December 14th, 2005


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So my computer died today. Completely and totally dead, all it will say is "hard drive error, press ctrl alt del to restart". My system admin (err, boyfriend) says that it's the hard drive, since he can boot linux from the cd rom. I have a 3 year service plan on it from best buy, and was wondering how exactly that would work. When I first bought the computer, the guy kept trying to cheat us, he would tell us features that the machine didn't have and things like that, but my sister (who was currently a best buy employee at a different location) had a friend working there, and we asked him all the info on the machine and he gave us honest answers. I don't want to get cheated tomorrow when I bring in my machine, and I don't know how to do that. Since I don't trust the employees there (one of them I used to work with who redefined coworkers_suck) I was wondering if anyone had any heads up on how to navigate the best buy service plan. The machine died of normal wear and tear, it's a year and a half old and apparently that's all laptops are good for, and I never dropped it or anything, it just got moved around alot and slowly just started being... not good. I've seen people here talk about best buy and I was hoping someone had been through something like this before.

Sorry if this isn't bad service enough to justify a post here (except that one cheating guy) I just have nowhere else to turn and I don't want to end up getting a broken replacement and having all my data lost. I appriciate any help I can get and thank you.

Edit: Apparently my entire computer hasn't died, just the hard drive. The previous post was written on a different computer, but this is written on mine, since my boyfriend booted it from the cd-rom with linux. Apparently everything works except the hard drive itself, which just happened to be my favorite part ::le sigh::

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First time poster, and not much of a rant, but it's still messed up.

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Has anyone ever heard of that? I was under the impression that the company had to give you the option of taking money out automatically, and obviously I'm wrong. :-/ I'm not surprised that AOL national company that shows their commercials quite often uses such a policy.
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Elliott Erwitt

Bad Service?

I don't know if this is bad service or just me expecting more for my money than I should be.

My washing machine crapped out on me (very loudly).
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I mean, really. If I wanted to pay someone to come over, look at my washing machine and make up things that may or may not be wrong with it, I could have my neighbor's kid come over and do that.
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I work at my college and I have moved since the last time I had my tax/w4 information mailed to me so I had to go to the financial services/ pay dept. to fill out a change of address sounds like a simple task right? Um no.
I walk in and the woman at the front desk is putting on on make up so I give her a minute. The notices that I'm there and says "I'll be with you in a moment. I'm in the middle of something." Um what? So I wait and when she finishes putting on foundation she pulls out her powder and with out looking at me says "Can I help you with something?" I tell her that I need the form to fill out a change of address for my tax information. She gets this really snotty look on her face and says "It's a w4 not a form. It makes it easier for us when you use the correct phrases". Ok I thought it was a w4 form but that's ok it's fun to have people talk to you like you're dumb right? :( So She takes out the form and starts talking to me about how to fill it out in baby talk then asks if I under stand everything. For those who haven't had to fill out this form all you do is check the change of address box and fill out your name ss number and your new address it's not hard. I go over the the waiting area and fill it out then go to put it in the in box and she looks ion my direction while putting on mascara and asks if I was able to fill everything out alright and if I was sure I did it right. What gives her the right to be such a bitch to me?

silly swearing salesmen story

my mom told my husband to pick himself out some new shoes for xmas on her, so we went to foleys (filenes for those of you up north) to check out the men's dress shoes.

as we approached the shoe section, we saw a group of 4 or 5 male employees standing around, talking. my husband goes "oh great, a gaggle of salesmen" (out of earshot). we approached expecting to get bombarded, but instead we were ignored. the group of guys were apparently having an interesting chat. we surveyed the shoes for a while, and all of the sudden on of the sales guys drops an "F-bomb". the 'f-word' does not particularly offend me, but i was suprised to hear it from the sales guys dressed in suits. as soon as he said it, i turned to him with a raised eyebrow, and we were promptly greeted and asked if they could do anything to help us.

i didn't report it to a manager because i was not offended, and i think my suprised look pulled him back into reality. it was amusing, but we didn't purchase any shoes from that store.

Not sure if this is bad service or not...

This is something that happened quite awhile ago, and left me feeling somewhat annoyed.

