November 3rd, 2005

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My insurance company cancelled my coverage!  After I paid for their mistake for three months, just because I didn't want to cause problems (the amount was less than $30 each time), they cancelled my insurance!  They told AIS that they'd made a mistake in the amount they'd put on the invoice and the actual amount of the policy.  My first thought was that they should have to eat that cost; their mistake, not mine.  But it was such a small amount, I figured, "I'll pay it and they'll go away."  Wrong. 

I have called AIS three times to try to straighten this out and they have been pretty helpful.  But I realize that its not their fault, its the insurance company.  They have given me, and all of the AIS reps, the run-around on this.  The last time I had AIS call them, they said that the most recent invoice would cover the gap in the two amounts (the actual amount and the one they'd put on the original invoice) and that if I paid that, my bill would be clear.  *rolls eyes*  Fine; whatever.  So I paid it.  Now I get two bills and a letter from the bank that handles my car payment that they've been notified that I don't have insurance, which is mandatory because its a brand new car.  So the insurance company can't figure out correct invoice amounts, but they sure can get ahold of my bank and let them know they're cancelling my insurance.  WTF?!

Its the waiting game.  This poor girl from AIS that I talked to today told me that this is a company they've had "decent experience" with, but that they're "not very customer oriented."  Greeeeeat.  And of course I'm the one to get screwed. She's vowed to "call them all day if [she has] to!", to get someone on the phone and straighten this out. The bank says they'll provide me with insurance (its almost twice as much as what I've already paid these people). If I could afford it, I would just do that because I really would rather see this company fall off the face of the earth.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to do about an insurance company that doesn't return phone calls, e-mails or voicemail messages?
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So, I decided this year I am going to get all my Xmas shopping done before December.

I decide to order most of the stuff online. Shipping and handling is a bitch, but I don't mind.

So, today I hear my doorbell ringing and I get up to answer it. It is a guy who lives across the street and he's come to give me my packages that the mailman delivered wrong.

I was REALLY pissed. The address is *clearly* stated on the packages.

What happens next time that they deliver it wrong and the people decide to KEEP whats in the packages??

I really don't know what to do if some of my orders never show up.
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death of rats

Not my week for customer service, apparently.

My boyfriend's parents bought him a dishwasher for his birthday from Sears. They delivered it to our house last Friday. The delivery itself was great, they were exactly on time, they were polite, didn't break any crap in our house, etc and so forth.

So that night, we unbox it, hook it up, and...

Water floods out the bottom.

So we call customer service, we set up a "fix it" date, because they're assuming it's something small.

The guy comes out on Tuesday. We show him what's happening, and all he can say is "Wow". The dishwasher is leaking out of the intake, the output, AND the motor. Defective product he says. Call customer service, I'll enter it into the system, they can start the process to set up your delivery.

I called customer service. They said I'd be getting a call back that night from the correct department.

So we wait.

The next day, I call back. They tell me it's "really a 24 hour window", and I should hear back from them that day. Nothing. I call back that night. Oh, well it's "really a 48 hour window". I email customer service with my complaints. They give me a different customer service number to call.

I call them today.

The first woman leaves me on hold for 23 minutes. Literally. My phone has a timer on it. I finally hang up and call back. The next guy is apologetic. He tells me that "Lisa" is handling my claim, and that she was out yesterday. WTF? Why was I told to expect a call?

He says I should hear back from her tonight.

So, we've given them $400, and they've given us an excuse to buy more towels.

If I don't hear back, I am SO writing a BBB complaint.
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peacefully ever after

My boots are racist

I went to the e-check place yesterday. For those not in Ohio, cars need to have their emissions checked every 2 years in order to get registered. I went to this sketchy place in the middle of a bad area, but this wasn't a big deal to me, as I work in a sketchy place in a bad area. Relevant to the story, I'm the whitest white girl you can imagine, blonde hair and all. The place was in an area where essentially everyone is black. Also relevant to the story, I wear boots. They are black, very girly versions of combat boots. Nothing particularly special about them.

I got out of my car to let the guy take over, and the first thing he asks me is what my boots symbolize. Confused, I asked him for clarification. He said that my boots were a racist symbol. He sounded like he was joking, so I said no, they just stand for "I like boots." He kept going on about how he didn't know if I was a skinhead or not because I have these boots. I again played it off like he was joking. I figured his conversation was odd, but not execptionally so. The people I hang out with, being white is a minority. I'm one of 2 white servers at work, and my friends are mostly Asian. Joking about race is standard for us (ie: my boyfriend can fight on the ceiling because he is Asian.).

My car failed e-check, which irritated me because it passed really well last time, and I just put $700 worth of work into it. Now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if the guy failed my car because I'm white and had these "racist boots." I'm going to get it re-checked in a better area next time, where I am not going to be called racist because of what I'm wearing.