November 7th, 2005

Terrible server

What's with people in here deleting other people's comments lately? Lame. Why bother posting your shit if you're going to disable/delete comments? Imbeciles.

Anyway, my fiance and I were at a restaurant the other day and we had the SHITTIEST waitress I've ever seen. Her name tag to my surprise said her name as well as "I've been employed here for 27 years". Well, not only does that make me feel sorry for her that she's been waitressing THAT long, but it would make you think that "Hey, if she's been working here THAT long you'd think she'd know how to do her job and do it well!". Of course not! So, onto the story..

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Shittiest server EVER. I've never ever received such disgusting service in my entire life. I was appauled. I'm thankful that the manager was kind and understanding. Even still, I cannot get over the shitty service before the manager came out. How terrible. I'm thankful I kept my cool.
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Bad site host

I should start by saying I blog on many sites (xanga, myspace, LJ, OD). I started with an OpenDiary four years ago and I finally caved in and paid for a subscription. I've been loyal through a great many of problems in the past and I decided he had shaped up enough to earn my cash.

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gee a great end to my crappy day.

Have you ever had one of those days where it just sucks and no matter what you try to do to make it better it's just not your day? I had one of those last week and a friend of mine was having one as well so we decided to go out and get come comfort food at a place near where we live that is kind of like a Denny's but it's not a chain.
When we got there a waitress come over and just dropped menus down on the table and walked away. She didn't hand them to us or introduce herself just plop and walk. We looked around and noticed it wasn't that busy but thought maybe she was the only one here so we decided to cut her some slack. We opened our menus and started looking over the drinks to decide what we wanted and had our stuff picked out in about two minutes but when the waitress still hadn't come over ten minutes later we decided we would decide what we wanted for dinner as well so we could just give her our entire order at once so she wouldn't have to come back. After another ten minutes pass we noticed that there were another at least two waitresses on the floor so we tried to flag someone down to take our order. When our waitress showed up five minutes later she just took out drink orders and didn't wait for our dinner orders and left. Our drinks showed up five minutes later and she took off again. She came back 10 minutes later and took our food order. Sitting there starving we figured we had been waiting about half an hour and all we had to show for it was two very watered down pepsi's. another twenty minutes or so rolls by and our food shoes up cold chewy and gummy like it had been waiting a while. We took about three bites each and decided it was nasty and we just wanted our check so we could go somewhere else. We waited about another fifteen minutes and and she actually came over to check on us and we asked her if we could get another order and she said we could but we would be charged for it we didn't want to pay extra for more crappy food so we just asked for the check. The check however only took about two minutes to get to us and she said that she would be our cashier when we were ready to pay. We went right up to pay and she looked at our table and saw that we hadn't left a tip so she asked up how much we wanted to leave on my debit card. I told her we were less than pleased with her service attitude promptness and the quality of the food and drinks and that we weren't leaving one. (I did feel bad because I have never not left a tip before but this was without a doubt the WORST service ever). Then as she runs my card through she tells me that she hates working here because cheap college students like us are the only people that come through. I asked her what she had said and she replied louder this time so that people turned around that we were selfish brats and that she wasn't going to be out some money because we're cheap and she didn't appreciate us coming in.
Ok fine we'll help her out by not coming back.
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Less bad and more annoying, but all the same.

Yesterday at Wal Mart, I'm standing in line behind this lady who is trying to pay with a check. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the cash register isn't trying the check. We know this because the cashier tried running it upwards of twenty times.

Eventually it did work, but throughout the ordeal the woman trying to pay REPEATEDLY offered to just pay with her credit card since she didn't want to hold up the line any more than it already was. But no, the cashier was like... completely locked on that task of repeatedly trying to shove it into the check thingit on the register. Over and over. Ignoring all pleas to stop.

But eventually it works, and the lady goes leaves after apologizing to my mother and I for holding the line up. Mom goes through the line, then I come up.

