_ (badly_spoken) wrote in bad_service,

This has been bothering me for a couple days now.

At one in the morning, I decided I wanted a sundae and one of my friends decided she wanted pancakes, so we, [me, my friend, and my girlfriend], went to IHOP.

We got seated and my friend sat on one side of the booth and me and my girlfriend sat on the opposite side of her. We were situated towards the middle of the seat and my girlfriend had her arm across the back of the booth, but we're not PDA types.

I'm extremely polite and rarely cuss in public, [though I will around my friends in more domestic settings], while my friend drops F-bombs left and right. The waitress started taking our drink orders and we had casual conversation about our various facial piercings. I guess my friend cussing opened the door for the waitress to, so I can't complain about that too much, but it's still something that bothered me.

When the waitress came back with our drinks, we were still looking at the menu and narrowing down what we wanted. They have a couple different kinds of sundaes and a ton of different pancake combinations all in full colour spread so we were talking about it and deliberating and so on. Since it was empty in the restaurant besides us, the waitress sat down in the booth behind my friend, continuing conversation with us- mostly just my friend.

I'm leaned over my menu with my arms folded on the table. My girlfriend is leaned back with her legs crossed and both arms stretched across the back of the booth, staring off into space.

Out of no where, the waitress looks up at my girlfriend and goes, "So you're the butch?"

We both looked up and just... stared. Because what? What? What kind of question is that? Who asks that? And a waitress? Seriously?

My girlfriend isn't even particularly masculine. She is very laid back though, so she kind of shrugged, laughed, and said "I guess?" with a bewildered look.

"Is she your boo?"

"Yeah, of course."

"How long have you been together?"

"Three and a half years."

Okay, so the rest wasn't that bad, but I can't get over her asking if my girlfriend was "the butch".

Also, it took thirty minutes for me to get my ice cream and another fifteen on top of that to get my friend's pancakes. I really dislike it when restaurants take so long to get the rest of the table's food in between yours.
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