November 4th, 2005


Does this happen to you?

I come home to find a note on the door saying that UPS was here and no one answered...This happens on about every 3rd package we get from them.

They leave a time that they were there and when they will return, but my boyfriend works at home and he says no one knocked (he was in the room close to the door and didn't hear a knock) So we call for a re-delivery or we pick it up, but I still can't understand why they aren't knocking. It's even happened to me. I could be sitting right here at the computer (not 20 feet from the door) and when I go out to check the mail, I find a note on our door that shows the UPS person was here about 30 minutes ago/etc...

I just don't get it.

To add to that- They must be pretty stealthy when they come in the entry way , because even my dog doesn't hear them and she barks at everyone coming in and out.

Twice in one night.

My friends and I went to a local all night diner here. The waitress was just terrible. She was very slow. We told her we needed a minute to look at the menu when she finally came over to take our drink order. Then she took forever to get back to us (wich I realize might not have been her fault...but it probably was because the wings my friend had looked like they had been under the heat lamp for a bit). We all needed refills by the time she brought our order out. We had to ask her for refills three times. The third time she tried to tell us that refills weren't free...we told her we wanted them anyway (they were free). We all wanted desert but we didn't feel like waiting. I go up to pay the bill (and we didn't leave a tip) and she comes up behind the person ringing me up and sighs like she wants me to add a tip onto the bill beause there was nothing at the table.

Then we went to the local McDonalds that's open 24 hours cause we wanted some desert. The girl there tries to tell us that the ice cream machine needed to go into heating mode. My friend used to work at that McDonalds and told her that it doesn't go into heating mode untill 4:00am (it was 2:30). Then she got an additude and yelled at my friend.

Maybe just dumb

I am not sure how much this is bad service as it is just dumb service but in any case…


I have a membership with Columbia House DVD club; have not had any real complaints until now. 


I pre-ordered a copy of Constantine on July 5, the payment came out of my account, and the order was processed on September 7.  I did not really think about it until a couple of days ago when I was placing another order and happen to check my account and noticed the order was still showing pending. 


Therefore, I click the contact us button sending them an e-mail asking why the order is still showing pending.  First I get an automated this might answer your question if not please reply e-mail from them.  All it said was please allow time for delivery, for the site to update… blah blah… not answering the question.  Therefore, I reply and tell them it did not help.


This morning I received a reply from an actual person, which is where things get bad/dumb.  Here is a part of the e-mail


  •  We apologize for the problems you have encountered
    with our online service.

    An order for the following was processed on  09/07/05.


  • Most shipments do arrive promptly but we ask that you
    allow four weeks for delivery, in case of a delay
    in the mail.  If you have not received it within this
    time frame, please contact us and we will take the
    appropriate action to resolve the matter.


Now, I do not think it should take a mathematician to figure out from September 7 to today is MORE THAN FOUR WEEKS.  In fact, it is twice that, which is why I contacted them in the first place.


How could someone send out an e-mail telling a customer to allow four weeks for delivery and to contact them if I have not received it when it has ALREADY been more than that?


I was not happy and having not had coffee sent a reply, which was probably ruder than was necessary.  Nevertheless, we will see where it goes.

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......An update on my telus post yesterday...

An update on my telus post yesterday...

When I spoke to the CSR last night she assured me that my line had been tweaked to fix the interference problem and I wouldnt have anymore trouble with it.

Well I wake up this morning, I'm not even online 5 minutes and I'm kicked off again.

I call Telus, sit on hold for 25 minutes, fighting with the damn voice menu, getting transferred twice to the wrong department before I get transferred to some guy in ADSL Tech support.

I tell him and I quote "Same problem I had last night". He looks it up, seems a little taken aback and says "Well this isnt an internet problem". Uhhhhhhh-huh. Gee thanks, she couldnt have told me this last night? I wake up for work only to find out hey! No internet!

So, he transfers me to some girl in phone repairs who tells me that my ticket date has been changed and a repairs person should be coming out today. No time..just today. I might not even see him apparently, he may just come and magically fix it and then tell me as he's leaving. Oh, and I might also get charged for it. I tell her that someone was supposed to call me back when the line had been looked at by the test team and that NO ONE CALLED ME BACK. Oh well..maybe they havent looked at it yet, blahblah.

I Really dont give a flying shit if they are on strike to be honest, there's no excuse for customer service like this, if you can't train your CSR's to KNOW THE SAME DAMN THINGS, you SHOULDNT BE EMPLOYING THEM. I'm also sick of the ones who talk down to you for asking questions like "when will it be fixed" "how long will it take" and "how come it wasnt fixed last time I called". You wages are paid with MYYYYYYYYY Money, so kindly show me some bloody respect when I'm being perfectly civil with you.

I believe we will be pursuing getting out of our contract, cancelling our house phone and internet and just going with Shaw, I had a great tech guy who came out and installed our digital cable, he didnt even get mad when my cat attacked him for trying to take plastic from her. And they - THEY dont charge to come out and look at things.
death of rats

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In reference to this post...

