November 16th, 2005

I just want my money back!

So I'm hating the fact that I've sort of become a frequent poster to this community, I hate to seem like a kvetch but I am livid right now and I have to vent.

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EDIT I called and spoke to the GM of the hotel today around 11:45m. He apologized for everything and said he would check with R and find out what was going and call me back. I've yet to receive a call so this is not looking good so far...
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I *hate* dentistry

((copied from my regular LJ)) Hi, I'm a new member, and such.
I just got back from a dental appoinment(temp crown... >_>), and the f*cking dentist decided to give me 1/2 of the Novacaine thingy. I *need* two to not be in any pain in a half hour.
When I said, "Ow, it hurts!" a lot, she was like, "It only hurts a little..." My mom and I were like, "NO IT DOESN'T! IT HURTS A LOOOOTTTT!"
The thing that makes me *prone* to this sort of thing is being a. resistant to Novacaine, and b. being the sort of person who may wince/twitch, but doesn't complain unless they're really in pain....
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