November 22nd, 2005


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I work in a shopping mall. I rely on our food court for sustenance on my breaks. There are plenty of places with products that actually resemble real food, but if I'm in a hurry to get back to the shop, my experience has been that our Wendy's is very fast. It appears that this is no longer the case.

When I got there on Saturday, the line was held up because one of the workers had overcharged someone's Visa and the manager was trying to straighten it out. No big deal, everyone makes mistakes. When I finally got up there to place my order, I ordered a Big Bacon Classic and a medium fry. The cashier gave me an odd look and asked if I wanted the combo, because "it's cheaper." I smiled and said that I didn't want the drink (I had a coffee drink back at work). She double-checked several times, and I repeatedly reassured her that I didn't want the combo. This was partially because the combo was not, in fact, cheaper. It's listed as $4.79, and my total was $4.48.

Now, there was a guy in the back who appeared to be exclusively in charge of fries. He kept getting fries for orders, then spending several minutes asking his other busy coworkers exactly what size fries he needed and where they were supposed to go. They seemed exasperated, and told him that it was on the screen, but he replied, "Well, I wanted to be sure." Then, they ran out of fries. He quickly put two baskets into the fryer, as his manager gave her best "oh my god, I'm going to kill you" face. I was informed that it would be about 3 minutes for my fries.

When the fries were finally ready, the girl at the other register started getting her customers' fries herself, since the fry guy was doing nothing useful. As such, people from her line who had ordered after me were getting their orders almost immediately. Finally, the manager got my fries and filled my order, and I was free to go. By this time, half of my half-hour break was gone. I wouldn't mind so much if I hadn't chosen Wendy's purely on the fact that it WOULDN'T take up half of my break time.

Several of my coworkers have had the similar problems with our Wendy's lately. I guess they no longer have an efficient staff.
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Lawn Guys

I hired a local landscaping company to level out a part of the front yard. Guy cmes out, gives the stimate yadda yadda. I have an Akita here. Anyone not familiar with that dog they are HUGE. Jagger is around 90 pounds. I think the name Akita means "Big Friggin Dog" in Japanese. :)

I told the guy that Jagger stayes in the backyard, not to open the fence, he doesn't like strangers he hasn't been introduced too ect. The guy told me that he wouldnt be doing the work so I told him to please make sure the guys knew that they are NOT to go in the backyard. My dog is very sweet but I wasn't sure of his reaction to strangers in the yard. We have a beware of dog sign on the gate as warning. No problem right?


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What is it with Wendy's lately?

This is part sucky service, and part sucky management.
On Sunday evening, I was stuck in a food court with few options. Noting that my first choice, a deli place, looked to be closing, I decided to brave the line at Wendy's instead. While in line, I looked at the menu and decided that a single combo with a baked potato sounded pretty tasty.
The line was getting rather long, and I was pleased to note that the manager came out and opened a second register. I went up, ordered my food, and moved to one side to wait. As I was waiting, the customer who had been two ahead of me came back up to the counter. Turns out he was given a mushroom chedder melt instead of the big bacon classic with cheese that he orderd. The manager fixed the problem, and then handed me my bag.
Some instinct kicked in, because I checked the bag before I walked away. Sure enough, fries instead of a baked potato. I got the manager's attention, and he got my potato and let me keep the fries (which I gave to a hungry friend). Satisfied, I walked off to my table. Opened up my sandwich and...
It was a plain cheeseburger. Now, for me at least, part of the appeal of a Wendy's burger is that it comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. without having to ask for them. Fuming slightly, I went back and got it fixed.
The manager's excuse? "Well, she's new." The response I wish I'd given on behalf of the frazzled looking prep girl? "Then maybe she shouldn't be trying to cope with such a massive rush by herself! Get the rest of them on the ball!" Seriously, there were at least three other people back there, and only one appeared to be doing anything even remotely useful. While I'm glad manager fixed the problem, a little more attention to what was going on behind him could have prevented the problem in the first place.
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First post

