December 27th, 2005


apparently it's a windows world

My boyfriend and I both have laptops. Mine is a mac. His is a Windows laptop. Recently, we got cable internet in our apartment. Just getting that was killer because as I said in a prior post ... cablevision sucks! Anyway, when the technician came, they got his pc up and running with the cable modem but not my mac. The guy said he wouldn't know what to do. I had to come home and wrestle with some stuff to try to get it to work just by plugging in the ethernet cord. First of all, I've seen the Cablevision/Optimum Online commercial. They are using Mac OS X. They are advertising the fact that this works with macs ... yet they aren't willing to install or set it up on a mac.

Couldn't get the wireless router to work at all. I called the company that made the router we bought. It's a Dlink. So, I called them and they were able to help me to a point but then said they couldn't help anymore cause it was a mac and they didn't know about macs. What? I bought it because it said it works with OS X and Windows XP. I was upset that these people couldn't help me and I had to spend a while trying to figure it out myself. Eventually I did and we both surfed very happily and wirelessly.

Fast forward a couple of months and I was having very slow internet connections. I checked our log and found that people were piggybacking off our wireless network. I hadn't known how to setup the firewall and never did. Tried to read the dlink manual online but it wasn't helpful. Finally, I called support and they had me use my boyfriends pc to set up the firewall. I told the tech in the beginning of the call that we were using both a mac and a pc. So we get the firewalled installed with the encryption key and get my boyfriends computer to read it. I then ask about setting mine up to read it and the guy says that he doesn't know and I'll have to call apple to find out. I was pissed. I asked if they had some sort of mac support and he repeated that I had to call apple. Got off the phone and once again, I had to figure it out for myself. Gah!!

My boyfriend sees no problem with these two companies advertising products that work with macs and then not installing or supporting them. I do! He thinks I should just accept it because I am on a "less popular" machine, but I don't think that you should create and sell a product without having some support staff for it. Also, there are many people with macs. They are big in the market now and have been for a while. That's why these people make and advertise products for macs.

So yes ... bad service is telling me you can't do shit when I call you for help.

P.S. My connection is still slow but that's a problem for another day.
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if i pick something off a shelf that is among a whole shelf of the same
item that is also marked all over the shelf "clearance 50% off" then i
expect to get 50% off said item. dont tell me that someone must have
left said item on the shelf after deciding they didnt want it. unless
that person was buying your entire stock i dont buy it. its not my
fault that whoever is in charge of housewares decides they want sales
so their going to put some of their items over in the seasonal
department. blah.... end of rant.