December 20th, 2005

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We WON!!!

Ok so yet another update to:




We had our hearing on December 13.  The representative from the Property Management Company didn't even bother to show up.  We weren't suprised at all. 


So, I had to swear that I would tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.  That was interesting.  The arbitrator agreed with us and she awarded us with $925 (double our damage deposit plus the $50 filing fee)!!!!


Now we have to serve the Property Manangement Company will the order.  We'll see if they actually send us a cheque.  If they don't, then we have to take them to Small Claims Court.


By the way - the company name is Amacon Property Management.  Stay away from them if you are a renter.  They manage property here in the Lower Mainland (British Columbia) and in the Greater Toronto Area. 

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My fiance and I went to get some ice cream the other evening. When he paid (with a $5 and our order was $2 something), the cashier looked around in her drawer and then mumbled to herself something about not having any pennies. Then she looked up and stared at us for a while, not saying anything. We were a bit confused, since she didn't say anything and didn't know what to expect. I expect that, if she didn't have any pennies, she would go get a roll of pennies or if that was not possible, just round up our change to the nearest nickel. After a while of staring she says that our change is $2.13 and asked if we needed the three pennies or if we would just take the dime. She said it in a tone of voice that indicated that it would be terrible of us to ask for our $.03. Since 3 cents isn't much and we didn't want the hassle (and the cashier already looked grumpy) we took the $2.10 and left. But I was very put off that she asked us to take a loss. It was just 3 cents, so I'm not upset at the loss of money, but she had a bad attitude and it seemed like a terrible thing to ask. I would have expected her to get more change (expected service) or give us $2.15 and take a loss of two pennies (smaller than our loss of 3 pennies, so if she can expect that of us we should be able to expect it of her, this would have been excellent service) and not request that we take less change (bad service). I've just never had this happen before and it seemed rather audacious of the cashier.

what is bad service in new york city?

Maybe I'll get flamed for posting this here but I am pissed so ...

I am the person who usually posts about how much the trains in NYC suck. Well, here's another one.

Bad service is all the transit workers going on strike because they don't get a 24% raise over a three year time span. Apparently, a 3% raise every year isn't good enough.

Bad service is all the transit workers going on strike because new hires actually have to contribute a small percentage of their pay to healthcare.

Bad service is all the tranit workers going on strike because they want to be able to retire at 55 instead of 62.

Bad service is the fact that I had to get up 3 hours early today to carpool to work because no trains are running BECAUSE THERE IS A STRIKE!

The union was threatened with fines if they strike. I hope it happens. I really do.
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GameStop denies my rights to beautiful box art...


Here's a little tale about Metroid Prime 2
Some think it funny, and may even grin
Some think I'm wrong, well hey, fuck you
Disrespect me, and in the end I'll win.


I hereby denounce Gamestop for having poor customer service and customer-oriented values.

I noticed in my G-mail one day that Gamestop was having a sale on used games. Buy two, get one free. I fucking love those sales. Not only that, but Metroid Prime 2, which I've been meaning to own, was on sale for $15.

I head on up to Gamestop during my morning routine, and make my choices. I purchase MP2, Viewtiful Joe (a title that has received much acclaim and was very cheap, so why not), and Xenosaga. Unfortunately, they had no box for MP2 - apparently it was stolen.

Passionate gamers like myself relish things like nicely designed game boxes and artfully created manuals. Hell, we usually read those before playing the game - it's almost ritualistic. However, in the face of this deal, I had to concede that desire. It was just too much to pass up.

However, I had the good idea of checking other local GS's for MP2 boxes. Surely they would accomodate if they could, right? Wrong.

I encountered a particularly annoying group of assholes at the next GS I went to. It was not busy at all, and all the employees were mulling around the cashwrap, one with his hideous troll girlfriend, and they were all squeeking, snorting, and gibbering about anime and hentai.

I butt in and ask if they have an MP2 box I could use. The manager, who I deemed the alpha-nerd because his elevated status in the employment hierarchy has instilled him with some kind of cocky uber-nerd like ability to be smarmy and supercilious, doesn't even look in the storage and tells me he has none.

Alrite, I figured, but I still wanted to look around while I was there; I am never able to just walk in and out of a video game store. So in my meandering, I find a MP2 box. Hm, interesting, I thought. The thought of just grabbing it and leaving flitted through my mind, probably because that's why I didn't have one in the first place, but I dismissed it with rational though. So I grabbed it, walked up to the desk and inform the oily grease-being with bad hair that I found a box, and that I want it.

He's tells me he can't give it to me because it's the display box. I explain to him that the display box for mine was stolen, so that's why I need one. So he goes about to make the swap and asks for my receipt. He gives it a cursory look and then looks up at me and tells me he can't give me the box because it's for a new game, and I bought a used one.