Last night I made a trip to the mall to return a single camisole I got from the Limited. I walk in with the original bag, the receipt in my hand, the credit card used to make the purchase in my hand. When I walk up to the counter there are two cashiers behind it and two customers. The one on the left is a manager and the one on the right is some twiggy high school bimbette. As the girl on the right is finishing her sale and putting it into the bag, she looks up at me and says to the manager woman that she's taking a break. Now, all she does it turn her back to me and start looking through the clothing on the back counter, just kind of swishing them around and not sorting, folding, organizing or doing anything that looked even remotely like work. She was picking them up and putting them to her body to see how she'd look, the whole time avoiding eye contact. The customer on the left, meanwhile, apparently is a regular customer but has some issues with returns, exchanges, gift receipts, certificates... basically a lot of random stuff all at once. So I ended up standing there for about 10 minutes while little miss I'm So Special jsut didn't *feel* like helping me and her manager didn't say a thing. Now, I had to make a special trip just for this, my friend was in the hospital and I wanted to visit her, I had an appointment scheduled for later in the evening, and this totally ticked me off. When the manager finally finished with her regular, it took less than a minute to help me.
Bad service, you think?
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DD Toasted

Now, I know that you have to ask for bagels or english muffins to be toasted at Dunkin Donuts. It kind of surprised me the first time but hey, some people probably take them home or to work and toast them there so no problem.

It did surprise me when the cashier asked me if I wanted the english muffins on my bacon, egg and cheese on an english sandwich toasted. Do a lot of people order a sandwich, take it home, take it apart, toast the muffin and then re-assemble the sandwich?

The actual bad service part? I said, yes, I would like my sandwich toasted. About ten miles down the highway I actually opened and bit into my sandwich. Guess what, raw untoasted english muffin sandwich!

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More on the SBC saga...I want to fucking scream.

Read this if you don't know about my issues with SBC.

I just got the phone number for support off their website...talked for 20 minutes to a guy who finally asks if it says "Dish TV" on my says "Direct TV".


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Friday yet

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I don't get that much time off from work, so when I got a notification from my gas supplier saying that they wanted to send a technician to service my boiler on 28th November I was torn between being happy and not that impressed. But the central heating is a bit wonky, and with winter coming I didn't want to be stuck with a cold house, so I immediately tried to schedule them for a convenient time.

I work in retail, and am not actually permitted to take holidays between Nov 25 and Jan 15. So after many phone calls I persuaded them into coming on 21st Nov instead. So I went through the long-winded proceedure that meant I could take the day off.

Then they sent me a letter to say they couldn't come on the 21st after all. So I had to reschedule my day off. My rescheduling also annoyed and inconvenienced my poor harassed under-staffed boss - but it had to be done as my central heating pretty much works as and when it feels like it - and with snow forecast on thursday I want reliable heating!

I was told the engineer would come by between 12 and 6pm. So I had to wait in for them. At 5:50pm they showed up.

They came in, and despite the fact that I was annoyed that I had waited in all afternoon for nothing (not their fault I know) I offered a cup of tea.

They accepted, and began setting up to look at the boiler.

Then they started packing up again equally fast.


They told me there were mouse droppings in the boiler - and then they couldn't back away fast enough.

So I explained that my cat likes to hunt, and although we are usually very careful about letting her in case she has caught something, my boyfriend had accidentally let her in with a live mouse about ten days earlier, and it had got away and hidden under the boiler and it had taken us a week to catch the bloody thing and get rid of it... so yeah, there were a few mouse droppings.

But the engineer started to leave anyway, and told me that when there was no evidence of mouse infestation they would come back and do the work on the boiler.


I told them that there was no mouse, but they just drank their tea and walked out.

Great, so I wasted one of my precious days off just have to suffer with really screwed up central heating because they were freaked out by a tiny bit of mouse poo.

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