December 21st, 2005

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ok, so this is going to be a short one.
i went to subway on my lunch break the other day. i go in there alot so i recognize alot of the people that work there. the girl that served me was NOT new.
i ordered a 6 inch tuna salad on wheat bread and i go through all the vegetables and what not i want on it and then i get to the "NOT new" condiments girl. she asks, "mustard, mayo, salt, pepper?" i say, "just mustard, salt and pepper." she starts to put mayo on it and i say,"no, no, just mustard." she then proceeds to SCRAPE THE MAYO OFF WITH HER GLOVED HAND, which i NEVER see them actually change, and then put way too much mustard on it, to the point where all i could taste was mustard. W.T.F. i was so tired and more concerned with whether or not i was going to have enough time to get back to work and eat my lunch to really register how DISGUSTING that was until i was already out of the store.
i just didnt eat that part of the sandwich.
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Sprint PCS is wretched.

This is my first post to this community and it's rather long. I posted it in my journal first, so just ignore the names that don't deal with the Sprint people. They're just friends.

In September 2004 I cancelled my Sprint PCS cell phone service after being a customer since August 2000. I cancelled it in order to save for a trip to Europe, but that's really just an ancillary concern. There was a past-due balance and upon calling their customer ''service'' department, I paid the bill over the phone with a man who I believe may have been named Greg, but after 16 months I can't honestly be sure. I do remember he was an African-American guy, but that hardly helps to narrow down the possibilities in a company so large.. When he said the account was current I asked if it could be cancelled. He assured me that it would be.

That was the last I heard from them. The next morning I checked the account online and it was unable to access it; I received no further bills nor communications from Sprint. Naturally, I considered the matter closed and finished. Perhaps that was a mistake.

In January or February (I'll have to wait until I get back to my office to know the exact date) I received a collection notice for some ~$800 for a past-due balance. Como se what the fuck? I wrote a letter to the collection agency explaining that the account was cancelled in September and that I had no records of a debt of any kind. I called them and they closed the collection account.

Today, before I left, I checked my mail. There was a collection notice from a different collection agency, this time for $589.92. They say, however, they'd be ''generous'' and offer ''a good will gesture'' (Shouldn't that be a good-will gesture? tut tut tut) and knock $147.48 off the amount I supposedly owe and lower it to a ''mere'' $442.44.
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So my boyfriend had the brilliant idea of going to Mick's one afternoon.

I ordered a pasta. At the top of the section for pastas, the menu states that you can get a salad for like $1.99 or something like that. When I order my food, I not only point to the dish I'm ordering but also as I ask if they have caeser salad, I point to the sentence stating I can add a salad for a couple of dollars. He thinks for a minute and then says yes. So I ask for that.

A little while later, I get this big ass salad with chicken and ranch dressing put in front of me. The guy doesn't stay long enough for me to say anything, and I had never been there before so I thought maybe this was just their salad. Or something. Which was pretty stupid of me. But I used to work at a restaraunt, and sometimes wrong dishes were brought out to customers, and since it would be the server's fault the guest doesn't get charged. And I'm very, very non-confrontational so I didn't say anything. Then my pasta comes. First off, let me mention it was the smallest bowl of pasta I've ever paid $10 for. It wasn't even that good, and I freaking love pasta. Anyway. Fast forward to us getting the bill. This guy had charged me for some Chicken Caeser Cobb or some crap that was like $12, as well as the pasta. Why would I want TWO entrees? Seriously. What a moron. I had POINTED to what I was referring to. I'm sorry, but when I go to a restaurant I expect my server to know the menu at least a little bit. I realize he could have been new and still learning the menu, but it seems common sense to me that someone wouldn't want TWO entrees. And I would also think it's kind of common sense that most places will sell you a small salad with your pasta dish for a couple extra dollars. But this guy obviously wasn't aware of the fact.

I didn't complain and just paid for the crap leaving a mediocre tip- because in the end I suppose it was my fault for not asking about the salad or anything, but I expect more from my server. When I point to what I'm referring to and say "DO YOU HAVE THIS IN CAESER?", I would think my server would not somehow gather that I would like a second entree salad that's nothing like what I asked for. Anyway.

Poor Mommy! And Boo Sears!

