December 9th, 2005

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I love apple and their products but this time they've messed up. On Nov 5 I ordered a case for my ipod nano from apple's website. It said it would ship in 2-3 weeks and I got an estimated date of Nov 30. On Nov 30th they changed the delivery date to Dec 8 and notified me by e-mail. That's ok, I understand that a lot of people want this case and they may have a lot of orders. Today, however, my order is listed on their website as set for a Dec 30th delivery. I was not notified by e-mail (annoying). This is nearly 2 months after I ordered and they still have 2-3 weeks until shipping listed on their website. I looked around the website for someone I could send a polite e-mail about my order to because I'm a bit upset that it's taking two months to get me my order and that I wasn't notified the second time they made the change. But they do not have someone to e-mail for CS concerns on their website, just the phone number which I'd rather not call this morning. I understand a delay in getting me the case, but this much of a delay is ridiculous along with them not really letting me know what's going on. :(
My hair is on fire!

Ben and Jerry Buyers Beware :p

For any of those who eat/buy Ben and Jerry's ice cream, or those who are considering doing so in the future. Do not buy the flavour "Cherry Garcia" with the expiration dates 10/31/06 or 11/01/06. After many written complaints about the ice cream being vanilla, there being no cherries, only chocolate, they've decided to confess, via either human error or machine problems that there was uneven distribution (sometimes resulting in NONE whatsoever) in those batches. What I find peculiar is that they recommended my mother and I not buy these expiration date batches and WAIT for it to cycle out of the stores. They are aware of the problem but they're not recalling those specific batches (although they stress that they strive for quality). I think it's bad service that they're playing on the chances that most people will buy it, eat it, and probably not complain about it (and probably just buy another flavour from then on). I thought I should inform all who might be interested.

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How does this guy stay in business?

I brought a frost free freezer 3 years ago, so far:

It started icing up within a week of it being delivered.
It took ten fucking visits to the guy who sold me it and over a YEAR to get him to take it back and see about repairing it.
It was "repaired" and came back with fucking dents in the side. By this point it was like nevermind so long as it works.
This morning about a year and a half on, there is water all over my kitchen floor and ice in the bottom of this frost free fridge freezer... It's broken again.

Seriously, I don't know how this guy remains in business, this fridge freezer he sold me has been nothing but a headache and this is the second time it's fucking put water all over my floor, the first time they hadn't put the water hose back into the slot when they returned it after repairing it.

Edit: reported it to the consumer watchdog. They can't do anything because it's been nearly 3 years now despite agreeing that the service I've received has been abysmal, however they've put it in the records, if he gets further complaints they can haul him over hot coals.

And I've brought a new one, this time from a big store which has a three year guarantee on it.
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Dear IT people where I work,

When you move my computer next time, please make sure you hook it up to the infernal network before you run away to your meeting or Starbucks or have a mini-DOOM tournament or whatever it is you people were doing for 45 minutes instead of answering the phone when I called several times to ask you to come hook me up to the network so I can work.

And then when I do finally reach a live person, do NOT tell me to crawl under my desk and see if the computer's hooked up, and then tell me that I should hook it up myself. It's not that it's all that hard; I'm perfectly capable of doing this ... but, you see, it AIN'T MY JOB, as you keep telling me when I want to do something with my computer like install software that I need to do my real job. Frankly, if that's the way you're going to be, I could have moved my own damn computer to my new desk, set it up exactly the way I like instead of the way you did, and saved us all a lot of time.

Make up your damn minds already,


P.S. While you were here, why didn't you install those two new fonts so I don't keep getting "FONT _________ NOT FOUND" messages when I boot a certain program?

Updates on Bad Service

So, I've had two long tales of woe - here's the most recent updates.

For OfficeMax...
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They told me they'd have the cards on Friday (dur, today!) I called them up and asked where they were. They don't know. I immediately asked to speak to the manager. I told her everything, and she said "I'm sorry, but I can't do anything to make them come here faster". I said "I understand that, but this whole thing is ridiculous." She said, "Well, I'm not going to charge you for the cards. Other than that I'm sorry!" (note how she says 'not going to charge'. I asked "So when I come to pick them up, I can get a refund?" She says they were never paid for! WTF people I have two copies of the reciept RIGHT HERE. She says their paperwork shows it's not paid for, and the cashier (who I remember, it's been the same one all along) says I didn't pay. You'd think she'd remember, since I made her print 3 copies of the reciept (for me and my client). I'll go on Monday/Tuesday if the cards come in and show the reciept and my credit card statement. Give me back my money, bitches, I'm going to Park Lane.

And for SBC...
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SBC still sucks. They're trying to tell me I have spyware.
The connection went down today, it would only connect for 5 seconds every 10 minutes. They were trying to troubleshoot the connection, and told me to use IE. I said "I don't use IE, it's not safe." They told me to anyway to test this. I gave in and opened IE. They told me to type in "home" in the address bar. Just the word home, not to hit the home button, nothing. After 5 times of it not connecting, it finally connected and went to a random search page. Now, for those of you unaware, IE does this by default. It will try to find the page most like what you type in the address bar. Unless you turn this off (and why would I set options in IE when I don't use it?) it will go to a search page, or in this instance, nasa's site. (we just tried it again on a few computers, keep getting nasa.)

Anyway, I eventually got him to believe I have no spyware, and that it wasn't my computer.

Then, he tells me to check my wireless connection. In the stupid terms, like "hold your mouse over the icons by your time in the bottom right corner and tell me what they say". I'm like "Dude, I have network connections open already, what do you want to know?" He's like "no, do it this way" and makes me do like 5 extra steps.

Now, I have several computers, I know what the fuck I'm doing, and I hate it when people talk down to me like this. "Click on this, click on okay, wait ten seconds (wtf?)". Anyway, he asks what wireless network I'm connected to.
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I don't know what they did, but it's fixed now (as I am online :D dur)
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Grrrr at my favorite burger/bar place

So, long story short, my boyfriend and I were meeting his cousin and her boyfriend for dinner (before a UCONN *go UCONN* basketball game) at one of my favorite restaurants. While driving, he got a call saying she was already there, and they put their name on the list. So, we get there, and ask the hostess if they are on the list. (Without looking) she says "I don't know... but you're welcome to look around." So, we take a look around... we looked at all the tables, and didn't see them. As we're leaving, we pass by the hostess, and someone is asking if he was called yet. "Yeah," she says... But I couldn't see you."
He replied that they were waiting in the bar, just like she asked them to. "I couldn't see you" she said again. ooooooookay
So we went outside to call them to make sure we were at the right place. Finally, they call us back and tell us they are in the bar, which is where the hostess pointed them. So, we look in the bar, and sure enough they are sitting at the bar, in clear sight.
After a while, we realize we'd been there a while, and really wanted to get out of there before our basketball game started, so my boyfriend went to ask the hostess.

H- Hostess

H: I didn't see you.
U: We were right at the bar, where you asked us to wait.
H: I didn't see you.
U: Okay, but can you seat us?
H: There's someone paying now, then you can have their table.
U: Okay. *make small talk with each other as she goes off somewhere*

Hostess returns

H: Welcome to blah blah, we've got a 20 minute wait, but if you would like i'll take your name.
U: Ummm... you already have our name. So-and-So.
H: Okay *as she writes it down* And how many?
U: 4, but you told us we were called, and you had a table for us... is it ready yet?
H: Oh. I don't know... let me check.

Hostess returns

and no joke, the entire conversation repeated itself... but finally someone told her it was ready, so we were seated.