December 13th, 2005


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Tonight I lost an hour and 45 minutes of my life that I will never get back. I'm sure that the rep I spoke to (and his supervisor) would post about me in customers_suck if they had the chance though. There's a point you get to with a company where you just can't take anymore. I've gotten there with Sprint. I've been with them for almost 5 years now. I'm a great customer. I've stuck it out despite absolutely retarded service. I switched to E-Bill which was fine and dandy until they changed their site. Now I cannot view my bill AT ALL. I can only view the summary. Plus, their reps flat out lie to me almost every single time I call. I hardly ever get the same answer twice.

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So this made me curious, and if the mods feel it's inappropriate, by all means trash it. :)

I notice that most bad service experiences end with "And I'm never going back there no matter what". (Or never using their service, never ordering from them again, etc.)

What is everyone's threshhold of "never returning"? One bad service incident? Two?

I tend to not vow not to return until I get bad service at least twice. I also try to take a mental average. If somewhere that otherwise does great work has a couple of bad visits, I'll give them more of a chance to redeem themselves.
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Two months and no earrings

So we all know the worst bad service can happen on ebay. I've had pretty good luck with ebay so far. So I was searching for diamonds and I found a very pretty, very cheap pair of fake diamond earrings. They were from a company who sells a crapload of them, so they can afford to sell them for low low prices (plus 10 dollars for shipping, yeah it's a rip off but the earring were only 1.25).
First, there was a mix up that was my fault. I paid via paypal. In a moment of true stupidity, I accidently used an address I no longer live at. Instead of emailing them the mistake, I hit the back button during payment and changed my address. No suprise, I was charged twice. I emailed them immediately and recieved an immediate response, saying the incorrect one would be refunded. Thus ends the good service.
From here on out, I recieve at least once a day telling me I need to pay for the item, and if I recieved this notice in error, to email them. Which I did, everytime I recieved the email. Finally I recieve a confirmation that included my correct address. Problem solved, right?
Nope. A month goes by and no earrings. So I email once. No response. Email 3 days later. no response. After the third email, I recieve a stock "your email has been recieved and will be answered in blah days" response. fast forward to today, about a week and a half later.
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So, what do you think?

A number of weeks ago, I won an auction totalling $3.68/with shipping for a book that I was looking for.

I took a few days to get the money order because half of the places that I frequented stopped selling them.

I get an e-mail on the Friday after winning the auction (won on a Tuesday) for status on the payment, and that he hadn't recieved it as of yet.

I sent a quick message with the money order number....fine, right?

A week later, he claims he hadn't received it.  I check Western Union and get notification that it had not been cashed.  I go to the feedback.  Simple little complaints from people with two or three positive feedbacks.  Nothing to worry about.

I reply back with the wait another week, and if not received, I'll send a new one out.  Just to keep the person happy.

I admit, I forgot to pay.

I get a message a few weeks later that he doubts that I'd paid it at all (gave the MO number) and demands payment (by check or money order) by the end of the day.  I get a nasty feedback, and then I find that E-Bay has suspended my account within an hour of that e-mail.

I quickly go to my banks bill pay, and go through the motions and have THEM mail the check and then I'd also have a copy of the reciept (which I placed in PDF) and placed in an e-mail.  The only problem is that the payment will day five days to arrive.  I apologize profusely for the delay, and admit wrong doing.  I supply the info to e-bay, and suspension is lifted.

Two weeks go by, and I've not recieved the book.

I sent an e-mail and asked if he had recieved the new payment....which I provided information that this payment WAS cashed, as of December 2.

I get this response:

what are you talking about?   I never got a thing from you, this is the scott turow book right?
no, unless it was a mystery payment with NO info on it and it got deposited anyway (highly unlikely) I'd remember it as it was a very strange amount that ended in a penny, as I was watching for it.

Please send me (email is fine) whatever proof *your bank* is claiming. My signature on something would show that I slipped up, but I don't believe I did.

I get a fax from the bank showing a signature (a scribble), and forward it on to him.  He replies again:

i don't have a way to open a pdf file
i will try at the library on Friday (tomorrow)
I will be shocked if it has my signature.  I was looking for that payment specifically as like I mentioned, it was for quite an odd amount.

