December 28th, 2005


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Hello everyone. A while back, my mother brought a new computer from Dell. It worked fine, but the trouble came when trying to set up an internet provider. We had received something like 6 months free from Earthlink, so she decided to go with them. She set it up and within hours she was on the internet. This was all fine for some time, until we got our phone bill. It seems that Earthlink set her up with a long distance number to dial out to. So every time someone used the internet, we would get charged some crazy amount to dial long distance. Keep in mind that the internet is used quite frequently in our house.

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We haven't received our bill yet, but we are all a bit nervous. I'm not even sure where the bad service blame is, or if it's our own fault and we're bad customers. This has just been one HUGE headache for my family, and I'm hoping the stress will end soon.

I'll let you all know what happens! :)

EDIT: I just thought it should be known that I realize it wasn't necessarily Earthlink's fault, but my mothers. She's rather computer illiterate and wasn't aware of the whole process. However, our problem has mostly been with Sprint and the ordeal with the bill.

By the way, cable wasn't offered in my area until recently, and we now have it. I love it!
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I was at Hooters last week. Now the few times I've been there I'm usually dragged by a group of males so they can drink overpriced beer and ogle girls while I happily eat a grilled cheese (seriously their grilled cheese is delicious), so I never really expect fantastic customer service. I'd be a tad bitchy if I had to deal with creepy guys staring at me all day and wearing the uniform, it's DECEMBER for the love of God, but surprisingly enough people there are usually nice and I've never had a problem before this.

If you've never been to Hooters the girls stand on boxes and slide the orders down to the kitchen on big heavy duty metal clips hooked onto fishing line from across the restuarant. After we had paid and were boxing stuff up to leave a waitress slide an order in. Mid-air the clip busted apart, half of which landed very hard across my head/ the side of my face knocking my glasses off my face (bending them as well but it was easily fixable) and cutting the side of my face by my temple. If you've ever had a cut on your face it bleeds a TON even if it's not a big deal (mine ended up being quite small but bled like no other). So here I am covered in blood, blind sided by this fucking clip.

The waitress who slid the order comes over to make sure I'm okay, no apology just "are you okay!?" I just simply got up to use the restroom to try to get my head to stop bleeding without actually saying anything to her. I'm in there for awhile (stupid facial cuts!) and the same waitress who slid the order comes in, uses the bathroom, washes her hands (LITERALLY STANDING 2 feet away from me), and doesn't say a word, doesn't apologize (though I realize it was a complete accident), doesn't ask if I'm okay, just washes and walks out.

I go back to our table and the manager approaches me asking if I'm okay. At this point I'm a little miffed, we were sitting in the center of the restaurant so everyone saw it, I'm still kinda bleeding, and I've yet to receive an apology. So when he asked I responded with "Well let's see the entire restaurant is staring to see if I'm okay, my head is throbbing, I'm bleeding, my glasses were broken which aren't cheap to get fixed or replaced (at this point in time I hadn't really looked at them and didn't realize they weren't actually broken), and I've yet to receive an apology, so what do you think?". He responded with "well I just wanted to make sure you were okay." and WALKS AWAY!!!

I sit down for a minute to finish my drink and get everyone in my party to leave. They all decide they want more beer (which I wasn't happy about but whatever) and we order more beer and then decide on dessert. The waitress never apologized, the manager never apologized, and our waitress wouldn't look me in the eye or speak to me very civilly (which makes me think the waitress who slid the order was all miffed about the fact when she asked if I was okay I walked away).

Maybe I'm being a bitch but I think I deserved at least an apology or my food comped or SOMETHING more than "are you okay".
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Argh! Annoying and frustrating service from PCH

That subject sums up most of our frustrations, eh?

Mum just got off the phone with a 'supervisor' at PCH (Publisher's Clearing House...yes the people with the big checks that never stop here), regarding an order she's been paying off.

In October, someone whose name I don't know because I wasn't on the phone had her do a check by phone (we still have all the confirmation information) and told her this payment would bring her paid in full and that she wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. (Yay!)

Fast forward to earlier this week (two MONTHES later) and mum gets a bill in the mail for the same bill that was supposidly 'paid in full'. So we tear the house apart to find a check confirmation number we didn't think we needed at the begining of the month and filed away (you would think after being a member for a couple monthes I wouldn't be that stupid...).

We find the check last night and today mum called them and now 'they have no record of what was said and that she still owes...' so on and so forth.

We HAVE the check, mum remembers the guys words, WHY ARE WE STILL PAYING?!

And why do these people always pull this shit on my MOTHER? She's a nice woman damnit, stop using her for a doormat!

Argh! I want to keel them!

Any ideas of where to go from here, besides, you know, paying more money to people who probably wont' even record the payments.

(and yes I know it's not terribly bad service but annoying and frustrating and just all around not nice)
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