December 19th, 2005

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Time To Make The Switch...

One would think it's easy enough to fill a prescription right??? I mean, this is indeed why a big company like "Wrong-Aid" would even dare employ people who could comprehend such a task...Oh and to make things even easier for these mindless drones, there's an automated phone system that lets customers call their orders in ahead of time and the lovely computers program all the info they need to get their jobs done...How hard is it to check your phone messages and count out 30 pills into a plastic bottle??? Apparently too hard for the morons at this location...

I called in two refills the day before I was to pick them up, and even arrived three hours after they were to be filled so I could be sure they would be ready...I have an extremely busy schedule during the week and time is of the essence (I have to be in and out)...Now I know that the retail/customer service industry is a bitch to deal with, especially during this time of year (again why I made sure to call things in ahead of time and arrive late on purpose), but why was it my health they put in danger??? Blood pressure medication prescribed in a daily dose is an important thing...I had to do without it, and thus take the risk of my blood pressure spiking and my ending up in the ER with a stroke or heart attack...I'm nowhere near a clogged artery waiting to burst blood pressure status and otherwise very healthy, but I'm on a new medication on the market that has had reports of spiking when doses are skipped...

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I've been lurking for a couple of months, but I had a shitty experience Friday night that made me decide to come out of the woodwork.

A tiny bit of backstory here - my husband had been working long hours all week and was exhausted, and I had worked a normal shift (8 hours) but I hadn't gotten to take a lunch, so I was really hungry. We'd gone up to Canton, Ohio to do some shopping, and we decided we'd get dinner too.

All the restaurants we normally eat at had long wait times, and I have a back injury that prevents me from standing or walking for more than a few minutes at a time. So we noticed that the IHOP didn't seem to be too busy. We've eaten there before and the food and service were both pretty good, so we decided we'd go there.

We went in around 6PM or so, maybe 6:30 at the latest. As we're walking in I see this pretty waitress who was smiling until she saw us, and then she SCOWLED. I'm thinking, great, watch that be our waitress.

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I'm not sure if we'll ever go back or if we'll give it one last chance since we've had good service there before. But it was the 'perfect' end to an already shitty week.
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More frustrating than bad

Me, at the drive-thru speaker: I'll have a number six, cheese only, with a coke.
Speaker-chick: A number six, plain?
Me: No, cheese only. With a coke.
S-C: So, no meat?
Me: (thinks, wtf) Ok, *meat* and cheese only. With a coke.
S-C: A number six, with a plain cheeseburger, and a coke. Please drive up.

Communication breakdown much?
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