November 28th, 2005

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First Timer...


As I have a part time job which requires much customer contact, I do tend to pay attention to the service I receive.  I have 2 stories to share today.

The first isn't so much a story of bad service, as Collapse )

 The second story is more bad service.  I've always thought it wasn't a good idea to  Collapse )


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This wasn't that big of a deal, just funny (and, while not the worst, it was BAD, so let's not bitch at me for posting off topic or anything.) I went through the McDonald's drive-thru to get just a chocolate milkshake. Listed, they have: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and as a special, Strawberry-Banana. I order a medium chocolate. I'm told that they don't have chocolate. Its night time, maybe they're out, fine. I then order the strawberry-banana. They're also out of that. Okay. Just strawberry then. They tell me that the only things they have are sweet potato and mango. What!? They have nothing that's actually listed and two things not on the menu? Incredulously, I say "Sweet potato? Uh...I guess one of those." I get it, and while it's pretty good, its also a size large, not medium. Point is: SWEET POTATO MILKSHAKE!?!

How Whacked Is Your Starbuck's?

This is actually a question to anyone who has recently been at a Starbuck's, brought on by an incident that a post below reminded me of.

I'm not into all the frappuccinos and sweet or fancy coffee. I like good, plain coffee - no milk, no sugar, preferably over ice except when I'm looking for warmth in the winter. Because I worked downtown, and Starbuck's had driven out just about every other coffee shop near my office, I often went there.

My usual drink was pretty simple - iced coffee. NOT the horrible I-taste-like-photo-finisher iced Americano they serve, but their straight hot coffee dumped over ice. Yes, I like it weak.

One afternoon, I had to go over to the next building because the closest Starbuck's had closed. This happens when a company literally has at least one in every building in most of downtown... I asked for my normal drink. I was expecting the usual response that I get from someone I order from who's never run into me before: "Hot coffee?? Over ice?? Are you sure??? You know that waters it down, right? We have iced Americano instead..." Just a small annoyance I've come to expect.

Instead, I got "No, I'm sorry, we can't do that. I can get you an iced Americano."


So I explain what I want again and ask why this is such a big problem. Her answer: "Starbucks takes pride in its coffee. What you want ruins the flavor. It's our policy that we can not serve our coffee in ways that will destroy its flavor."

WTF? Mochas? Frappuccinos? That's adulterating your precious coffee far more than a little water diluting it.

I won't go into the rest of the conversation, which was not very nice and centered around why Starbuck's thinks it, not me, should decide how my bloody coffee tastes. But I'm curious - has anyone else run into this kind of crap from Starbuck's? I won't go there any more for other reasons, but I've never run into ANYTHING this ridiculous before.
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I think this qualifies as bad service or at least a wtf how did they get away with that thing. This morning tickets to go see David Copperfield in Buffalo NY went on sale. My best friend loves David so I went to buy us two tickets to go. Go through a lot of the normal problems (it being slow and yadda). I ended up with two tickets off to the right, but only row L so not that bad. I double check and everything is ok I went and did the checkout and selected to have the tickets emailed to me (I love how that costs like almost two dollars now). Now this all took under two minutes since I had signed in to the website for faster checkout and everything. I get to a screen that has a confirmation number on it so I scroll down to copy the ticket info to send to my friend and I see the tickets I now have are completely different then the ones I started out with. I don't know how they changed it after I reviewed it and okayed it. I emailed them and haven't heard anything back from them. I'm just so angry and I know it's going to turn into a my word against theirs. I really hate ticketmaster. Any suggestions on what to do?
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Dislike of HP

So this is mild to what I've been dealing with from Apple but still annoying.

Around the end of August I won a digital Camera. And HP Phoosmart r707xi 5.1 megapix camera. Very nice right? It was... until the very beginning of October when it randomly stoppped working. It powered off and didn't close all the way and since then its been stuck like that. I've spend the last.... 2 months in roughly constant contact.

First they say its warrenty is out of date. Okay. So I spend a week and a half trying to find out how to prove to them I won it in august. After about 10-15 emails to and from with HP I find out that I have to fax them about it. Okay, no problem. I fax them a letter that has all the product info and a note that says that I won it in august. I then send the fax about......15-16 times (16 i marked it down every time I faxed). I spend this time during the faxes sending emails to see if they got the faxes.

Yesterday they say they got it but I have to call back to talk to a tech.

So my phone doesn't work and I'm usung the chat feature. The first person is okay says I need hte POP and reciept. I explain she says she needs the box number to conferm all my stuff. Okay dont have that right now. So we end session I will do it later

I talk to new person. He explains that the warrenty is out of date and I need to pay to have it fixed. So I'm like fine how much? $119 to $124 okay I tell him I'll think about it.

I'm going to call tomorrow and talk to someone in person. I haven't had it a year, I didn't drop it, the camera broke of its own accord. It broke when I turned it off.

OH! and I just looked at the box. It was bought 12/15/04.... they have 1 year warrenties. I'm more frustrated with HP then Apple right now. =(


Back when airborne express was still airborne express we had this issue, but I didn't expect it to continue with DHL. My first mistake.

I ordered a digital camera (canon a610) from on the 25th. I ended up with a great deal and was very happy. I didn't expect to receive it until the end of this week (used a code for free shipping) and was surprised when I got an email saying it would be here the 28th.

This is the feedback I sent to the DHL website (they had a 500 char. limit...ugh)
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Am I wrong for being upset about that?

Now, for a bit of good service (I hope)...
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