November 25th, 2005

I work in retail, at Mark's Work Wearhouse.

Yesterday, one of my co-workers was on the floor, in the cash, looking for his nametag. A woman walked up to cash with her purchases and he completely ignored her. He stood there for a few minutes and then left the cash without saying anything to her. I came up to the cash, and asked if I could help her. When I started ringing through her purchases, she ranted about how rude he'd been and told me and my supervisor that his behaviour should be corrected.

He does stuff like this all the time to customers and it's usually when he works with me. He doesn't care about the job and it drives me crazy. Any ideas on how to tell my manager that he's giving horrible service and shouldn't be allowed to work here anymore (it's completely customer-service oriented work) without sounding like a tattletale?

Frappuchino argument

Severity-Not too bad, minor annoyance
I ordered a grande mocha frapp. The men were very friendly. The place was a little busy, but not horrendously one was waiting for drinks and only 1 or 2 people behind us. They call my name and I see what is clearly a caramel frapp. 1. The mocha has no syrup on it. This clearly has caramel syrup all over the top. 2. The colors are different-the caramel drink is a lighter fawn color and the mocha is a brown, chocolate color. Clearly the wrong drink. Its my name and on the side of the drink it says MF so I know they just made the incorrect drink. No biggie.
Me-Excuse me, I think this is a caramel frapp and I ordered a mocha (apologetic, polite)
Girl-**annoyed tone of voice** Uhm, no, actually that is a mocha **looking at me like Im an idiot and half rolling her eyes**
I kind of stand there stunned for a second and the guy who made the drinks looks at us and goes Oh!. He walks over
Nice Boy-Oh my god! That was a mocha wasnt it? I accidentally made a caramel. Im so sorry, let me remake that for you. The holidays have just been crazy!
Me-Oh thank you so much! I love the mochas **cue us talking friendly for a few moments**
Girl rolls her eyes and walks away without so much as a smile.
Then we walked out and she was standing at the door smoking and talking on the cell phone omging about how much she hates work.
Ok...Im not saying that you have to lick my ass. In fact, I know holidays are nuts and they were probably busy and work does suck. But just the fact that the drink was clearly made incorrectly and NOT what I ordered (as stated on my receipt and the actual cup!) and she rolled her eyes and treated me like I was a moron for knowing the difference between two VERY different drinks. I know my Starbucks frapps probably as well as an employee :p
Sweet vindication that the man walked over and confirmed my suspicions about the drink. I wish I could have somehow left my entire tip for him (as well as the cashier men) because they were extremely polite and good that she will get part of my money :p
(Oh and kudos to all the other employees I experienced today-good natured, friendly, and efficient even with the insane customers and constantly being busy! Wish I could have tipped all of them! Except for the Starbucks girl :p )

**tells self to proof before posting as she edits for the 4th time