December 17th, 2005

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more amusing than bad service

A few weeks ago, I had to stop at the rite-aid across the street from where I work. I needed two inexpensive, simple things: shaving cream, and a pack of hair elastics.

So I take my purchases up to the register. I had a small amount of cash on me (six dollars and some change), and my credit card. The man at the register, who was clearly the manager, rang up my two items. As he was about to tell me my total, he got this weird look on his face, and cut off before he got to how much I owed.

Manager: "Your total is..ah...would there be anything else you need, today?"

Me: "No sir. How much did you say my total was?"

Manager: "Um. Are you sure?"

Me: "Quite sure. How much?"

Manager: "And how will you be paying for this?"

Me: "That depends on how much my total is."

Manager: *silence*

By this point, there was a line of about six people behind me, I was tired, and annoyed, so I dug out my card.

Manager: "Credit? Just swipe there, please."

I swiped the card, he ripped off the receipt, and silently shoved it across the counter at me along with a pen.

It was then that I saw the total: $6.66. I also noticed that the manager was wearing a small gold cross.

Me: "Ah. $6.66. Good thing I don't care about unlucky numbers."

Manager: *glares, shoves my purchases at me, turns to next customer*

ooook. when living in kentucky, in an area with many, many churches, do not purchase shaving cream and hair ties from rite-aid. because you just might end up summoning the beast.
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This week I went to a Subway to get a sandwich on my lunch break. I ordered a 6 inch turkey on wheat as did the woman who was in front of me. We were the only two customers in the Subway. Everything is fine, I pay, and go out to my car. I open my sandwich and see, ew, tomato and pickle on it. I did not order tomato and pickle. One of the nice things about Subway is that you can watch your sandwich being made and it is made exactly to order.

I figure my sandwich, once wrapped up, got mixed up with the other customer's sandwich. No big deal. Mistakes happen and that is fine.

Me - Me
SA - Sandwich Artist

Me: *nicely* Oh excuse me, this sandwich is not my sandwich. I think it may have gotten mixed up with another customer's order.

SA: *looks at me as if I have just denied the Holocaust and says snidely* Are you SURE?

Me: (in my head: No, I like to spend my lunch breaks hassling people and not reading my book) Yes, this one has pickle and tomato on it, which I did not order. The other woman who was in here also had turkey on wheat so I think the wrapped sandwiches got mixed up.

SA: Fine. *proceeds to make sandwich, gets to the veggies and I specify what I want*

SA: *as if the sandwich is offensive to her* I JUST made this for you.

Me: *getting a little annoyed* I know that. But you also made a near identical sandwich for someone else. You can check the sandwich I just gave back to you. It is not the same as the one you made for me before or the one you are making for me now.

SA: No, no, fine, I believe you.

Anyway, I got my sandwich and left. I know I wasn't being unreasonable and the SA was nice when I first went in. I was pretty baffled by the experience. Why the hostility, ya know? Guess I'll go to Togo's next time.
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My husband and I met his mother and a cousin visiting from out of town at Bob Evans, for lunch. Apparently, that was just a bad idea, all around.

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It was one of the most unpleasant meals I've ever had at a Bob Evans.
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Apologize for length ahead of time.

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I know I should probably have talked to someone about it, but I'm a very poor complainer (except to people who have nothing to do with it). We pleased and thank-you'd our way through the meal (the way we were both brought up), and yet we noticed the drinking, rowdier table was getting better service. (more food, more drinks, more tip)