November 20th, 2005

bad service from the cops?


Please, SOMEONE. Explain this logic to me.

Scenario: van gets broken into. owner of van finds the perp, he threatens her with bodily harm and then takes off. witnesses arrive on scene, police are called. they set up around the area and scour for the perp.

Confuzzlement: Not a single cop has checked the van, talked to the victim or taken statements. It's now been 2 hours and there's no ETA. Witness, namely moi, gets to stay up all night on the offchance that the police call. The victim, who is understandably shaken and upset (this is the 3rd time her van has been broken into, and she can't afford to replace it, having just invested in extra security measures and a $2000 wheelchair lift for her husband) - is subject to the same fate.

What the jiminy jebus FUCK?!
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The taco bell near us is pretty bad, a good third of the time they don't give us an item. My father told me years ago that what they do is not ring up an item in the order, charge you the full price of everything, and then pocket the change. Last time I was there, I heard the total, my boyfriend gave the bills and I counted out the change (which I'm really good at because I work retail). He tells me that I counted it out wrong, so I grab a few more coins, and he hands them to the employee. I go over it all in my head, realize that whatever I had at the time had been correct and that the employee had stiffed us our change. It's a few cents mister, do you really need it that badly that you have to steal from customers?

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Today I went to Lerner (NY & Co.) to get some new pants and some socks. My mom has a credit card there and put me on it so I can use it. She has requested a card for me three times. She still hasn't received one. Bad service, yes, but not a huge deal. I can go in there and give them our info and they can call it in. It usually takes about 2-3 minutes for them to do it and even though it's an small inconvenience to them, they're usually really nice about it. I live 350 miles away from my mom, so it's not like I can just borrow her card.

For those of you who don't know, their clothes are pretty much business casual/kind of middle age women clothes. I usually wear band shirts and Levi's and an old pair of Chucks. I also have a Misfits purse that catches some strange looks when I go in there. I usually ignore it. Between my mom and I we spend between $200-$300 there a month. We're good customers. We've been shopping there since I was in Jr. High (which was about 15 years ago.)

I found a pair of pants I like (in a size bigger than I bought last time even though I've lost 10 lbs. They are cutting their clothes smaller now. I hate it, but that's a different rant altogether.) I pick out some socks and head for the counter. We get up to the counter and the girl doesn't say anything. She doesn't even smile. She barely makes eye contact. I knew this was going to be trouble. I had all of my stuff out for her to call it in. I explained the situation and this is what went down:

Her: I can't call this in or ring it up. You have to call customer service.
Me: We have, three times, and they still haven't sent us another card.
Her: Well you need to call them again then, I can't help you.
Me: I've never had a problem with this before. I come in several times a month and they always call it in. Can I speak with your manager?

*She asks her manager who tells her to just call it in. She rolls her eyes, then huffs over to the phone and calls in. It takes her about 10 minutes. The whole time she's sighing and rolling her eyes and giving me dirty looks. I'm getting extremely pissed off at this point. She finally comes back over and tells me that she requested the card again and it should be at my mom's in 7 days and she starts ringing me up. I thank her and apologize for the inconvenience. I'm still pissed off, but I was being nice because I realized that I was inconveniencing her. She rolled her eyes AGAIN, shoved the bag at me and mumlbled under her breath "have a nice day." because she had to say it.

It's not like I was asking her to bend the rules. I wasn't asking her to do something outside of her job description. I wanted to buy some pants and socks and leave. It's not my fault that the company has ignored my mom's request 3 times for a card. She lied to me to try to get rid of me. Am I blowing this out of proportion or should I write to corporate?
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Walked into a clothing store recently, and two (the only two) sales associates were gabbing it up in the front of the store, laughing. The short, older one, stops, gives me the dirtiest look, I mean, it would make milk curdle in an instant and says, "Hello." I look at her and pleasantly return her Hello, and she goes back to smiling and laughing with the other lady who didn't even look at me the entire time. I wander in the back for a good ten to fifteen minutes and noone stopped by to ask if there was anything they could help me with today (standard for this store).... There was noone working in the back, putting stuff away, they were the only two people.

Now, had I wanted to find the skirts section bad enough I could've walked to the front and asked them where it was, but I thought obviously they don't want the commission if they believe gabbing away at the front of the store is seomthing more important than checking in on customers. There were a few customers roaming aimlessly in the back of the store as well. I shrugged it off as two idiots who couldn't be bothered and left the store.

