November 18th, 2005


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This one's been bugging me for awhile. I absolutely love this little sushi place across the street from the store I work at, it's my number one place to go when I eat out. One night, we go there at around 9 and the place is packed, we consider going elsewhere but decide to tough it out. There are a couple tables open (about 3 in a place that holds maybe 20) so we get seated immedietly. 10 minutes pass. The waitress walks by, I start to ask for a menu, she cuts me off saying "Just a moment," without even stopping or looking at us, she just hurries by. It almost seems now that she's purposely avoiding us. The tables are set up in a square, and rather than going straight down the isle where we're sitting, she'll walk over to the next isle, around, and back up, where she walks twice as far to get to two tables behind us. 5 more minutes have passed.

Finally, Another waitress comes over who seems to know the people across from us, they chat for a minute. When they're done talking, the people at that table said that we were trying to ask for something. She gives us our menus immedietly, along with our tea, takes our order about 2 minutes after we've gotten our menus, and bring us miso soup within another minute. She jokes around and is really nice, and the food comes really quickly (considering how full the place is). We ended up leaving a $5 tip on a $10 meal-in cash, so that it won't be credited to the other lady if we're in her area (I don't know how these things work).

I was so glad the second lady came along, the first lady was really a bitch. I don't consider being curtly told by a waitress who won't even look at me that she's too busy to give me a freaking menu. Every other time we've been in there, she's always there looking hostile. I don't know if it's just our appearance since it's always my boyfriend and me who are ratty looking college students, or if she's this rude to everyone, but I just find it unacceptable.

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one time my family went to mc donalds
we all ordered, blah blah came home to eat
and i opened up my plain cheese burgr
and it had 4 meat patties.
it went from 1, to 4 with all the fixings
the wrapper on the outside said it was to be my plain cheeseburger inside
everyone else had thier order perfectly except for me, the girl who got the GIANT cheeseburger.
Aim to misbehave


Is it just me, or does it seem a lot of fast food restaurants have stopped giving out napkins in the drive-thru? I don't know if it's policy, laziness, or just plain lack of attention, but about half the time I get not so much as a single napkin. Happened at Arby's last night, and the Dunkin Donuts I go to is the worst offender. I'm lucky if I get a napkin one out of five times there.

I can understand not handing out condiments automatically, or not handing out a big pile of napkins. But can't I please have at least one??
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Just an odd question

Would you people consider it bad service if, for ebay auctions, it takes the person over a week to even acknowledge your payment? I mean, I've noticed alot of auctions I've won recently take one to two weeks to be shipped out. I know this is probably just splitting hairs, and people don't have alot of time during the week to mail things off, but when it takes an online e-bay store two weeks to realize that I paid the wrong amount for shipping *the error was corrected*, would you start to consider that bad service? What exactly is the set week limit on stuff like that?

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Not necessarily bad service, but annoying none-the-less.

Today was grocery shopping day so I stopped at KFC on the way home to get dinner. (Asking me to grocery shop AND cook dinner is expecting far too much. *grin*) I get a 10 piece meal figuring the kids and I will eat on that for several days. The girl at the drive thru tells me that they are presently having a deal that involves a 15 piece meal for less than the 10 piece is. (Good service there.) So, I get that instead.

I wait a bit in the line because they are massively busy. Not an issue as it's not like I have anywhere I have to be other than home to put groceries away. Exciting, huh?:)

I get my meal home and open the bucket looking for the dark meat. (I'm one of those freaks that hates white meat.) A leg. In the entire bucket of chicken I got 1 breast, 1 leg and 13 WINGS! What was I going to do with 13 wings?

I understand that perhaps they were running short on chicken, but if it's the case where I'm going to be stuck getting the left over stuff just tell me to pull off to the side while you cook some more.

Of course, this is the same KFC years ago that informed my dad that they were not serving chicken that day but he was free to order anything else he wanted. *grin*