January 4th, 2006

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The Craving: One chicken burrito, larger than my face.
The Setting: Qdoba Mexican Grill

For those who haven't been to a Qdoba or a Chipolte, think Mexican Subway. You follow the employee down the line and tell them what you want in your burrito.

The Players:
EMP: Employee
MGR: Manager
Me: Burrito lover by day, superhero by night.

Me: I'd like a chicken burrito please!
EMP: To go?
Me: Actually, for here please.
EMP: Pinto or black beans?
Me: Pinto please!
EMP: Salsa?
Me: No salsa, just cheese and sour cream.
EMP: *wraps up burrito*
EMP: To go?
Me: No, for here please.
EMP *sets burrito in basket*
MGR: *starts to ring me out, grabs my burrito*
MGR: To go? *starts to put burrito in a bag*
Me: No, for here.
MGR: *swipes my debit card, hands me receipts*
MGR* *grabs my burrito again and starts to bag it*
MGR: To go, right?
Me: *sigh* No. For Here.

I mean seriously. I don't know if it's because I was dining alone, or because they wanted to get rid of me, but I was not trying to eat a burrito bigger than my face in the car, and I wasn't heading home anytime soon. I swear, the next person that said to go was going to get a 5 pound burrito thrown at them. I could have just taken the bag, but the damn things are messy so the bowl is helpful for eating fallen ingredients with a fork.

Do'h. Not the worst, but definitely a little irritating.

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Bad service at Target.

I wanted to get a game for a party my sister was throwing, so I checked the target website before heading out, and assured that they carry it, I stopped by. Went to the game section and I couldn’t find it, so I went to the customer service desk and asked if they had it in stock.

Me: Do you carry the game Chez Geek?
Lady1: We can’t look that up without the item’s number.
Me: …? Can you check by name?
Lady1: No, only by the item’s number. Check the website on the computer to the side of the desk, it should have a code for your item.

I check the computer, copy down the number into my cell phone, and head back to the desk.

Me: *Explains situation to Lady2, and reads her off code*
Lady2: That code is invalid. The codes are only supposed to have 9 digits, that one has 10.
Me: Huh? I just got it off the website. *Hands her phone*
Lady2: Well not all products on the website are in the store, check the website to make sure it’s sold in stores.

I check the website and am unable to find where it says that.

Me: *Explains situation again* I couldn’t find where it says that on the website, can you help me?
Lady3: No, I don’t know the website very well.
Me: … Well, can you get Lady2?
Lady3: No, she’s busy with something else.
Me: *leaves*

I understand where they’re coming from since I work retail, but I felt like I was just getting the run-around by having to talk to three different people, none of which would actually come and help me despite me asking. I’m still gameless, but I found a local privately owned store that should have it, if only I could wake up for normal business hours.

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I got off work at about 1 or 2am, since I work at a hollywood video and we close at 12, plus closing tasks. I go to the Sunoco that is right next door to fill up, and go to the window at the booth to slide my money under the compartment, but the guy waves me to the door. He comes over and unlocks the door, then goes behind the counter to ring me up. I pay, and go to leave. He comes around the counter back towards me which confuses me, then hands me a pack of $0.30 cent gum saying something like, "you can have this". He then gets really close to me, brushes my hair back, grabs my face, and pulls me towards his face. I panic, freeze up, pull back, twitch a little, and get my ass out of there, never to return. That was probably 5 months ago.

As some of you will mention, I did try to take up complaints, I asked my store manager policies about getting employees fired and sexual harassment, and she calls saying that she's my mother and demands to know who was working that night. She asks if there are cameras over there, and says that one of their employees was sexually harassing me. I send a coworker over there (male, in broad daylight) and he lookes around for cameras and sees none. I went to other sunocos and told them I had a problem at another store and asked if cameras were required, which they only are for corperate stores, and this one is a franchise and was expecting cameras to be installed but didn't have them yet. Eventually, I really didn't want to deal with all that, I had no proof, and I just let it drop. Not the smartest course of action, but I really didn't want to have to be drudged through all sorts of crap because of it.
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I've been reading this community off and on for years, and I finally decided to join. Mostly because I want to rant about Collapse )

I'm trying to decide if I should write to corporate about all this. I mentioned that to my mom, and her response was "You think you get bad service now, just wait to see how they treat you after you write a letter." (Since tone is hard to communicate over the internet, she was implying that my service would get worse if I wrote a letter.) I'm thinking I might just switch banks as soon as I get this card paid off, but at the same time I still want to write a letter -- both to tell them how badly my branch is messing up and to praise the phone reps for being awesome. If you read all that you're probably more patient than most, but if anybody has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. I know some of this stuff is probably really obvious to most people, but this is my first time with a checking account, so... well, hopefully I'm not being a huge EB or anything.
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kinda bad, kinda annoying

More annoying then anything...

The BK by my house cannot get an order right if their lives depended on it. We have begun calling it Burger King Roulette.

Tonight was not as bad, because mom verified the order at the window when the total seemed low. (we still ended up with ranch instead of onion ring dipping sauce, and a random order of chicken fingers. The onion rings were cold and soggy, but the burgers were piping hot.)

My favorite was when my sister ended up with fries and a slice of pie for lunch when she forgot to check the bag before leaving. (the order was fries and a cheeseburger, pretty simple)

I dunno.. we never order anything weird, and we're the kind of family that can just take something off when we get it home instead of ordering special burgers. But isn't Burger King's slogan "Have it your way"? We never* get the order we ask/pay for. I'd hate to see what happened if we started specifying items to leave off.

*by saying "never" I might be exaggerating, let's say 8/10 times