November 17th, 2005

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Last night I went to Taco Cabana, a place that is way nicer than Taco Bell or Taco Bueno, but still pretty cheap. There was a sign up for a new enchilada item that sounded really good. It didn't specifically say if it came with beans and rice, so when I ordered I politely asked the girl there if it did. She simply said, "I don't know" and then stared at me. There were quite a few employees around her, and I found it to be very bad service that she didn't say "I don't know, but give me a moment and I'll ask" and then asked one of them for me.
My hair is on fire!

Random wtf..

Went to Wendy's a few days back, ordered a Number 4 extra pickles, rootbeer and then on top of that a side caesar salad.

I watched her punch it in, and had to remind her I wanted fries with the combo and an extra caesar side salad. That was fine, I could understand how that could be confusing cuz salads can be subbed in.

She went and got everything, and put the salad in a separate bag (kinda wasteful, but I understand why the do it). She was filling my drink when I checked the salad bag. It had the dressing and the salad, no croutons. So when she handed me my drink, I thanked her and said, "Could I have the croutons too?"

She was me the blankest stare and said "But I gave you the dressing already."

To which I gave her an equally blank stare. I was really confused thinking, what?! Dressing =/= Croutons. Does she think one comes and not the other? I was going to reply when I guess it hit her, what I had asked, and she went and got two crouton packages and threw them at me, and walked over to the drive through window.

Uhm, thanks, could do with less throwing. Thanks for two packages, I appreciate it, I wasn't asking for more, just what the standard was, thanks. You forgot the croutons, you work at Wendy's, maybe you're knew and don't realize it comes with it.... no need to get irritated at me.

customer service wha?

K there's an organization where I live called the Millenium Music Foundation and they put on concerts periodically... I saw a poster for one that interested me and called them and left a message about it. I was calling the same day as the concert, and I wasn't sure if it was too late to acquire tickets.

This was in... September sometime, I believe.

I didn't receive a return call so I figured I had called too late to arrange to get a ticket. No harm, no foul.

NOW, 2 or 2.5 months later, in 3 days they've called me as many times trying to tell me about the wonderful concerts they're putting on. Honestly, do they really think I'm still interested NOW after being ignored for the better part of 3 months? I think not. Oh and there's the fact that they seem not to be able to distinguish between the names Kelly and Julianne - I'm one and they keep calling me the other, despite the fact that my name is stated on my voicemail in such a way that you CAN'T misunderstand it.

Final note, and I could be wrong here, but I'm PRETTY SURE the name Rosza is NOT pronounced "rosé".

If I actually manage to catch them when they call, they're going to get a nice telling-off.
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Cute But Psycho

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An update to the above post...

When I checked my mail yesterday there was a cheque from the property managemetn company. It was dated November 15, 2005 (We moved out September 27, 2005). To add insult to injury, the management company had deducted $5 for keys, $5 for lightbulbs, and $2.50 for disbursement. Yup that's right, they charged us for their writing and mailing of the cheque that is a month late. Unbelievable arrogance.

I called the Residential Tenancy Office and they couldn't believe the gall of the management company either.

The date for the arbitration is December 13, 2005. I can't wait to stick it to them!!
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  • jumbach

This was several days ago and I'm still annoyed . . .

Dear clerk at the little cart at Disney World:

When I ask you if you take ATM cards, do not answer "yes," wait for me to pick out my purchases, and then ring them up before informing me you don't take ATM cards. It really is OK to tell me that you don't take ATM cards BEFORE I go shopping.

Thank you. That is all.
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Happy Girl

Someone was having a bad day

This happened a long long time ago. I must have been around 11 or 12.

A small explination of my family's tipping procedure is in order. Generally my parents had enough dollar bills and change for a tip. Occasionally, however, they did not. In those cases they would take their bill (to the cash register in the case of Denny's) and ask for the change to be in dollars (or fives) so they can tip. Whenever this happened my sister or I were left to "guard" the table so as to make it absolutely clear to the waitress/er that we weren't leaving and not to come looking for a tip.
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To this day, my parents always make 100% sure that one person is left at the table if they need to go to the register and get change. I also do this 100% of the time as well. I avoid using pennies and dimes as a tip too. o_o
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I fucking HATE SBC.

Remember this?

They finally came to install cable, which apparently is really satellite. The quality is HORRIBLE. The guide function is wrong half of the time. And the best part we just discovered.

We set a reminder for a show we wanted to watch. It automatically switched to the show. The show has been over for half an hour, and we can't change the channel, view the guide or menu, or even turn off the fucking tv because we don't have an "exit" button on our remote.

It keeps saying to press exit if we don't wish to view the show and WILL NOT TURN OFF.

