December 16th, 2005



We went for dinner to the Olive Garden last night. The service & food was awesome.
I know this isn't bad_service at all and the waitress was right on the ball....maybe a little ahead of herself. We were drinking coke's and half way thru our drinks she brought another round of coke's and walked off with the half full ones. We didn't say a word because we were kind of stunned with what she did
We laughed about it and tipped well, but what a waste. Normally one has to wait for a refill or be asked if you want one. ......Just had to share a laugh. :-)
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COMCAST's telemarketting

Eversince I enrolled in DoNotCall I rarely receive telemarket calls but in the past past few days Comcast begins to makes call advertising their digital internet ... I have file complains about them with the Do Not Call's National registry, as well as the PA's NoCallPlease

I suggest you do the same if you happen to be annoyed by these calls.
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Sony monitor rebate

Sony had a big rebate ($50, $100) on its LCD monitor for purchases in the period from 1/1/05 - 6/30/05, it's a long period of time therefore there should be lots of purchases. Just wondering if *ANYONE* receives the rebate yet? I bought a monitor and sent in the rebate back in March but haven't received anything yet from them. What should I do ?

USPS Bad Service?

Background info:
So, about four months ago I moved into my first apartment.. ever. No problems, life is good. Since I moved about 2000 miles away from home, I had to ship a bunch of stuff to myself (it wouldn't all fit in the car on the way out here): books, stuffed animals, dvds, etc. Now, my apartment opens to the outside. It's not one of those dormish types where there's a big long hall and everybody's front door is inside. My friend called it 'condo style', so I guess I'll call it that, too.

Anyway, we have those post office box things outside, and there's two extra boxes for packages. The system is, when you get a package, the mailperson puts a key to the package box in your mailbox. You use the key to open the package box, and take out your stuff. The key gets stuck in the door so you can't keep it or something. The package boxes are fairly big, I had two decent-size packages of books in there once. Just saying that so you know they're not tiny.

I guess I should also add to background info that I work shifts. Which means that for 4 and 5 days at a time, I'm working 12 hours a day, then I have 4 or 5 day breaks (which is so cool).

My problem with the post office:
This week was one of my 4 day breaks, so tuesday-friday I didn't work. I'm damn lucky, too. This week two packages were delivered to my apartment (incidentally, both contained foodstuffs, mmm snacks). This would have been no problem, but my mail guy decided that instead of using the package box or hey, inquiring if the main office can accept packages (they can), he would just dump the package in front of my door.
My door that opens to the outside. In a decent-sized apartment complex. Glad I wasn't working, or Grandma's cookies/my Swiss Colonies snack box might have been gone in the 5 hours before I got home. I'm not sure whether this is a total bad-service thing, or whether it's a normal holiday-package-time thing, but I was annoyed, so I put in a complaint. I mean, this isn't a house. I don't have a front porch. And there's a system set up specifically for this. At the very least I'd expect a 'We tried to deliver your package, you weren't home, come pick it up at [address]' sticky note on my door.

Anyway, yeah. Bad service then?

Edit: Just got a call from the post office about my complaint. The guy on the phone said that it was policy to leave it in front of the door if the package box was filled (without even checking with the front office, meh), so I just requested to have them held at the post office from now on. Problem solved then. Thanks for your comments :)
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