Now, this little detail didn't satisy me. I explained to him that due to the sale this weekend, the new and used versions are the same price. I paid the same amount, so it shouldn't matter what box I get. Besides, the boxes are obviously worth nothing because my lack of one did not bump my price down. He argues that they need to have a display box for the new one they have left; I argue that they can replace it with the blank box that I have, because they do it for used games anyway.

He doesn't budge. The whole time his friends are snickering and flakes of skin and snot are falling off of their disgusting faces. I want to give them paper-cuts on their eyes with their Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

I'm really pissed at this point. The only argument he has is that used games boxes are not equal to new game boxes. What's more is that he is defying the 'customer is always right' paradigm.

Seeing no win for me. I leave. With a bitter, bitter taste in my mouth. Something told me I wasn't done with that guy.

I call up the other GS in town. And, luck be a hapless youth cashier, the pre-pubescent waste of masculinity tells me they have one. Amazing. I tell him I'll be by for it tomorrow. He tells me he will put it aside.

I arrive the next day, he goes to retrieve it. Gone. He claims it was sold. I asked if he put it aside and he said he did, but someone must have sold it. He checks the back to appease me, but to no avail. I curse under my breath and curse the store as I leave.

There was only one option now.

The next day, I return to the GS where my arch-enemy resided. Luckily, he was working. We exchanged glances as I walked in, he recognized me, I could tell. I give him a stone-cold glare and make my way to the other side of the store. Opposite the GameCube games; opposite of MP2. I peruse titles, half out of genuine interest, half out of a desire to mitigate any suspicions of my return.

I surely make my way to the GameCube section. I search for, and find, the MP2 box. Still where I left it. I pick it up, and I pick other boxes up. Pretending to be comparing, contrasting, making a decision. I pace around and read and look. I place the boxes back on the shelf. Back on the shelf closest to the door.

A customer asks the manager about something and he heads into the backroom. Now was my chance. I pocket the case, head out the door, hop into my car, and drive off into the night.

You fuck. Who's laughing now?

Soon, when he makes one of his drones alphabetically arrange the boxes, he'll be informed that it's missing. He'll think for a bit, he'll remember me returning, and he'll know.

I wanted to place a random call and let him know it was me. I wanted to affirm his suspicions and let him know clearly that I got what I wanted, and that I won his little game.

The box and the booklet are worth nothing, but tossing my beard all over his grimy self-important ass for fucking with me, a paying customer with right? Well - that's worth a lot to me.
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Another Starbucks one...

I live in England. I expected more from the Starbucks here than the US. And so far I have been right.

Today was the last day of college/6th form, my friends and I were in the computer room when someone mentioned he was craving Hot Chocolate, and would go to Starbucks if she had someone to go with. So I shouted "Whose going to Starbucks, I'm driving" (I passed my driving test in October, and its STILL a novelty for me) so 5 of us decided we were going...coincidentily my closest friends. Great :)

We pile into my car, I park at my work because I have a parking permit, and it is in the centre of town. VERY useful. And off into Starbucks we go. One thing to note, is that I hate coffee. Just the smell can make me ill, but I adore their Frappochinos with cream, so I would deal.

We walk in, only to find someone I hate serving. By hate, I mean the last phone call I got from here was in November and she was drunk and saying how much she hated me etc. (She is also one of my best friend's best friend...but my best friend hates her. I don't know, its one of those cimplicated girl friendship things for 17 year olds. This girl is the kind of girl who gets anything at the drop of a hat, and, in nice words, sleeps around an awful lot more than normal people. Call me judgemental or whatever. )

But hey, all I want is my Frappochino. And I am with 4 other people, my most loved people, and my crush was with us too. Yay. So I ask everyone what they want, since I am feeling very generous. I order 2 caramel Frappochinos, one with coffee, one with cream, some smoothies and chocolate. We stand waiting for them to be made, when I see the before mentioned girl pointing at me and laughing at me to her coworker, thinking that we could not see her. My friends saw my face crumple, and I was not happy. But maybe, for some weird reason, there was a logical explanation for it...maybe she was pointing at the display behind me and laughing. Or whatever. THEN I hear my name mentioned, and catch words like "that's her" and things like that. I was actually really upset at this point. She handed our drinks, I grabbed mine, and off we went. Now my much loved Frappochino was not well made, missing the cream off the top, etc. My crush gave me some of his though, and I actually liked the coffee in it, so something good came out of it. Soon I will be on real cups of coffee.

So my complaint? You may not like me. I may come into your place of employment once in awhile. But PLEASE, for the love of Frappochinos, do not let your personal views of me affect the service that you give me.

And why doesn't she like me? What was the most evil thing that I have done? I chose not to hang around with her, not going out drinking, not going around sleeping with everyone that walks, not to drive wrecklessly. And not in a rude way. Not ignoring her, etc.

I just feel so put down after that. She ruined my last day at college with my best friends, and just having a nice time.

Off topic...should I also be scared that my gay best friend and I both like my crush...and we also go for the same guys :)