My debit card doesn't scan, which prompts me to remember that... yeah, at some places that have outdated scanning things, it won't scan because it's a little worn down. The card pad things at the front of the Wal Mart will take the card, but we were in the Garden Center, where they have outdated scanning things. So it didn't scan. I tried a couple more times, and the lady took my card from me to scan it in her keyboard, which is even more outdated than the card pad. At this point I ask her if she can't just type in the numbers, since that's what they do everywhere else it doesn't work, but she just continues to try to scan it. She even tries scanning it the wrong way, flipping it around and scanning it, etc.

In the meantime, my mother starts insisting that the woman just use her credit card (I didn't have any cash on me) to pay with it, but no. Once again the woman is locked in this task. She comes around to my side of the register to try scanning it in the card pad, but again, it continues to just give the Card Read Error thing.

One of her coworkers comes up and does that thing where they put it in a plastic bag and try scanning it, which I've never seen work for anyone, and it proceeds not to work for her. She states that this is 'very bad', and I reply that it scans at places with newer scanning stuff.

Anyway, cue a few more tries to swipe it, and then the woman LICKS HER THUMB AND RUBS IT AGAINST MY CARD.


I stand there in horror, unable to say anything, and even more angry because this didn't help at all and only served to show me how absolutely disgusting some people can be.

Eventually they listen to my mother's insisting to just use her card and be done with it, and we escape. This seriously went on for about ten minutes.

Edit: After typing all this up I decided it really probably would be a good idea to call the store and bring it up - the manager I talked to agreed that the spitting thing was extremely disgusting and will be talking to her. D:
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Manager called

This morning I had to stop on the way to work and pick up a couple of items. The only place to go was a certain store whose name begins with Wal and ends with Mart. Not my first choice, but as they're open 24 hours a day they were pretty much the only option I had so early in the day.

I went about the store getting the items I needed. None of them were in the same department, of course, because that would have been too easy. At last I get everything and go to the register.

The cashier picks up her phone and calls for a manager. I honestly did not think this had anything to do with me. I was wrong.

When the manager arrives, the cashier points to me and says "This man is trying to steal a shirt!" I was so surprised I didn't know what to say.

The manager pulls me aside and asks me if I really thought I could just walk out of the store without paying for the shirt. I am still completely confused.

Then it hits me.

I was wearing a shirt I had bought at that very store. I explained this to the manager who claimed that that made no sense and I was trying to get out of going to jail for shoplifting. I tried repeatedly to explain to him that I had bought the shirt months ago. He still wouldn't believe me.

At last I thought of something to convince him. I pulled the shirt out of my pants and showed him where the hem had come undone and was worn ragged. I asked if his store always sold damaged merchandise or if it was possible that I had bought the shirt and worn it over the past months.

He finally let me go on my way, but actually told me that I should never again wear into the store something that I had bought there. I'm glad he didn't want me to return the items I had gotten there. The only thing I was wearing that didn't come from that store was my glasses.

I just thought this was one of the stupidest things I've run into lately.

