November 15th, 2005

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I decided to stop into Wendys to get lunch a while back, on my way home from work. I decided to go inside and order to go, as everytime i did the drive through my order would get messed up... (IE: when ever I ask for no mustard i would get EXTRA instead; would order biggie size, and get a biggie drink but not fires, etc.) My order: a Bacon cheesebrger (No mustard and No pickle) biggie combo, with a 5 peice nugget. I got the bag, went out to my car and started to go home.

I usually eat the fries while driving home, as they would be cold by the time I get there. They were all dumped on the bottom of the bag. She had put the fries in the bag UPSIDE DOWN... same wht the nuggets... I was a little irked at this, but eh... i just took the two empty containters out and the sandwich, and WALLA! I had a bag-o-fried and salted goodness. all was still fine.

Then I got home. Set the bag on the counter, took the dog out, took my shoes off, etc. Finnally sat down to eat the burger. Open it up and noticed a few things: there were pickels on it... Lots of 'em. What the burger DIDNT have? cheese or MEAT... no beef at all. two strips of bacon, some lettuce, tomato, onion, and the renegade pickels between a bun.

I called and spoke to a manager, and he said that if I was willing to drive BACK there, then he would replace the entire order. I was able to get a voucher for a free combo meal of the same type to use some other time.

I could understand the pickles, but how do you forget the meat or cheese on a cheeseburger?


Story #2

For my Girlfriends Birthday both of our families(total of 8) met at Olive Garden for diner. Food was great, service was as good as it could be considering how busy it was. (Our server had all of her tables come in and sit at the same time)

What bothered me was when the check came. The tip was allready figured out on the bill. Not even in the manner of: your meal was $X, suggested tip of 15% would be $Y. How much would you like to put on your card?_______ Sign here______ i think that would be fine. But the way the bill presented it was:

Your meal was $X, Tip (15%) $Y, Your card will be charged $X+$Y. Sign here______ As if it werent even an option. there was no place where I could write in an amount for the tip instead. What if I had wanted to leave less or more? Or if I had wanted to tip in cash? Or even if I hadent looked at the bill enough, signed, and then left a cash tip too?

Now, again, the server deserved a good tip, as she was working her tail off. Its the fact that the tip was just included into the total as if I HAD to pay that seemed rather sketchy.

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Saturday night a friend and I met up at a restaurant we use to frequent. We use to go to this family run italian restaurant a couple times a week but moved out of that area a few years ago.
Since we both live across the city (me farther) our visits to this restaurant are a few times a year. The same waitress still works there and still recognizes us when we go and we are generally ok tippers.

When I arrived at the restaurant my friend was already seated. I joined him and he had nothing on the table. I asked him how long he was there and he said 5 minutes or so.

Another 5 minutes passed and the waitress (who knows us) came and gave us our menus. The restaurant is small and there was 2 servers working. One server had a table of 3 behind my friend and other tables of 1 and 2. My server had us (2) and other tables of 1,1, and 2. The restaurant was almost full at this time. This is how small of a restaurant it is.

We sat another 10 minutes before the waitress came back to take the order. We both had the special with soup and a glass of water. We prefer water because it doesn't hinder the flavor of the food and I don't like milk or soda with meals....generally. It's not because I'm cheap or anything. Anyway afer a couple minutes the waitress brings us our water and soup.

So far so good.

The rest of our visit I realized the table behind my friend was friends or family of the other server. She spend every moment she could running to this table to socialize and bring water and drinks. I didn't really care because I was not in her section.

Our waitress returned and cleared the table. We went back to our chit chat and I noticed the man sitting beside me was being quite social with my server and she spent alot of time chatting with him. Again no big deal he was alone and so what. After she finished with him she went to the kitchen and brought out our meal, placed it on the table and walked away! No "can I get you anything else or enjoy your meal."! I was kind of stunned because she was never that blunt with us before.

The food was excellent but halfway through we ran out of water and I was getting thirsty. The other server gave the table behind my friend more water and started to walk away. I said "excuse me" but she either ignored or didn't hear me.

I kept an eye on my waitress and she visited with kitchen staff and puttered around behind the bar. My mouth got so dry I started to cough on some food because I had a hard time swallowing. My eyes got all teary and my friend asked if I was ok. I shook my head no and wispered I needed water. Not once during the meal did the waitress return. The man who was sitting beside me had left and was paying his bill so it was more important for her to gab with him forever!

When he left she finally walked over to clear the plates. She didn't ask how the meal was or anything! My friend finally asked for more water. It was a welcome sight to get another glass of water! When we left he tipped 20%! I was so mad! I told him she didn't really deserve anything! The service was horrible! In the years I worked waiting on tables I never once not made it back to a table to ask how things were! I didn't get it because she was never that bad before, but considering she wasn't that busy it was unacceptable.

Telstra sucks I hate them

First let me say, We are not with Telstra anymore after the way they treated my sister.

Here is a little bit of background. My sister is disabled she has an 'unknown' disability so in other words she has little bits of many disabilities. She functions pretty well in social situations, but she needs something explained to her in a way she can understand. She turned 18 at the start of the year and we are currently getting her ready to move and become a person in the world, not just someone who only functions around other people like her.

About 3 weeks ago, I was at my Dad's house with my sister, and Telstra rang about making sure we were happy with our service and to try and sell us more things that we don't need. Jacinta (my sister) was in charge of the phone that day (so she could get some practise, she is scared of the phone which was why I was there as well). So she answered the phone and put it on speaker phone, so she could hear it a little better and I could step in if needed. Please do not get angry with myself or our family for doing this as, we are doing our best to get her ready to go out into the world, and we all learned at one stage how to use a phone etc.

The conversation went as so.

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Story: I work for an online computer supply company. We deal with different distributors. I have to make calls to them to check stock on items, etc. Conversation:

ME: your computer supply slave
FNUT: the f*ck nut

FNUT: This is A-Hole speaking. What can I do for you?
ME: Hi, how are you?
FNUT: What can I do for you?!
ME: (okay, I'm doing well also rude ass) Okay, I'd like to check stock on some items please.
FNUT: Alright. What's the part number?
ME: First one is #56586.
FNUT: How many are you looking up
ME: About 4.
FNUT: (big sigh) Hold on, let me transfer you over to someone who has time.
ME: No problem. Sorry if I caught you at a bad time.
FNUT: No, it's not a bad time. I just don't like to deal with more than one part #.
ME: Oh. Well, sorry again.
FNUT: You should have told me it would be more than one.
ME: Uhm, I told you in the beginning I was checking stock on some items.
FNUT: Hold your horses, I'm transferring you.

If you can't handle more than one part number, then you shouldn't be working for a company that deals with numerous part #'s everyday. Loser.