Not even using the button ON THE FUCKING BOX.

And SBC, having WONDERFUL customer service, is FUCKING CLOSED.

I am seriously going to SHOOT THEM.

EDIT: Okay, we have finally got it unplugged and plugged back in and can use it, but it's fucking insane. They gave us the wrong remote obviously, and their whole "we're closed" thing is bullshit.

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Me and my friends went to the McDonald's (read 'arches of death') and i got two single patty cheeseburgers with no pickles.

When i say no pickles that does not mean to smother it with onions to the point that they litter my carpet when i open the wrapper like massive greasy confetti.
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I give up

Yesterday I treated my friend to lunch and we decided to go to a buffet. A month early we went to a casino and we recieved horrible service. However, I like to give places a second chance so we returned to the same casino and the same buffet. I thought itd be fine as we didnt have the same server. We get seated rather quickly (seeing as it was busy and they needed to get us a high chair and a booster seat). I get up to get my daughter's food after telling my friend what I wanted to drink and what to get my daughter to drink. I return, drinks are there, friend is now getting her food (after I got back), so I sit with the kids and start drinking my soda. Friend returns and I have about half a glass left so I get up and go get my food. As Im eating, my drink is quickly disappearing. No sign of the server. I get up to get more food and am completely out of soda. Still no sign of server or at least no sign of him acting like we are there. He comes by while I'm gone and I had put the empty plates in front of my empty glass. Would it have been so hard to ask friend if I needed a refill? I return plates gone and yet no refill. No sign of server. Everyone else around us has been asked if they needed anything but never us. I know I should of said something but a part of me felt like I would be telling him how to do his job. We had already decided that a bigger than normal tip would be in order as her kid is only 8 months old and bound to make a mess, however a lack of service wiped that thought away. While we were there, a shift change occurred and our "server" informed him that everyone but us was his section. As soon as he left, new guy immediately came up to our table and asked if we needed refills. My friend said no but left the new guy a tip just for asking. Reason she said no was we were leaving. This is the second time we have came to this particular buffet with our kids and we recieved the same lack of service twice. We decided they dont deserve any other chances from us. All that needed to be done to make sure we were happy and to ensure a big tip was to ask if we needed refills. Thats all. Oh well, lesson learned.
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we shall call it your grave!
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Dear Jerks at A&W,

I have a strong aversion to pickles. Smelling them makes me sick, tasting the juice makes me sick, and knowing that you were just morons who simply took the pickles off of my burger without making any attempt to mask the flavor was plain stupid. Stupid I can forgive though -- what irks me is that you sat there and MADE FUN OF ME while I told you what I wanted on my burger. It's not difficult -- a bacon cheeseburger with ketchup only. No vegetables, no sauces or condiments other than ketchup, no NOTHING. Heart attack city, I know. But it's how I want my burger. I'm a very rare complainer, and when I do, I'm nice about it. But the fact that pickles will literally make me sick and almost vomit isn't something I think is particularly funny.

I could hear you laughing from my seat halfway across the restaurant. Real great way to get me to go there again.

No love,
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Cheeky Monkey

Oooh oooh. How could I not post this?

Went to one of the thirty local Sonics tonight to get some dinner. It wasn't any busier than Sonic usually gets, but it wasn't dead, either. Still. I have never had a Sonic screw up anything even once (probably an exaggeration, but the point is that it seems like they never have. Great service.)

I pushed the little Button of Magic and gave my order: "I'd like a Breakfast Bistro Sandwich combo, but with no meat--just egg and cheese on the sandwich. And could I substitute fries for the tater tots? (Sonic serves breakfast all day, and subbing fries is no problem. So this wasn't a pain in the ass request.)

Magic Voice: Sure!

Me: Okay. And for the drink, a Diet Coke with easy ice.

The carhop brought out my food--cute kid. I wanted to pinch his cheeks. Anyway, I looked in my bag and saw tots instead of fries. I didn't really care, because hell, potatoes are potatoes and my show was starting soon, so I drove home.

I unwrapped the sandwich, ready to try that mmmm!tasty looking new egg/cheese Breakfast Bistro Sandwich that someone at my work had tempted me with that very morning. Instead of what I expected, I beheld a Bacon/Egg/Cheese Toaster sandwich, an item I once found so delicious that I am completely burned out on them now.

At least my soda was right. :-D

I will continue frequenting all Sonics, since this is the first oops I've seen or remembered in about eight years.

Edit: I will say with certainty that Sonic has never...EVER...given me a Regular soda in place of a diet one. I wish I could say the same for every other fast food place in history, some of them repeating offenders for three visits in a row. GAHHHHHHHHHHHH, I hate that so much. Always test your soda before driving off, kids.