November 5th, 2005



I am so furious right now.

I am trying to place an order on and I keep getting this message:

"Important Message
We're sorry, but the split option you selected is invalid for this shipping address. Please select a different split option."

They don't give me a link to click on. THERE IS NOTHING ON MY ORDER THAT SAYS "SPLIT OPTION" and I have been looking all over and I can't find an email or ANYTHING to contact them about this.

My shipping address is fine, as I have ordered from before.


EDIT: Okay, I called them and they told me that the reason this message keeps popping up is because they are doing matienance. I'm sorry, but there are probably thousands of people on right now, shouldn't there be a message that says something like there on the main page? Damn, I was really pissed too. Still am since I can't place my damn order.
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(no subject)

So we have Dish Network television. For over a year, one tv hasn't gotten any reception at all, and we decided it was due to wiring so it became the tv we only watch movies on. Now for the past several months, the other tv has been flickering off and on constantly, occasionally going dead for several days at a time. Now it's completely dead.

My father has decided to change the service we have, and was looking up the prices for other services. They refuse to tell him how much service will cost, they will simply tell him how much the gift package is for the first month. Note that they aren't even telling us how much the service for the first month will cost, just the gift package.

My father was just currently on the phone with Dish trying to cancel his service. He was told that before he is allowed to cancel, he must talk to tech support. He's currently being told that he should just buy a new receiver, and he keeps repeating that if he has to buy a new receiver it would be better to go to a different service and get a free receiver.

Anyone have a service they have had good luck with, or know the average bill rate for one tv with other services?
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I can tell you're confused and aroused...

I am not quite sure where this belongs, but I think C sucked more than a little creepiness on the server's part.

The diners: C, A, R, and Me
The Server at Ryan's: S

Ryan's is a generic American food buffet, and it wasn't their best night that we went food wise. This was the first time I went and was told its usually much better. Eh.

S took our drinks, and got it mixed up. Wasn't really bad, just put them in front of the wrong people. That got fixed, but she didn't take the glasses away so the table was a bit crowded once we went off for food. Now, C is just stuffing his short skinny frame like he's just returned from the land of no food. The rest of us are eating slower, but we still get about three trips in before dessert. The plates were small and the selection was wide.

Everytime she comes back she makes comments if there's stuff we've turned aside, there's nothing on our plates, or we're talking and not eating. Now, I know its probably her job to get us to be timely about our meals and make sure we aren't just wasting space as its a busy night for them. But. After C has blitzed his food he starts complaining to us that he feels like he's going to up chuck. Binge/purge anyone? (No, he doesn't actually have an eating disorder). So he's sitting there with no food, resting. S comes over and makes a comment and we joke about how he's just resting.

So she starts rubbing his shoulders.

Personal bubble, NU!

We're all kinda stunned, but we cover it up and C goes wandering off to the bathroom to get away. S is all still smiles and doing her speil about us not having food or whatever, dinner resumes kinda. I'm surprised C didn't say something as he the ultimate in Entitlement Asshole with +25 to I have Rich Parents Card. We finish things up there and you can FEEL the awkward, but C and R are perfectly pleasant about leaving her a tip and telling her they enjoyed the service and all.

A few days later, and what do I hear?

Ch, a coworker of C and R's and a customer that same night, is now going to aid C in getting S fired. Even though they weren't served by the same people.

I can see where he might have a case, but... He didn't complain at the time. A week had passed. And he left her a 15%+ tip. Told her everything was great.
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Gas companies

I had to post this one that happened to me a long time ago, because the recent post about a 1 1/2 year gas bill made me think of it.

Our electrical and gas companies, though separate bills, are run from the same main office up the road.

First, the electrical company: they said I had to pay an initial deposit of $90 that I would supposedly "get back" when I left town (I guess if I never move out of town, I never get it back. Some "deposit"). Then I was told it could be waived if my landlord filled out some form. Which he did. THREE TIMES. And every time they said they didn't get it. After the second time, we went to California for a while, thinking we had nothing to worry about, but when we got home - we had no power. They said they cut off the power because we didn't pay the $90, which should have been waived, and then they tried to charge us over $200 to reconnect it.


So we raised hell and our landlord raised hell and eventually we just went to the main office. We discovered we couldn't get in! They LOCK the doors. You can only get in if you have an appointment, and there's a little paging phone there that tells the people inside that you are outside. Then they buzz you in if they feel like it.

So I said, "if you won't let me in, can I make an appointment?"
Them: "No."
Me: Why not?
Them: we don't make appointments for customers.
Me: Can I talk to a manager?
Them: No.
Me: Why not?
Them (loud sigh): FINE, I'll patch you through.

After several months of this garbage I just paid the damn $90. We managed to get the manager to waive the $200 reconnect fee, at least. And the late charges on our bill for not having paid the $90.