For some quick background: last year, my Mom bought both of my Grandmothers a jacket/pants set from Sears. Higher end stuff, about $120 for them both, on sale. The jacket was about $70, and the pants about $50. (I think it was close to that anyway) One of my Grandmas is... vertically challenged, shall we say. As in, she's about 4'10". Her stuff didn't fit, so Mom brought it back soon after Christmas to exchange for petite sized stuff. There was nothing then that Mom liked, so she asked the girl on the till about their return policy. The girl told her it didn't matter how long it was, as long as she had the receipt and the product, she could return it. Mom thought that was insane - NO limit on returns? But the girl swore it was true, so Mom believed her (Dad was there when it happened, and backs Mom up on this)

Over the past year, Mom checked in at Sears, to see if there was anything comparable to the too big set. But there's a scarcity of winter clothing in the summer months, so she didn't find anything. Finally, yesterday, she found something she liked. She brought it up to the till, and told the girl that she wanted to do an exchange. The girl looked at her receipt and, I'm not kidding you, laughed at her. She told her that it was too old to do an exchange. Mom told her what she had been told earlier; the girl stuck to her guns and was rude & condescending to her about it. So Mom got her to call a manager. The manager told her the same thing, adding that that WAS their policy - it had been changed in March. The manager was also very rude to her.

Eventually, they offered her a "fair deal" - they'd give her $6 for the pants. Nothing for the more expensive jacket. And they expected her to take it! And apply the "refund" to the other stuff she wanted.
Obviously, she told them to shove it, walked out and is now SUPER ticked off. And boycotting Sears.

I told her you guys rock at getting results - any ideas on what she can do with this??
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Interesting Development in the Sprint PCS Saga

So late last night/early this morning, I posted this little entry about my current woes with Sprint Nextel. I want to thank you all for replying to me and sorry that I can't reply to everyone that's given me such good advice.

I'm on vacation at my boyfriend's dad's house for pre-Christmas visit and this is really trying my patience, something I don't have an abundance of anyway. It's very difficult to deal with this from 600 miles away from my home where there's the slight possibility of finding 16-month old phone bills from a company I don't even use any longer. Please add dripping sarcasm to everything after ''600 miles.''

Just now I received a call from one Ms. Kristen Wallace, the Southeast Public Relations Manager for Sprint/Nextel. She apologised for the exceedingly rude behaviour and said it was ''unacceptable.'' She apparently has access to high-level management in the collections and research departments, as she should. When I told her about calling my attorney and perhaps filing something with the BBB and Attorney General she said to give her 36-48 hours and if nobody called me back by Friday to call her on her personal mobile number and she'd arrange for me to speak with an Assistant VP.

To all of you that suggested that route and gave support, thank you. She seemed very much the perfect PR rep, too, let me tell you. ''Oh no''-ing and ''I'm so sorry''-ing, and ''mistaken idenity or maybe gross error''-ing in all the right places. Don't think I still won't be writing letters to the big high muckety-mucks there, though. I mean, honestly, I leave the country for 4 months, my parents make sure all my bills are paid and all my mail collected for all that time and absolutely NO communication from Sprint ... nope, uh-huh. I'm not having this.

I really and truly hope they call me soon, but I have to get some rest now. I was so angry last night (still am) that I didn't go to bed until 5AM. Then some road crew started using a jackhammer at 7AM. Yay. Thank you so much, City of Stone Mountain; I love you, too. Please, please, please don't let them call until I wake up.
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they don't like my money, i guess

although my experience with mysterious money and charges is not anywhere near as bad as what tytal has had (and I am shuddering over that one), it was still a headache.

Last spring, I moved out of my old apartment and into my new one. The electrical services went under my boyfriends name, so my account was closed with a balance remaining.

The first great fun came when I was trying to pay off my old account. I pay a large chunk of it, but then the next month I get a notice saying they were going to flip it to a collections agency. I thought that was a little rude, since I had just paid about half my balance, so I call NYSEG and I am told that they letter just passed my payment in the mail, etc.

Ok, fine.

But then I make a second payment - and a week after that, I get my check from the first payment BACK with a stamp on it from NYSEG saying that my account did not exist. It has been two months since I sent in my payment.

I call, and I am told that yes, my account number is correct and yes, it certainly does exist. So she transfers me. And then HE transfers me because he doesn't have an explaination. And then I get transfered again - back to the first department.

This pretty much goes on for three days. And no one is willing to actually DO anything - they are just willing to confirm, that I do, indeed, have a problem. My name is not bringing up anything in the system (despite the fact I had have at least 3 accounts with them), and I kept begging them to look it up using something else then my name since I have a long and often misspelled name. No dice. They all wanted my partially non exist account number to look anything up.

I finally got ahold of someone in the payment part of the organization who, after insisting again that I did not have an account, despite what my bills, their letters to me, or what anyone else was saying. She can't look anything up because the account number I had was invalid.
After twenty minutes, I finally said:
Can't you look up the account by social security number? You guys take it everytime we open an account with you?
*long pause*
Oh, I guess I can.


Finally the problem was resolved, but I did have to threaten a talk to the Attonery General office before they agreed to drop late fees and stop it from going to a collections agency, since, as I pointed out, I had been giving them money and they kept sending it back!

Of course, as I was going through this, my boyfriend went through 6 mos of them billing him for both his new and old place, despite the fact he was able to show him his request for the change of service as well as the notification of his old account number being closed.

I hate NYSEG with a deep passion.