A barbarian schoolgirl who dates pigeons (yui_hime) wrote in bad_service,
A barbarian schoolgirl who dates pigeons

University-provided housing

Okay, so the guys in the apartment directly above mine went home for winter break... and they left their porch closet door open. Last night and tonight have been pretty windy, so that door's crashing against the porch railing and making a huge racket.

After a sleepless night last night, I went to the front office and requested that Maintainance go up there and close the door. The receptionist took my work order and promised that someone would be by later to close the door.

Nothing. I can still hear that door crashing around. I went back to the front office a bit before their listed closing time to complain that nobody had come, and the doors were locked, the lights were out, and no one was home.

I'm flying early tomorrow, and now I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight, either!
Tags: apartment hell

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