OKAY! Now, the gas company! Yay!

About 6 months after we moved in, I got a gas bill that said my service had been terminated as of dd/mm/yyyy. The amount of the bill was also astronomical. I called them up.

Me: Hi, why is my gas bill so high and why does it say my service has been terminated?
Her: Because you told us to terminate it.
Me: uh, no. I really didn't.
Her: Wellllll, someone else has requested an account at your address.
(note that new people had just moved into the suite above us)
Me: Wellllll, I'm not moving anywhere, but new people just moved in above us?
Her: Is it the same address?
Me: Mostly, except we are at 5555A Anywhere Ave, and they are just 5555 Anywhere Ave. The gas meter clearly shows which one is A and which isn't.
Her: oooohhhhhhh......

Basically, the company had assumed that the addresses were identical despite the "A" designation on ours, and when the guy came to do the "final" meter reading, he read THE OTHER METER and we were charged accordingly. The problem was fixed, but still. Dumbasses.
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It's a gas... uh.

OK, this is perhaps more of stupid_service than bad_service, but here goes:

I moved into my apartment two years ago. My landlord told me I had to set up accounts with the gas- and electricity provider. So I did, or so I thought I did: I set up an account for electricity with Fortum. However, I never did so for gas, because I assumed it was either paid for along with the electricity or with the rent. For one and a half years, I never recieved a bill for gas, nor did they shut my gas off. So I was more than a little suprised - and pissed - when I get a bill in my mail. From Fortum. For gas. For one and a half years. The bill was on SEK 1800, which is around $220, and it was to be paid within a month.

So I call Fortum to ask them what the hell is going on. Apparantly, Fortum had split into two companies, Fortum El and Fortum Gas, without telling anyone, mind you, so while I was wrong thinking I paid the gas on my electricity bill, it wasn't at all unlogical to think so. Anyway, they had recently began checking up accounts without contact info, this with help from landlords. And apparantly, they'd found me that way and sent me the bill.

I don't argue that I have to pay for my gas, but I do question the way they handled it. If the appartment had an account, why not send a LETTER to me asking to call them to give them my info? Why not do it earlier, before they have to send out the enormous bill from HELL? On top of this, I never got an explanatory letter. Just the bill.

So Fortum is not known to have good service, but anyway - sending a bill after one and a half years without a letter explaining why, that's just stupid.

When I called to talk to them about it, the nice man on the phone postponed the pay by-date on my bill, so I had three months in total to pay. Now I'm waiting for my next bill, hopefully it comes sooner than one and a half year from now.

(no subject)

I have to share a personal bad service moment that I caused. Oh, I was so embarrassed. (I suppose it could be cross posted to customers_suck as well, but good service is ignoring sucky customer and I failed there.)

I'm working the local Renaissance Festival right now. Last Sunday I was stationed at a ride that involves a 5 feet high platform near the jousting field. The only people that are supposed to standing on that platform are the people manning the ride and those waiting in line for it. Well, during the jousting if you don't get a seat in the bleachers (I know, so period) you are forced to stand. And if you don't get a good standing spot, you have a hard time seeing. While I was on break one of my coworkers allowed a woman with a disabled child to stand on the platform so he could see. She didn't think anything of it. Not two minutes later the people standing near there realized this and all packed up on the platform to see the joust. Not being built to hold that many people in addition to the fact that we could no longer keep track of who had paid to ride and who hadn't, she kicked them off, amid much grumbling. (Also, with all of those people on there it made it difficult for the parents standing around while their kids were riding to see their kids.) The woman that was let on there originally apologized profusely for causing such an incident. (We told her not to worry about it.)

When I got back from break I was informed that we couldn't allow people that had not paid or were not the parents of kids who had paid on the platform. No worries.

Last joust of the day and I'm sitting on the steps up to the platform taking money. An older woman and a child start to push through me with the older woman telling the boy that "they'll just step up here so he can see". I stop them and inform them that the platform is only for people who have paid for the ride. It's a bit strained since I had lost my voice that morning from a cold. She continues to push past me and tells me they just want to see the joust. I explain to them that I can't allow that because if I let her on, then everyone else will want up. She bats my hand away and says, "No they won't. You'll just tell them they can't."

Increduously I turn away and make some smart comment in the opposite direction about how stupid the woman is for thinking she's special.

A woman standing near the bottom who had been watching the joust but instead was watching the exchange gave me this look and asked what the woman had said. I told her and added my "she must think she's special" comment. The woman smiles slightly and says, "That's my mother for you."


I'm cured. No more speaking negatively about the customers to the other customers. No matter how bad they are. It's probably bad service when they don't know each other but it's REALLY bad service when they do.