My boyfriend and I were having dinner at P.F. Chang's. I had never tried sake before, so I ordered some. I'm not a big fan of alcohol that tastes like alcohol (give me the fruity drinks any day), so the sake didn't really do it for me. I only drank a few sips.

When the waitress came back, she asked how I liked the sake. I said "Well, it's ok, but I don't think it's really my thing," or something to that effect. She asked if I wanted to sample their raspberry sake instead. So I tried a little of it, and while it was good, I decided I just wanted water instead. (I generally get water at restaurants, not only because it's free, but because I prefer it to most other drinks.)

Well, I don't know if the waitress thought I was just ordering water out of defeat, or what, but she did not seem to believe that I was ok with drinking just water. She asked me if I was sure I didn't want anything else, and I assured her water was fine.

A few minutes later, she came back with the MANAGER, who then started pointing things out on the drink menu and offering suggestions.

FINE. I GIVE UP. I ordered a non-alcoholic fruity drink. Egads, how I wish I'd just said "The sake is delicious, may I also have a glass of water?" I don't remember because it was awhile ago, but I doubt they charged us for the fruity drink, since they practically forced me to get it.

What do you all think? Were they too pushy, or was I being a Sucky CustomerTM by reverting to water after being less-than-pleased with the sake? (It may be noteworthy that my boyfriend didn't find the situation as annoying as I did. Hell, he thought the whole thing was hilarious. Looking back on it, it is funny, but at the time it nearly ruined the meal for me.)

Edit: Maybe I should note that the few other times I've been at PF Chang's, I've been very happy with the service.

bad in flight service

I recently flew from Philadelphia to Chicago…

The plane wasn’t packed and there was an empty seat between me and the woman next to me. My carry on usually fits both under the seat and in the overhead compartments, but since I was in the last group of people to board, there was no space for my bag in the overhead. I have to say, my bag was nothing huge, it was just an adidas duffle bag, but it was packed a little high so it didn’t quiet fit under the seat in front of me. However, since there was an open space between me and the girl next to me, I just left it on the floor at my seat (so my feet were on top of it) and it took up a little bit of the floor space of the empty seat.

It was fine there through the whole flight, and take off… then we started to land. We already started to land when the flight attendant started her last sweep of the plane to make sure everyone had their tray tables up, etc. She gets to me and gives me the DEATH LOOK. She said, “You have to put [your bag] under the seat or in the overhead compartment.” Since it wasn’t a problem when we were taking off, I assumed it wouldn’t be a problem when we were landing, so I hadn’t tried to get my bag under the seat. It was sitting on my floor space under my feet as it had been since I got on the plane.

So, I start trying to shimmy my bag under the seat in front of me. She saw it wasn’t coming easy so instead of offering to check to see if there was any overhead space anywhere (since she was already standing and the seatbelt lights were on), she said in the RUDEST tone, “You can’t have it just sitting there. You can keep trying to get it under the seat but I can tell you right now it’s not going to fit.” Stunned, I asked calmly, “Is there any room in any of the overhead bins?” She rolled her eyes, opened a bin about 6 rows up from me, pointed at it and said “You’d better move quick because we’re about to land and the seatbelt lights are on.”

You know what? I know that job probably sucks. And who isn’t cranky after a flight? I’m sure it’s worse if you’re the one who has to hand out soda and peanuts to cranky people. However, if she’s that miserable, she could just fucking quit and look for a job she doesn’t hate or perhaps just not act like a total bitch. I could understand if I’d done something to provoke her, or if I was doing something to annoy other passengers, but I was just sitting there. I was only taking up space that was either mine or flat out not being used, and THIS WASN’T A PROBLEM WHEN WE WERE TAKING OFF!

*sigh* Damn it woman.

creepy service

Dear Starbucks coffee barista,

Sorry it took me a few seconds to collect myself and make my order. But...your face. What happened? Your expression suddenly went dead as your eyes swiveled to mine, and your voice went flat as you said, "can I take your order?". Honestly, it was more than a little bit creepy. Especially when you said "good choice" tonelessly as you set off to make my gingerbread latte.

Also, semi-offtopic...I don't mean to sound like a prude, but is she allowed to wear shirts which support erotica sites? (I saw the word on her sleeve.) It seems like it might be a bad way of representing the place she's working for...bah, I don't know. It didn't bother me, but I wonder if it would for others who know of the site.
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