December 2nd, 2005


Don't fall on anything

Hi all,

I told this Bad Service story to my sister and she nearly died of horror :p

As a set-up, I have a disability which means I'm rather weak at the knees and poor in balance (I don't fall all over the place, but I can't ride a bike, either. Ordinary walking is generally OK.)

A friend and I were visiting a seaside market held at some teeny-tiny terrace houses that are now being used as overpriced tourist trap giftshops. We went into one and were looking at their wares (little china ornaments, dreamcatchers, etc) when the woman behind the counter, seeing me clomp in sagging at the knees, said "If you're going to fall all over the place and break things, you can wait outside for your friend."


"Oh, I'm not going to fall, I just look a bit weak at the knees, I'm fine."

She snorted. "Well if you fall and break something, you're buying it, OK?"

These days? I'd have reamed her. But I was eleven at the time and my companion was only twelve... and no, I really wasn't going to fall on anything :p

Edit: when I say I was eleven, I realise this can be misleading. I was NOT touching things, falling anywhere, running around, goofing off, giggling or even speaking to my friend at the time. I was just walking and looking. That's it. And she was really quite abrupt and snappy with me...

I really should be writing a paper...

During Thanksgiving break, my fiance and I went to his house for the holiday. The bad service came into play at the beginning of the vacation when the transportation service we used made us miss our flight.

Let me explain:
My fiance lives in PA and goes to school in IN. To get to PA we had to take a flight to Ohio and then another flight to a local airport. We decided to use the Lafayette shuttle service which is much cheaper than taking a taxi. We got to the pick-up place 10 minutes before the shuttle was due to arrive. It showed up 20 minutes after it was supposed to and then the driver began selling tickets. We already had a reservation but the way it works is that you pick up the ticket you already bought when the driver arrives. The driver sold too many tickets so when we got on the shuttle we found that all the seats were already occupied and the driver was still accepting other people's luggage and letting them on with us! He seemed genuinely shocked that 40+ people can't all fit in a 20 seat shuttle. So we had to wait for him to call another shuttle (which took about 30 minutes) which was just enough to seat the remaining passengers.

The driver still stopped at the other location (a hotel) on the way to the airport for no apparant reason. There was no room on the shuttle to let anyone else on, everyone on the shuttle was going to the airport (he asked) and he still tried to get people from the hotel on with us! When we finally got to the airport we were told that our tickets to Ohio had been sold so we had to get on the next flight which was two hours later thus making us miss our final flight. Since there is only one flight per day to the airport in PA that we were going to from that airport we had to get a hotel room which cost us money. Fortunately my fiance has travel insurance so that was covered but he still missed a day with his family which he's not going to get back since he's not going home for winter break. WTF Lafayette Shuttle?
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I need help

I need you guys to help me with something. I did not get bad service, but someone else did. And I am confused as to why and if I should boycott the restaurant now. Here is the story, as happened last night at a Chinese restaurant.
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