November 6th, 2005

death of rats

Sears is obviously trying to kill me with a heart attack.

Following up for the third time, from here.

So, between my mother-in-law and I, we managed to wrangle Sears for a Sunday delivery. (Today)

The dishwasher arrived perfectly on time. I was so happy.

I cut open the box, removed all the debris, opened the door...

And the dishwasher had water in it.

The new dishwasher already had water in it. Either Sears is refurbishing and selling new, or Kenmore is. At this point, neither is on my trustworthy list, so I can't tell you who.

In addition, the casters and the sink adaptor were missing from the unit.


The best part? Customer service at the Sears really doesn't care. They're so non-caring that it almost hurts. As I explained this, the woman in a bored tone simply asked "What do you want me to do, exchange it or order parts for it?"

We're going to Home Depot and Lowe's today to price their models.
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Long hair and carrying trays.

My husband and I went to Olive Garden yesterday for lunch. This is something I have noticed in other places, but today it just was 'ugh'. We had just been seated and I was watching the servers rushing around. A waitress walked by carrying a tray of soups and salads up on her shoulder, as is common. Even though she had her hair in a ponytail, it was a frizzy bushy ponytail, and hair was in or very very near a bowl of soup on the tray.

I know I scared our waiter when I asked for a manager, before we had even gotten our drinks. I told him what I saw, and he was stunned, and said he would address it. I saw him talk to a few of the waitresses, but can only assume that was what he was talking to them about.

Never having worked in food service, is it taught or anything to watch what is next to your head on a tray of food you are carrying? I noticed all the girls had their hair pulled back, but some of it very loosely, and some pulled back, but leaving long strands hanging on the sides. Should I mention it to the manager if I see this again someplace?

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Totally bad service in a local busy restaurant last night.

A kind, smiling, understand (of everything taking a tad longer due to the business of the restaurant) gentleman in his mid-50's and his elderly mother were dining in the middle of the rush. They were really, really nice. The waitress got their wines, drinks, appetizers, salads, soups, entrees, desserts, and finally coffees. They were finishing their first cup with the guy gave her the credit card, indicating that he'd like the bill. She returned with the slips, his card, and a pen, placed them on the table. She also had with her a tray in her left hand of five large sodas for the table next to him. In her right hand, she had a pot of coffee, and smiled and filled them up with one last cup before they go.

The tray in her left hand was slippery, and, due to no grip on the tray itself, the sodas fell. The fell onto the man, the cups bounced off his head, soda dripped from his eyebrows and off of his eyelashes, covering him head-to-toe - shirt, tie, jacket, slacks, everything covered, wet and sticky. There is ice everywhere, a huge commotion was made, the restaurant stops dead and stares. The waitress literally stands there with her mouth open. The man BOLTS from his bench, stands up, and stares at her. He's okay, physically, but he is COVERED in soda. Oi.

What's worse, I was the waitress. :-x

Minor complaint about Chili's

Why do servers smother me with beverage service during the first half of my meal--literally giving me a new drink when the first one is only about half-drained--and then disappear into thin air after I get my food? After I had drained my final drink, I was only part of the way through my (kinda salty) meal, and I was tempted to just run to the bathroom and dip my mouth under the sink faucet. My thirst had subsided by the time she returned to give us our bill (I borrowed a sip of water from my dad), but please, miss, try and find a little more balance next time.

On a more positive note, you really must try those steaks Chili's is serving in that "Steak Festival" offer. Quite delicious.
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gee thanks, comcast

i don't use comcast, but just recently (five minutes ago), i wrote an email to their abuse team regarding a death threat made in my journal. anyway, the point is, AFTER painstakingly composing my message and sending it, i get an automated reply.

which tells me how to submit abuse reports via email.

um. i kinda needed that before i sent the email. bit that i hated the most? here:

"If you fail to follow these guidelines your request may not be processed or a delay may occur."

but if i wasn't aware of that in the first place...then i'm getting penalised anyway?

*brain explodes*

i'm sorry if this seems trivial, but it bugged the heck out of me ^^; especially because i actually laboured on that stupid email in the first place, trying not to sound like an EB or just an unrealistic moron.

[i logged the anonymous ip address and did a "whois" database search which led me to believe that comcast is the person's ISP...the same database search site gave me the email address for reporting abuse to comcast, so i don't know how i could've known the guidelines before! just to clear it up.]

...OT but vaguely related, how do you guys deal with anonymous trolls? or do you just ignore them? i probably should've, but i'm procrastinating. exams coming up, you see.

- sam
mary poppins bitch please

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Ok. So, on Friday, October 28, I went to Best Buy and bought The Wizard of Oz 3-Disc Collector's Edition DVD, but my copy was defective in my DVD player. Unfortunately, I bought the last one that had been in stock. So for several days, I wondered if they'd get any more so I wouldn't be stuck with a defective DVD that cost me $32. The following Tuesday, I called to ask if they had any in stock. I asked TWICE, and TWICE, they said "Just bring it back with the reciept." I had called because the day before, my mom had called and they told her they were expecting some within the next few days. They gave all kinds of options to my mom when she talked to them. I had an uncle who was going out of town that day, so I figured I'd call and ask, and they gave me that cryptic response. I went with my uncle out of town (I don't drive.) and sure enough, they didn't have any. The lady I saw when I went into the store helped me way more than the dude on the phone.

I'm STILL mad about that. Don't give me some fucking cryptic response. Get off your lazy ass and check. I know it may be inconvenient to get up and walk a few yards to the DVD case, but it's a HELL of a lot more inconvenient for me to have to spend all damn day while my uncle has to run errands out of town so I can go to a store to exchange merchandise only to find the damn store doesn't have it. I guess this guy didn't understand the concept that not everyone who shops in your store lives within convenient distance from it.

More on this whole thing at goodservice because there were mostly good people dealing with me in this situation.
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I stopped at Food Lion (grocery store) today on my way home from Faire. I put my three items on the belt in the express lane and put my cell phone down. (I think it's rude to stay on your cell phone while you are being rung up.)

The fellow working that register barely looked at me. Definitely didn't make eye contact. I'm pretty leniant and as far as service goes I'm not that easily perturbed so I ignored the irritated look on his face. He scans my groceries and slams them into the bag merry-go-round. He spits my total out at me. I'm confused at this point. What in the heck is wrong with this guy? I hand him my cost cutter scanny thingy and he scans it before thrusting my keys back at me. I give him my money and he all by throws my change at me. He grabs my receipt out of the register, hands it to me with a nasty sounding "Have a Nice Day". I was 3 seconds from responding, "Fuck you too." I mean his sign off sounded more like profanity then wishing someone well. The fact that I was just about ready to say that says a great deal because I am the world's least confrontational person and would rather ignore slights against me then raise much of a fuss.

I should have though. Especially when I went to take my bags of purchases out of the go-round thing and he snatched them from me and practically shoved them in my arms before beginning to ring up the guy behind me.

Still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong on that transaction. But seriously, unless he had some sort of personal issue with me (doubtful since I'd never seen him before that moment), I have to assume he hates his job.

And dude, if you hate your job so much that your customers know it without even talking to you, quit. Life's too short to be that miserable. And make everyone else around you miserable as well.