January 2nd, 2006

Bell Mobility

I had a 2 year contract for a cell phone with Bell Mobility. I recieved a letter in the mail in the first week of December, saying that my contract was expiring at the end of the month. It stated that if I didn't call before it expired, they'd carry on the service on a month-to-month basis until I called saying I wasn't going to continue my contract.

The letter didn't give a deadline to call, just stated that if I wanted the contract to not be carried over, to call before it expires. So I call a week or so later, and this ensues:

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Okay yall---here's the deal:

My LJ is an autologin when my browser comes up...and I have roomates who decided to see if a customer they had wrote about them on bad_service, and this all resulted in them flaming a bunch of posts on here.

I was in no way directly involved with these mean comments---when my inbox was flooded with replys to them I was shocked and my roomates got a stern yelling at.

I am SOOOO SUPER SORRY IF ANYONE WAS HURT BY THESE! I can't make up for what happened, but after that was all said...I feel horrible.

Again, so sorry.


I love cheap gas, as I am currently unemployed and looking for work. So, I go to Arco, because they're the cheapest in town (yay). The one closest to me always seems to have craptacular service. I don't expect a red carpet rolled out for me, but is it SO MUCH to ask that I get a "hello" and "have a good one" from the cashier? Every time I go, they hardly make eye contact, don't greet, and to my recollection, never thank me or say "have a good one". That, IMO, is basic customer service. Someone walks in, you look them in the eye and say "Hello"....the customer says what they want, gets rung up and pays, and the cashier says "thanks, have a good one" or some variant of that.

I think it is incredibly rude for them to have their friends lurking around the counter, having a personal conversation while I'm trying to tell the cashier I need a couple quarters for parking. Basic service!

Not horribly bad on their part, but annoying on a regular basis. See the first two sentences of my post to understand WHY I keep going back there.
Eternal Sunshine

Land of W

So I am a former employee of Wal-Mart. I used to work in jewelry, left to go to college. Today I decide to pick up some basic earring studs, nothing fancy. I walk by the department, double check to see they have what I want in stock and finish my shopping in the hopes that the cashier will check out all of my purchases (our policy was 10 items or less you always offer, but do all purchases upon request). I head back to the department ready to check out.

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