First Time Poster, Long Time Reader

My partner and I were in DC over the weekend, attending a gay bear social gathering. For the most part things went very well. Then I decided to go bar hopping with a couple of friends. We had a lot of fun at the first couple of the destinations, (the event planners provided free shuttle service from bar to bar to hotel), and then decided to head to the DC Eagle. I had never been there before, but wanted to go and see what it was like. That was where we encountered on of the rudest bartenders I have ever come across. My buddy and I placed our drink orders at the end of the bar. My cost was $4.50, so I did what I usually do and gave him a five, and told him to keep the change. His response was to shove the quarters across the bar and tell me to "keep the f*****g change" myself. I was quite taken aback, but held my tongue and moved out to the deck area with my buddies. We drank and chatted for a bit and were ready to order another round, so one of my friends, who was with me when it happened, was nice and offered to get a drink for me. He goes back inside to the bar, places the order, and when the same bartender hears my order, refuses to serve my friend! So he went to the other bartender on duty, got the drink order, left a $5.00 tip, and complained about his working colleague. The response? "I don't want to get into HIS drama". WTF? So we got outta dodge and reported this to the event planners. I plan on contacting the owners and letting them know how their staff treats customers too.
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While driving from Washington D.C. wedding back to my home state of N.Y. we made alot of stops at rest areas - about 99% of them had Starbucks. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I love their vanilla cremes and I must have stopped at Starbucks around 6 times in two days.
I think we were in Maryland and we had to stop for gas. I saw a sign for a Starbucks, so of course I had to jet over there. My brother ordered a grande vanilla creme and got it with no problem. Then my fiance and I placed our order - I ordered a tall vanilla creme and he ordered a tall cappuchino. He asked that it only be filled 3/4 of the way, so he would have room to add all of his extras. I got my drink with no problem. A few minutes later, he was handed his drink. Now, I was turned away talking to my brother. Apparently my fiance opened it up and it was only filled a quarter of the way, the next two quarters were just foam. My brother and I started to walk outside because it was very crowded and hot in there. When we got outside my fiance tried it and said it was nothing like a cappuchino, it was definitely something else. He was just going to throw it out but since I paid nearly $4 for that goddamn thing, my brother took it back inside with my reciept and ask if it could be fixed. The employee making the drinks said that she couldn't do anything about it, so my brother asked to speak to a supervisor. He told the supervisor that there was barely anything it and it seemed to be the wrong drink. He asked if it could either just be fixed or if he could just change it for another vanilla creme since there seemed to be no problem making those. The supervisor absolutely refused to do anything about it.

So, we get the wrong drink, and not even the whole thing, just a quarter of cup, and they refused to fix it. Assholes.

I'm wondering if I should write to Starbucks and complain, maybe I'll get some coupons to make up for it something....
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Dear lady, more information!

I'm a military dependent (wife of a man in the military). We recently got stationed in Japan, Misawa. Nice place, like the locals, awe inspiring mountains.

Because the Japanese government makes it dang near impossible to get jobs off base (lots of red tape) people who are stationed here are pretty much left with the base to get jobs. There's plenty of jobs avaliable because there are resturants and stores on base.

At this base, all the job applications can be done in one place. I don't know the official name for it (something squadron I think), but I call it the "employment office". It's really more like a hall way than an office though.

You walk in and you see what looks like a hall way. To the left is a small table with three chairs. In the wall is a large "window" shaped whole. Behind this is an office, sectioned off in cubicles. People searching for jobs go to the window and someone in the office "takes your order" so to speak. (Sorta like a big drive threw window in a hall way.)

The first time I went there, I was greeted promply by a women with curly black hair. She didn't seem too thrilled with me being there, but wasn't rude. I told her I was looking for a job (duh). She gives me two binders to look through.

These two binders are for different types of jobs, one seemed to be for more permanent jobs that require some type of experiance or education, the other was for jobs with no experiance that didn't require any long term commitments. She didn't bother to tell me this, I only found out because our sponser's wife (guy who helps knew people to the base) had used the employment office to find her job.

So I write down a couple of different jobs I'd like to apply for on my note pad. Then I go to the front desk and ask for some application forms. She grabs a piece of paper and gives it to me and says "You only get one, you have to make your own copies of the others." Alright, well, it would have been nice to know that waaay in advance. (Because I hadn't even gotten my house yet, much less my scanner/printer. I'd need to go find a place to copy these.)

I take my pitiful piece of paper and go to our hotel room. Shortly after we move into our new house. I end up losing my paper, so I need to go back.

Once again, same lady, same speel, same reaction. There are different jobs now and  some of the ones I wanted are gone. That's alright, I'm cool with that. I find a single job I would like to try for (I figure I fill it out, and come back a week later to get a new application form to copy. That way I have at least one job application going through), and go up to the front desk.

It doesn't take me long to realize there's no one there. I wait.. and wait... and still no one comes. I look at the other front desk (the one straight across, which I believe is used for other purposes) and notice a bell. Ah! I had forgotten that they normally have a bell or something like that so I start looking. Nothing. I keep waiting.