Not to mention, wtf was up with the cut eye you old hag? Geez. Sure fire way to send customers running the opposite way.

Even my friend who works at the same store, another location agreed that they must have something wrong with their heads. She said she's been receiving complaints about that store though all year round, customers saying it's the one store they hate going to, it has horrible service and rotten staff. After that experience, I can't help but agree. Geez.
My hair is on fire!

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I hate you Sony, customer support, when I told you Windows wasn't recognizing the driver, you told me the driver wasn't necessary and walked me through plugging in and turning on my camera, explaining that magically Windows will pick up the driver. HELLO!!!! That's what I wrote you! It wasn't picking it up like it normally does!

I also love how you treated me like I was five and explained how to remove pictures from my camera. Disregard the fact the question wasn't about this, and you know, I've had the camera for about 3 years or so, and it's worked up til yesterday and I certainly didn't forget to turn it on....

Fck you. Start reading the fcking e-mail before you reply your canned responce of how to turn on the camera and extract the photos. I'm not a flaming retard.

(Side note: I managed to solve the problem myself by flipping back to a previously installed driver for the USB ports and rebooting, but no thanks to Sony of course).

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So a friend of mine and I were on our way to meet two of our guy friends for a yummy Italian dinner. Their treat. I love boys. I had to stop and get gas and a pack of smokes, so I stopped at my favorite gas station (and also the subject of another bad_service post, although it doesn't appear that the cashier in question at the time works there anymore, and I haven't had a problem since until now) because 9 times out of 10 they are extremely fast.

So, I pump my gas and go inside. There is only one cashier so I get in line behind 2-3 high school aged kids.

K- Kid
C - Cashier

K - Come on Mom just loan me ten dollars!
C - Why don't you just go to the ATM?
K - I don't have time!
C - Well if you weren't always with your slacker friends (many of whom were present in the store) you'd have time!
K - But MOM!
C - Fine, but you had better go to the ATM first thing tomorrow, you got it?
K - Whatever.

[Meanwhile your heroine, me, is getting more than a little exasperated as we already had to push the time back by 30 minutes in order to make it on time, and now it's looking like we're not even going to make that.]

So then the cashier pulls out her purse, digs around, finds a $20, opens her drawer to make change, then puts half of it away and gives the other half to her son. Finally done, right? Wrong.

K - *hands cashier a soda and bag of chips*
C - It's $1.79
K - *hands cashier debit card*
C- You're paying for this with your DEBIT CARD? What about the $10 I just loaned you!
K - I need that for later!
C - Don't you have to work tonight! What could you possibly need it for?
K - *whine* I don't work until 9:30 mom!
C - Whatever, just give it to me.

[Meanwhile the other friends of this kid have made their way up to the front with their choices, and they all tried to join the kids already standing there thus cutting in front of me in line. To which I responded with the Glare Of Doom and a deadpan "I was first." To which the teenagers grumbled but got out of my way.]

So the cashier finally finished ringing her son up, and it was *finally* my turn. Did I get a hello? No. No greeting whatsoever. I set my redbull on the counter and requested a pack of Marlboro Menthol Lights, Box. Meanwhile she and her son are still arguing. She grabbed Marlboro Lights instead. I corrected her mistake. She grabbed Marlboro Menthols. I corrected her mistake again. Her and her son are still arguing. She grabbed Marlboro Menthol Lights, Softpack. I correct her mistake again vowing to throw the next pack of wrong cigerettes at her son. They're still arguing. I had to tell her three times "I have gas on 12". After time two I should have just taken her not ringing it up as an indication that I didn't have to pay for it. Damn my honesty.

15 minutes after I entered the gas station, I finally make it back to my car. 15 minutes. In a gas station. With one person in front of me in line. I'd say I was exaggerating, but my waiting friend, who was also less than pleased informed me that it was 15 minutes to the minute. We were late. Thankfully the boys had waited to make a reservation, but still.

I mean seriously. Even when I would visit my mom at the FAMILY BUSINESS, if a customer came in I'd make myself scarce in the office until she was finished and we could finish our discussion. Very poor form on both the kid, and his mother's part.