brain and soul. (I doubt that's her name anyway. If they force Apu Nahasapeemapetilon and Sahgaffifir Saneth-Kumar* to change their names, who's to say the American's don't, too?

*I actually do know someone with the name Sahgaffifir and someone else with the surname Saneth-Kumar. I've always wondered how traumatised Sahgaffifir would be if she ever met and married Saneth-Kumar. Not enough room on the cheque to sign her name. Bless.
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parcelfusion.com advertise a service whereby they ship your stuff to a European destination in two days for reasonably little money.

I ordered this service two weeks ago now and they have not yet picked it up, nor have they answered their phones or their emails. If they were going to be closed over the holidays it would have been politic for them to have made this clear on their website, so those of us who ordered a courier then would not have done so.
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ADV Films and FedEx

Okay, so every major holiday, advfilms.com has a kick butt clearance sale. I decided, on their Halloween clearance, that my life had gone too long without seeing/owning Kaleido Star, so I ordered volumes 1,2,4 and 5 from them. After shipping, it came up to $34, which made me very, very happy. I did a "yay! cheap anime!" dance and waited for my package.

Now, the sale warns you that it CAN take 4-6 weeks. I was prepared for this. About a week into this 4-6 week wait, my first friend gets her package. Then in the second week, everyone else gets theirs. And I'm stuck without a package. Oh well, thinks I, I just didn't luck out in fast shipping. Maybe everyone and their brother ordered it, after all!

Four weeks go by. I give up and email them on November 28th. The email is as such:

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ADV Films and FedEx, continued! Now with more FedEx!

As listed in post before this one, I had a problem with FedEx and ADV Films. The first post focussed on ADV. This one is shorter, and focuses on FedEx.

Out of annoyance, I call them. Lady answers the phone, I explain my situation, she goes "Oh. Well, if our drivers can't find it, we ship it back."

I go "Well, they've found it before. We're a legitimate address."

She goes "Well, you got a problem then, huh?"

And I expect maybe that such an annoying question is going to be followed up with "Well, here's what I can do.." or maybe "But we can work with this.." or something similarily helpful. So I don't say anything, in hopes that that was not the end. But she doesn't say anything. And I go "Okay, then what can I do?"

She goes "I really don't know." Click. She hangs UP on me. I'm like "Muh!?" And then I remember that the_dark_snack had been having all kinds of trouble with Indianapolis FedEx people, too.. So I send off an email.

Sadly, I don't have the email verbatim, like I have the ADV ones. But more or less, it said that I had a compound problem- Not only was the lady I spoke to rude and annoying, but we have prolonged problems with FedEx not being able to find our house fifty percent of the time when we have to use them to ship something. At the end of the email, I included a link to and a screenshot of our house, via satelite picture from google maps. I haven't heard anything since.

Seriously. If mapquest, google maps, yahoo maps and all of the others can find my house, why can't SOME FedEx drivers!? Do we have like one smart FedEx driver and a bunch of morons or something!? Grawr.

Anyway, I haven't had a response to the email yet. I just thought I'd toss this in, too, since it's been an obnoxious thing from all sides and aspects...
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Entry has been deleted, since some members here don't seem to get the point of the community is to vent. I admitted to what I did wrong as a customer in my post, and just wanted a safe place to vent about what one employee did wrong (not explain the new coupon policy, when the manager later told me all employees are supposed to mention it to customers using the coupon) and the manager very much did wrong (refuse to honour the advertized price of one fabric).

Please, forgive me for using this community for its intended purpose.

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I called Beijing House at 10:30pm to order for delivery. Their delivery hours are 4pm-11pm, so I figured I left a decent enough window.

Instead I got:
"Oh, so sorry, our driver already left."

Is he not coming back? Because in my world, 11pm means 11pm. As in, YOU MAY CALL BETWEEN THESE HOURS. As in, calling a half hour before these hours end will not result in no food for you. If, say, I should call by ten, maybe list the damn hours as 4pm-10pm. There, problem solved!

Is this unreasonable? I'm so hungry and cranky...
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This actually happened a few days ago, but I've been repressing the memory (and knitting a hat!) so I hadn't posted it yet. You can read my past adventure with Verizon DSL here. That all got cleared up, and we had our service reconnected. I was happy as a clam. For about a month and a half.

And then, on Tuesday, I got back from shopping and the internet wasn't working. I took a deep breath, tried the usual troubleshooting stuff (power-cycle the modem, restart everything, make sure all the wires are connected and that the IP address didn't weirdly get reset - sometimes it does that, I don't know why.) I know a little about computers and the internet, not as much as I'd expect techs to know. I can't get it to work, so finally I call Verizon DSL's tech support.

The representative I spoke with was impossible to understand. It wasn't an accent - normally I can deal fairly well with accents - but it was that he mumbled and grunted every word he said. After several minutes of holding the phone so tight to my ear that it hurt and deciphering what he was saying to me, he told me that it was a Billing issue, and I would have to call that department in the morning, that they were closed for the night.

I thought, "Oh no, not again."

So I wait until the next morning (passing the time by watching American Psycho and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, for the record) and then call the billing department. After frantically explaining the situation, the woman informs me that it's not a billing issue, it must be a technical problem.

... o-kaaayyy. I hang up, and call the only other high-speed internet provider in the area - Charter - to change service. I've had it up to here with Verizon.

Until the cable gets installed, though, I decided to call tech support back and see if I can get the DSL working. I do like my internet. So I get a very nice tech on the phone who, after only a bit of fussing, helps me. The problem? We had to reset our password (I have no idea why). That's ALL. Two days, almost two hours total spent on the phone, because we needed to reset our password.

I just... there are no words.