I notice there's a guy in his BDUs visiting someone who works in the office (this office  was far enough away that I couldn't flag down the person in it). I stare at him. Not meanly, not pleadingly, just stared. I've got nothing better to do until someone walks near me so I can flag them down. He must have felt sorry for me (and maybe weirded out that I was staring so blatantly), because I think he told someone out of my range of vision I was there and no one was helping me.

Shortly after he leaves a women with short blond hair walks over, a new face. She puts the bell--there was a bell!--in front of me. I get the impression that maybe it was suppose to be there to begin with and the women before her had left without bothering to put it up.

She asks if I've gotten a job here before. I told her no, I'd only been here a month or so. She smiled at me, and started explaining how I needed my passport, what information I needed to give, and then she gave me four pieces of paper to fill out.

Why did the other women not even bother to ask? New people are coming in and out all the time here. You can't ever assume someone has already filled out the paper work they need to, or that they'd even KNOW to ask for that paperwork. If she had even mention in passing that I need my passport I could have already gotten my application in the system. Now I have to visit them AGAIN and hope that this time I actually have everything I need.

This is my first time applying for a job. My first time even trying to GET a job. (Oh yeah, I'm spoiled, I know.) Who knew just trying to fill out the application form would be so complicated and take so long? ~_~

Note: I feel a bit validated in my opinion about the curily haired women. A friend of mine who's been here longer than me informed me that this women is totally unhelpful with everyone, no matter how long you've been there. I guess it's cause she's leaving soon, and figures that the worst management can do is fire her, and who cares about getting fired when you're gonna leave soon. :-/
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Are you fucking kidding me?

This morning, I went to Starbucks on my first break since I just started a month-long temp assignment after being unemployed for two months and wanted to celebrate a bit. I discover that they have the eggnog latte available, which I really like. I go up to the counter to order and the barista just kind of stares at me for a minute before saying "...what can I get you?"

I'm going to preface this by saying that I'm a big girl. I'm a 5'10", big-boned fatass. Not Jerry-Springer-cut-open-the-side-of-the-house-and-use-a-forklift-to-get-me-out-morbidly-obese-freakshow fatass, but I am overweight.

After that cheery greeting, I order a grande eggnog latte. He stares at me and asks " want a grande eggnog latte?". "Yes. A grande eggnog latte." "well...the eggnog we normally use is Would you like the non-fat eggnog?" "Um, no. I like it rich like that." "Are you sure?" "...yes." The barista sighs, puts the order into the register, runs my debit card, and sets off to make my drink. At that point I figure he's having a bad day and do a mental whatever.

A minute or so later, the barista calls out my latte. I go up to get it and find that it's a tall. "I'm sorry, I ordered a grande." I show the barista my receipt indicating that it's grande. "...are you sure you need a grande?" "Uh, that's what I ordered and that's what I'd like." Cue dramatic sighing. I wait at the counter while he's making the drink this time. Another male barista comes out from the back and starts to clean up the prep area. The barista preparing my drink walks over to him, rolls his eyes towards me and says, loudly enough for me to hear, "like she needs a grande eggnog latte."

Oh no he didn't!

I straighten up and glare. "Hey. You. Your manager? Get them. RIGHT NOW."

He deliberately turns his back to me and starts cleaning the counter. His coworker, who looked embarassed, says "hang on" and walks into the back, returning a minute later with a late twentysomething female manager who, incidentally, is rather chunky herself. She asks what the problem was and I explain the whole situation to her. She gets upset and turning to the rude barista, barks at him to clock out now and get his ass into the back office and wait for her. She turns back to me and apologizes profusely. "I will not tolerate BS like that in my store. Rest assured that I WILL take care of this so it never happens again and I will bring this up with the district manager. There is absolutely no excuse for that kind of behavior from one of my employees and he had no place to say ANYTHING like that." She apologizes again, refunds my purchase, makes me a fresh grande eggnog latte and gives me a handful of free drink coupons.

I'm pleased with the way the manager handled the situation, but really, what the fuck? It shouldn't matter if I'm a 90 pound waif getting a cup of tea or a 450 pound lardass getting six giant frappuccinos with triple whipped cream - I'm a paying customer, keep your smartass comments to yourself, at least until I'm out of the store!
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