Not to make excuses but I recently divorced and am in a horrific custody/child support battle right now, besides being behind on my rent and other huge financial woes.  (not your prob i know!)  the state of PA is trying to raise my arrears from $300 to over $3,000.  They are also trying to garnish me to the point of poverty which I can't see how that is legal.   again, my problem.  I will get back to you this weekend with something figured out.  If I am wrong, I can't apologize enough.  I still will be shocked as I am pretty on the ball when it comes to money, as I don't have much to deal with, so I am diligent with what I do get!

Do you think you know where this is going?

I had a bad feeling about it.

He recieved the e-mail, and continued:

I won't stiff you, that wasn't my point of my email at all.  Things have gone from bad to worse for me.  My phone company just canceled my service with ZERO notice or I'd have contacted them for arrangements but I don't have the $56 they want to restore my dial tone so I am without a computer at all.  At the library now (i was here yesterday but this wimpy town can't handle a little snow (6" is a little in my book!) otherwise I'd have no way to contact you or visa versa.    I have to work monday and they are closed here tomorrow.     I can't open a PDF file from here either which I was wondering before I got here if it would be the case, and it is.
I'll check the other email to see if it's a pic i can see or not


Two checks in the mail for $3.68.  I get the idea that I am not going to receive the items, and am not going to waste the money to put a stop on the money order.

I'm still the only one with the possibility of a bad mark against him, but don't think the positive posts do him well.

  • BE HERE MAN.... Oh Come On... Like here... sometime..
  • Ohhh Yes it came....... all over again...
  • Dow...doew......doion wwwaohh .Subliminal!!!!! Thank you sir!! Almost Forgot!!

Uh huh.

If I don't get this book in a week, I'm reporting him.

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Garra Boobie

Sorry to add another 'Ebay is Hell' story...

I'll try and be as blunt as posible. Basically, I purchased 3 Trans-siberian Orchestra CDs off of Ebay for about $50.00. After the concert, I couldn't resist XD

The seller had excellent feedback (still does actually) and emailed me right away after getting my Paypal payment. The seller gave me the tracking number and said I should get them in about a week. So I wait and then I get the package and open it up with my boyfriend.

Well, there were no music CDs in that package, a bunch of newspaper shavings, empty DVD plastic case, 3 CD-Rs, and a small notebook pad. I'm like O_O

So, I email the seller and the seller is shocked and says I need to ask the post office about it. So I do and the post office asks if the package was banged up real bad etc and if I had insurance, and I say no..basically the post office sent me away and said to contact the seller again. The seller then gets defensive and says my stuff was sent and with such good feedback, why would there be a sudden ripoff?

I contact Paypal and start an investigation. The investigation goes back and forth and the seller gives the tracking number and days later....the case ends with me getting nothing. I then call Paypal and the woman tells me that I didn't open it at the post ofice so I have no witness of what was in the package and there's proof of delivery that I got it(my boyfriend doesn't count I guess)and next time, if I need to be more careful blah blah.

I mean, I really wanted those CDs for a Christmas party I'm going to so I'm pretty upset...excellent feedback doesn't mean everything. It was a lot of money to me, not as much as like 1,000 but still. -le sigh- And for some reason, I felt bad about leaving a negative so i left neutral.

Screwup at McDonald's.

On the way home from work tonight, I went through the Drive-Thru of my local McDonald's and ordered a Thai Chicken roll from the Deli Choices menu. Paid for it, got it, drive home.

It's worth noting that with these rolls, they are taped up in packages and it's IMPOSSIBLE to tell what kind of a roll you have until you open it.

10 minutes later, I get it home, it's an Italian.

HATE Italian.

No problem, mistakes are made. I take my Italian back and explain to the girl out front nicely the mixup. She takes back the Italian and they take it out back and lo and behold, replace it with a Thai Chicken (no cash comp, but that's OK, right?)

So I take my Thai Chicken home.

If you guessed it wasn't a Thai chicken, you're wrong :p

It was a Thai chicken... in so much as the people out back had taken the ham and pepperoni off it and merely put some chicken and sauce on instead. It was the same bun, tomatoes, etc. It had been sloppily reshoved together and not even wrapped properly- it was by now cold and fell apart when I opened the bag.

I know it was the same bun from a rip in the side of it I'd accidentally made when opening it the FIRST time.

I sucked it up and ate it, but Not Impressed Much, Maccas. Thumbs down!
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