Sears fumbled.

They did not call me back last night.  I decided to be a "nice" person and not automatically file a complaint.  I called them again today at lunch.  After being transferred first to the heating and air department, and then to the refridgeration department, I finally made it to the dishwasher department.  Lovely.

They informed me today, with an air that I should be grateful for them doing so, that they'd emailed the story this morning.  So it took them more than 3 and a half days to send an email.  Peachy.  And that we have to go to the store to pick out the replacement.  WTF?  We want to same dishwasher.

But that's the "policy".

So, now, because we have a grossly defective dishwasher, we get to drive 40 minutes across town to tell them we want to same dishwasher.  And we have to go to that store, because it's the only one in the area that carries this type of dishwasher.

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water, part 2

I just posted but Dad just told me a fun tale about the same water place that I just ranted on.

This happened in a span of 2 months or so, a year or so ago. Dad started thinking the driver didn't know any house but his when he got a water turn off notice.
Dad came home from work one day and found his water off, a tad peeved he called them having no past due bill anything. They where apologetic and said there was no water shut off for his house and someone would be out right away. He went back to work and came home -still- no water. He called and they said 'well we did come out but there was water running when it was turned on, and that can lead to a house flood, high bill, ect so we have to turn it off per policy.
What was the problem? The toilet had been flushed so the tank was filling back up. So Dad went though turned everything off, made sure no water was running and waited this time. Guy came out, FLEW to the valve turned it on and bolted back to his van.

Not a week or two later again no water, this time he stayed home at lunch called work said he was going to wait. After 3 hours he left to go back to work peeved, the water van was around the corner and the moment he went past it took off for the house. The guy was waiting for him to leave, he found that amusing.

The third time, he called and was pissed. All he said was “they turned my damn water off again” and the lady said “I’m sorry Mr. Brown, we’ll send someone out”

Did you catch that? He didn’t give a name, address, anything and she KNEW who he was.

After that the turn offs stopped. I don’t know if someone was fired or what stopped it Dad was just happy for it to be over (he was almost ready to call the new paper the next time if it happened)

Charter One Bank

In general, we get very good service from our bank...

However, the other day we got a letter stating that we would be getting charged 1.00 every time we used our Debit card as a debit card instead of a credit card. They didn't really give a reason, but there's that 'foregin ATM charge 1.00' every time I use it- and I forget a lot.

PERSONALLY, I prefer to use the PIN numbers when I make a purchase, especially at fast food places, but it sucks that I will now have to pay an extra 1.00 every time I use my freaking card. Does this seem totally unfair to anyone else? I can't see how signing it can possibly be that much cheaper/less work/whatever for the bank...

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My parents and I went to a chinese buffet today.

After our second trip to the buffet, our server came by and gave us some fortune cookies and the check. Okay, we weren't done, but whatever. There was a sign up that said "Please take all you can eat, but eat all that you take!" When ever our server took away our plates, she kinda scowled at us because we had left some uneaten food. (We would have eaten it if it had any flavor at all! Blandest chinese food I've ever had.)

After we got some desert, my dad put out the money to pay, put a couple dollars on the table as a tip, and poured himself a cup of tea. As soon as the waitress saw that he had paid, she scurried over, took the plates, the check... and my dad's freshly poured, untouched cup of tea. Seriously, she took it away not three seconds after he poured it. So my dad calmly poured himself another cup, and took away a dollar from the (already small) tip pile.

Strangest resturant experience I've ever had. Like they resented our very presence.

Okay Telus? Yea, last straw.

A further update to my previous 2 posts regarding Telus..

Its 11pm right now. I called at 8:30 this morning because my internet was again, booting me every 10 minutes and my phone was STILL not working. The had told me the day before someone would be calling me regarding their "help team" and no one ever did.

So, they change the ticket date so that a tech would be coming out today. I said thats fine, I hope he can fix it and hung up. 3:30 rolls around. They just get here. He tests something outside, comes to my door, tells me that its not their fault but they are installing some little box outside so we can use the line still.

Well, I don't want that. Because now I can't test if its just the ONE jack on our house or if its the entire wiring. I ask him to return it to the way it was when he got here, he REFUSES, stating I have to PAY them to do any sort of work.

So lets get this straight. I have no phone, no internet, no dial tone and NO friggin directions on anything they just did.

And guess what??

They just left me high and dry.

He informed me if I didnt want him to do the work to go ahead and call some other company.

I called their customer service line who told me that they are issuing ANOTHER ticket to send out ANOTHER tech..well I'm not happy with that, because either way, they want to charge me. Even the girl on the phone agreed I should not have bene treated that way. Oh and a note to the tech, next time you want to tell your little ride along buddy Im arguing with you, you shouldn't do it RIGHT OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW KTHX.

So I did it, I called Shaw. Who hooked up my internet 5 minutes ago, waived the installation fee and we got high speed extreme for a month free.

Fuck you Telus and all your stupid little minions.

Any advice on how to get out of my contract though????